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Do Me a Favor (Final Part)

Summary:  AU! Bucky Barnes and you are neighbors and close friends. As a huge favor, Bucky asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a relative’s wedding and you agree.

Word Count: 1,967

Warnings: None.

“Do Me a Favor” Masterlist

A/N: And we have arrived to the end, guys! I hope you like it and thank you for every like, reblog, comment, message. It was so fun writing this for you all. 

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Bucky Barnes was a fairly reasonable man. Fairly. He kept his emotions at bay and often completely ignored them, thinking it better to adopt a cool façade, untouchable and therefore, emotionless. It was much more convenient that way. He didn’t get too involved and he wouldn’t have to deal with feelings later. Feelings were messy, feelings got him in trouble. Feelings… Well, feelings were what made him see red now.

He had never felt such rage in his life. Just pure, uninhibited, unadulterated anger. It made his clenched fists shake, his jaw clench and teeth grit, making that godawful noise he usually despised. It made his chest tighten and shortened the span of his breaths, it made his pupils dilate

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Artist of the Day

David Hockney

Garden with Blue Terrace
Acrylic on Canvas
48 × 72 in
121.9 × 182.9 cm

A pioneer of the British Pop Art movement in the early 1960s alongside Richard Hamilton, David Hockney gained recognition for his semi-abstract paintings on the theme of homosexual love before it was decriminalized in England in 1967. In We Two Boys Clinging Together (1961), red-painted couples embrace one other while floating amidst fragments from a Walt Whitman poem. After moving to California at the end of 1963, Hockney began painting scenes of the sensual and uninhibited life of athletic young men, depicting swimming pools, palm trees, and perpetual sunshine. Experimenting with photography in the mid-1970s, Hockney went on to create his famous photocollages with Polaroids and snapshot prints arranged in a grid formation, pushing the two-dimensionality of photography to the limit, fragmenting the monocular vision of the camera and activating the viewer in the process. A versatile artist, Hockney has produced work in almost every medium—including full-scale opera set designs, prints, and drawings using cutting-edge technology such as fax machines, laser photocopiers, computers, and even iPhones and iPads.
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Release the toxic and infectious-
Spreaders of misery,
Souls destroying souls-
And poisonous liars.

Awaken from the hallucinations-
And take back your heart.
Reclaim your self-esteem-
And leave the toxic be.
—  Giorge Leedy, “Miserable”, Uninhibited From Lust To Love
Henry helps you with body issues

(I kind of want to do another version of this where they aren’t on vacation or the girl had an eating disorder but let me know what you guys think. I also tried to make this longer by I’m not sure how long it’ll be since I wrote this in my phone)

Despite summer being most people’s favorite season you absolutely hated it. It meant wearing less clothing something you had dreaded for as long as you can remember. It all started in high school when you were a late bloomer complete with braces, baby fat, and a love for books over boys. People would make fun of you mercilessly leaving rude notes in your locker or oinking at you in the halls. All those times you cried after school and kept quiet about what was happening still replayed in your mind like a slideshow. 

You couldn’t hide and be comfortable in the summer especially when the temperature was well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You didn’t hate your body per say you just had moments where you hated it. Today was no exception. 

It was currently a warm day in July and you and Henry were on vacation and had been lounging around moving as little as possible for the past few days trying to beat the heat. Today however the two of you had to leave the room, there was food to buy and exploring to be done. 

Henry was showering to cool off before the two of you left and you were in front of the mirror trying to remain positive as you struggled to find something to wear that could conceal more of your thighs without making you look and feel like a wrapped sausage. 

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last night I took my last dose of antidepressant and tomorrow will be my first day on only one medicine and it’s the anti-anxiety I need!! I’m so happy I could cry I’m proud of myself for going through with the tapering off and I’m even more proud of myself for making it thru last semester while on a med that made me emotionally dead inside. now I just get to enjoy my life uninhibited by bad meds or anxiety issues!

We don’t, on the whole, tend to envy other people’s appetite for food, but other people’s appetite for sex - especially in a society in which sex represents health, vitality and youth - gets to us.

Nothing makes people more excessive than talking about excess. People are even more excessive when they talk about sexual excesses. The person who haunts us is the person who is having more pleasure than us. Our tantalizing double.

We have a set of equations that we have been educated to live by: a good sexual appetite equals aliveness, but because sex can be excessively pleasurable and excessively frustrating we fear it, so sex also equals inhibition (we never feel quite as free sexually as we could be); but a good sexual appetite also brings with it the possibility of promiscuity, of infidelity and betrayal, and all the suffering involved, so sex also equals havoc and torment.

So a freer sexuality equals a fuller, more uninhibited life, but by the same token, a life in which more harm is done. The excesses of our sexuality, as everyone knows, bring with them an excess of what we have learned to call problems. It is, as we say, all too much.

We can affect a breeziness about sexuality - a sex-is-fun blitheness - but we take these positions only because we know how much is at stake. ‘There is no sex without love or its refusal,’ the writer Paul Goodman once said. When we speak of what we think of as excessive sexualities we either become earnestly moralistic or overly casual.

It is indeed worth noting that excesses - and excessive sexual behaviours are a good example of this - tend to polarize people, to narrow people’s minds. As if we don’t quite have the equipment, the vocabulary, for dealing with our own excesses; as though language itself is not suited to excess, is not made for it.

Our attitudes to these extremes of sexuality tend towards the moralistically permissive, or the moralistically prohibitive - both equally dogmatic positions. Perhaps we have to find a way of resisting being excessive when we talk about excess; or of being excessive in more intriguing ways. And sex might be a good place to start.

—  Adam Phillips, ‘Sex Mad’ in ‘On Balance’

It’s been two years since Taylor has given us a beautiful life long reminder in song form to keep being unapologetically ourselves, and in doing so, we will eventually find the people we feel at home with. She showed us the importance of seeking out our own happiness and bliss, as you will then come across the people who will join you in dancing with reckless abandon.

I can say with absolute certainty that she went well above to remind us that in light of negative words from others, and our own struggles and ghosts, we deserve to live out whatever moments in life that bring us uninhibited joy. Bless the sentiments of Shake It Off.