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I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 16

Cameron Dallas fanfic

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Soon it was winter break and Christmas flew by. It was new years which meant everyone was going to Papi’s party. But I’d pass this night. I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s mood. Cameron would go anyway and I wouldn’t want to see him with someone else which would be the case because he’s a horny motherfucker. 

I laid on the couch watching some show. It was around 9pm. My parents were at some friends house. My sister was at a new years sleep over with her friends. I already told everyone out of the group that I wouldn’t go. No one said anything about it.

Suddenly the door bell rang. Oh god no, I thought. I opened the door and were shouted at loudly. „SURPRISE.“ The whole group stood there even Cameron. „Woooow. I would have never thought it was you in front of the door! Wow what a surprise.“ I said in a sarcastic tone. „Come on get in.“ 

I opened the door widely greeting everyone with hugs. The last to come in was Cameron. Everyone already went to the living room. „Hi. Why aren’t you at Papi’s?“ I asked him. „Why aren’t you?“ He smiled at me pulling me into a hug. „Come on. Everything’s fine. We won’t do shit. It’s just with the group.“ He left me standing at the door and went to the living room. 

It was nearly midnight and I had a good time. We just sat around talking about what happened all year and played some FIFA. It was a perfectly normal night. 

But it felt weird. Couples everywhere. Hanna and Will were all over each other. Julia and Matt were also kind of cuddling. Sam and Ethan were the only ones who didn’t do all the lovey dovey stuff. Lauren was there with her boyfriend, which Josh didn’t really appreciate. But even Josh and Luke brought a date. I didn’t even care about them. I had a great time anyway. 

Just a few minutes left until midnight. We all grabbed some champagne. „Okay everyone! Get yourself a new years kiss partner!“ All the couples stood ready and Josh and Luke got there dates. Amber immediately grabbed Kian’s arm and said. „I’ve never kissed you. So this year it’s my turn.“ She giggled and it made everyone laugh. The only person left to kiss was of course Cameron. Before I could protest he grabbed me by my waist.

The countdown began. „10…“ I looked him in the eyes. „9…“ He put some of the loose strains of my hair back. „7…“ He gently caressed my cheek with his hand. My hands were on his chest. His heart was pounding as was mine. „4…“ I lost sight for everything around us. „3…2…1“ The countdown was over and everyone shouted „HAPPY NEW YEAR!“ I heard the champagne glasses cling. „Happy New year.“ Cameron whispered leaning in to kiss me. 

Before I knew it his lips were on mine and the world around us stood still completely. I missed his touch. His kiss. Everything. I pulled away and smiled up at him. I felt everyone staring at the both of us. „What was up with that?“ Lauren suddenly asked. Due to her not hanging out with us often anymore she had no clue. Whatever. I ignored everyone and just stepped away from each other. Finding someone to talk to casually.

A few hours later Luke came up to me. „Okay. What was that? That looked so intense between the both of you.“ He chuckled. „Luke. It was just a new years kiss.“ I walked off to the kitchen to get some water. 

Everyone was lightly tipsy or even more. I decided to stop drinking shortly after midnight. In the living room I heard music and loud laughter. I was looking for a water bootle in the fridge. I found one and turned to face Cameron. I jump when I saw him. I was easily scared. 

He chuckled. „Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, I just need some time for myself. Didn’t know you were here.“ He said sitting down at the dining table. „No it’s fine. I just wanted some water anyway and some time for myself too. Sometimes they are a little too much.“ I smiled softly at him. 

I took a jacket that was on one of the chairs in the kitchen and went outside to the porch. I saw some people making there way down the street I set down on the bench and drank my water. I wanted to go to bed. I really didn’t feel like party at all. But now it was getting later and the drunker they got the more party they wanted. 

I took another sip when I saw Lauren stepping outside. She took out a cigarette and lit it up. „I know I can’t smoke inside so…“ I just stared at her for a good time. „What?“ She asked. „I-I don’t want to get involved in your life… I mean it’s your body. But shouldn’t you quit all this bullshit? You drink. You smoke. It’s not good for a young body like yours.“ I was such a hypocrite. 

„You drink too? You all are not better than me because you don’t smoke. You all drink.“ I nodded and looked down to the floor. „You know I don’t drink much. But whatever it’s still your body. Do whatever.“ I took another sip of my water. „Sorry. I know you’re just looking out for me. Although you all hate me.“ She laughed than sat down next to me. The smoke didn’t go in my direction but the smell was strong and gross. 

