life wark

I keep seeing fics and headcanons where Remus’s parents are shocked at what these friends of his turned him into, as if they didn’t know their son all his life. I mean… Ms. Lupin had a fucking boggart wedding cake topper. 

  • Mr. Lupin would always roll his eyes at Remus’s colourful language - which he learned from his mum when she watched muggle football.
  • And Ms. Lupin always noticed how her son payed attention to the players in a football match, even though he never liked sports.
  • Remus would look at the screen whenever the cameras closed on a player, and would go back to his book when it focused on the whole field.
  • He always mentioned how great his new friends were when he sent owls home - Mr. and Mrs. Lupin knew a lot about Prongs, Padfoot, and Wormtail, their son’s first friends.
  • And he was always so excited in the letters, telling them all about how funny his friends were. There was always something about the Sirius kid, too.
  • Starting on Remus’s fourth year, his mentions of Sirius would be more and more exasperated and frustrated. “He’s always prancing around like he owns the fucking school” and “He won’t stop blabbering about his stupid hair”. Mr. and Mrs. Lupin always laughed at these comments. Boy, did they know their son.
  • The next summer, Mrs. Lupin was annoyed at her son for spending so much time locked in his room. She also complained that his showers were getting longer by the day. Mr. Lupin just hid his face behind that morning’s edition of The Daily Prophet and held back his laughter until his face was purple.
  • But they were happy. They were worried their son wouldn’t be able to have a full teenage experience because of his condition. Alas, even teenage werewolves got to have crushes. 
  • When the time came to drop him off at King’s Cross for his sixth year at Hogwarts, Remus spent a lot longer picking his muggle clothes and fussing with his hair. Mr. and Mrs. Lupin watched as their son’s posture changed when he met his friends - he went from a nervous, dirty mouthed teenager to a calm and composed young man. They figured that’s how their friends saw him all the time, and let him be.