„What’s up with you and that Cam guy?“ She suddenly asked. „Nothing…“ You said quietly. „That kiss looked really… I don’t know. Passionate. Loving. It looked good.“ She said slowly not sure if it was what she had in mind. „We’re on a break… we shouldn’t have done that either way.“ I blurted out. „Oh.“ Was her simple answer. I sat there in silence for a few more minutes until she was done with her cigarette. 

When we were back inside everyone was dancing around. I looked at all the couples and I was sick of it. „GUYS. I REALLY DON’T WANT TO BE THE DEAL BREAKER. BUT I THINK YOU ALL SHOULD GET GOING. IT’S 4AM TIME TO GO HOME PEOPLE.“ I shouted and already expected protesting from everyone. But instead they agreed. 

They cleaned up a little so I didn’t have to do everything on your own. One by one they exited the house. Sam came up to me giving me a tight hug. „I’m sorry. This must have been hell for you.“ I smiled lightly shaking my head no.  

Everyone left but Cameron. I didn’t see him go. I went through the house. He wasn’t in the living room nor the kitchen. Did he go upstairs while I was outside? So I went up to my room slowly opening the door and found him there. Sound asleep on my bed. He knocked out. He was all cuddled up and he looked so cute. I sighed and went to my sisters room. Soon enough I fell asleep.

The next morning he was already gone when I woke up. He left a note saying: Happy new years. Thanks for everything… especially the kiss. ;) Cam

Beginning of March

Luke: Found a major yet.

Y/N: I still have time until the end of april. two months to go.

Luke: You’re so stupid. no one will take you.

Y/N: whateveeeer.

Luke: How was your date with Ben though?

Y/N: ugh please. he’s so boring. everyone i’ve been out with is so not cool to be with. honestly i wish cam wasn’t dating that girl lol

Luke: lol? dafuq. it’s a break not a break-up. Have you talked to him?

Y/N: nope. whatever i’m gonna go to sleep. I gotta get up early so i can start reading all these books. gn. ly

Luke: boho you sucker. reading books for finals is lame. jk. good night. i hate you

I was laying in bed looking back at my dates I had during February. 

There’s been Kai. Boring. Full of himself. Player. Didn’t pay for me which is not the point. He didn’t even offer to pay. He talked about football only. His ex was a major theme.

There’s been Patrick. Boring. Thinks he’s funny but it’s just not my type of humor. He was nice but it just didn’t feel good. He’s perfectly fine but not for me.

And there’s been Ben. Boring. Into sports for sure which is great but overanalyzes it. But he’s really dull. Like I nearly fell asleep. But I’m sure he’s nice but we don’t have the same interests. At all.

I wasn’t looking for anything but I didn’t want to be the one doing nothing during the break and giving Cameron the freedom to do whatever.
It was clear that he is going on dates. And he found someone he seems to like which made me sad. Was he over me that fast? Was I nothing? 

She. She was everything. She was pretty. Brown long wavy hair and bright blue eyes. She was nice to everyone which made it worse for you to hate her. She wasn’t known in school for anything bad. She wasn’t the most popular girl but she was known. She was just perfect. And her name was Tamara. She started to hang out with our group which made me insecure if the break would never end. It made me anxious.

I haven’t talked to Cameron. Sometimes a how are you? good, you? fine. That was it. But he seemed happy around her. He seemed fine. But I still wondered if he was over me this fast. Was she maybe just a friend to him? They never kissed in front of anyone. They just went on dates. You could call it hanging out too. But thinking about it made me realize we never kissed in front of anyone either. We just hung out.

„I love you.“ I heard it over and over in my head. His sweet voice whispering this one sentence. I took out my phone dialing his number.

End of April

„Cheers to us!“ We all said and I hear all the beer bottles cling against each other. „We’re nearly done.“ Amber said all excited. „We’re gonna be off to college soon. This is crazy.“ Julia said looking up to Matt. They were so cute. 

We were at Josh’s house celebrating the senior year. It was slowly coming to an end. I decided that I’m gonna take a gap year and work for some time so I could go travel.

I slowly distanced myself from everyone and went to the backyard. Fresh air was needed. 

Tamara and Cameron weren’t a thing… Well she was now part of the group. But they explained that they were only friends. Whatsoever they were really close. I hadn’t talked to Cameron at all anymore. I haven’t seen him for a while besides the few classes we shared with each other forced to sit awkwardly next to one another.

I sat on the bench thinking about what was coming up next. Prom. Exams. Graduation. Everything went by so fast. I sighed. I probably wouldn’t go to prom. First of all surrounded by all of these couples, no thanks. Also no one had asked me out. I took a sip of my beer. 

The door to the backyard opened. I didn’t even turn it was probably Lauren who wanted to smoke anyway. „Hi.“ I closed my eyes. Oh god please not now. „I saw you went outside… Are you okay?“ He sat next to me. 

I looked over and gave my best fake smile a shot. „Yeah everything’s fine. Why are you out here?“ He looked concerned. „Fresh air and… you.“ He looked me in the eyes. „You and Tamara… You’d be a cute couple.“ I said with a genuine smile this time. I meant it. I’d only wanted the best for him. 

„We really are just friends. I have my heart set on someone else…“ Oh god. Another confession? „Cameron look… This break.“ I started. „Yeah that’s what I wanted to talk about.“ My thoughts went crazy. I missed him so much. I missed his warmth  and his touch and just him being with me, being by my side. „So… I think the break was long enough. I know what I want and I hope you do too.“ His voice was calm and soothing. 

„I missed you in my life.“ I blurted out looking down to my feet. I felt his arm around me pulling me in for a hug. „I missed you too.“ He whispered before giving me a kiss on my forehead.

„I missed you from the moment we decided to take this break. And than when we kissed on New Years… God I wanted to sleep next to you so bad that night.“ He paused for a few seconds. „The night you called me…“ He went silent again. „I knew it wasn’t easy for you from that moment on.“ I snuggled more into his chest. 

„It always seemed like you were fine until that night.“ I took a deep breath. „I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you. I never wanted you to…“ He interrupted me. „No it’s fine. I’m glad you did.“ I looked up to him. „But wasn’t she mad?“


„Cameron?“ „Y/N? What is it? Did anything happen? Are you okay?“ He was so concerned. „I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to do anymore.“ I was about to cry and it was obviously audible. I heard shuffling on the other end „Cam where are you going?“ I heard someone say. „Y/N. I’m coming over.“ I regretted this call way too much at this point. „You are going to her? What the heck Cam?“ I heard a female voice again. Was it Tamara? „Yes I am. She needs me.“ I heard him say. „Cameron?“ I slowly said. „You shouldn’t come over this was all a bad idea.“ With that I hung up before he could say anything.

Flashback over

„No… I mean maybe a little bit. But maybe it was just the realization that I would always be there for you.“ He was so cute. I really did miss him. „But you shouldn’t have. It was so wrong. Imagine if I wouldn’t have called. Maybe you would have been together by now.“ I leaned against his chest again. His grip was still tight. „Wouldn’t have happened. Believe me. She’s great but just a friend.“ I was confused. „Why?“


A knock on my door. Cameron stepped into my room. „Cameron you really shouldn’t have…“ He interrupted me with a tight hug. „I am here for you. I don’t care. What’s wrong?“ He rubbed up and down my back. „I just can’t seem to find anything I want… or like.“ I didn’t even know what to say. „College?“ I nodded lightly. „Don’t worry you can still do a gap year. You’ll find something I’m sure.“ He kissed my forehead. His soft lips on my skin made me feel some type of way. „Thank you.“ I whispered and looked up to him into his eyes.

Flashback over

„Because of you. This break was a stupid idea.“ He said loosening his grip. „I want you. I’m sure of that.“


My arms moved to the back of his head . Slowly the both of us leaned in.
Our lips touched and I felt the tingling sensation. It was short but I was perfectly fine with it. „I’m sorry.“ I said as I took a step back. „No need to be sorry about anything.“ He said quietly. „You shouldn’t have left that girl because of me…“ I sat down on my bed. He followed my action. „As I said I’m always there for you. But is really everything fine… Was it just because of college?“ It was because I miss you. I want you back in my life. I don’t want you to be with that Tamara girl. „I just… had… a few bad weeks in a row.“ He put his arm around me. „You talking about your awful dates?“ He chuckled which made me smile. „They were pretty awful. I think I just have an awful taste in men.“ I laughed. „But I was a good catch, wasn’t I?“ He started laughing and pulled me closer.

Flashback over

„And I want you.“ My head was leaning against his shoulder. His arms still around me. He kissed my forehead yet another time. „Than we should stop being complicated.“ I looked up to him leaning in to kiss him when I heard the door open. „Hi uhm… sorry for interrupting.“ It was Josh. „The food is here.“ I nodded and slowly got out of Cameron’s grip. 

I got up from the bench and before I entered the house he gripped my wrist spun me around and gave me a kiss. I could feel him smiling into the kiss. Our lips slowly parted. „Lets grab some food.“

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