life underground

No but the fact that Isabel calls Levi “big bro” in the OVA lacks absolute sense to me, mostly because she does it after seeing him and Farlan fly around with 3DMG.

It’s okay she admires them, but her calling Levi “big brother” comes originally from the fact that he fucking saved her when she was a child. She was starving and about to die, left to God’s mercy and he came to give her a hand. She herself says in the manga that her life in the Underground became a little more bearable after Levi saved her. And that’s how she started seeing him as a rolemodel, as a brotherly figure, as someone she could admire and rely on. They both develop a strong bond that’s completely ignored sometimes because of shipping and other factors.

But the anime basically destroys this bond after changing EVERYTHING. Isabel randomly stumbling into Levi and Farlan’s house and both of them being extremely mean with her (more Levi than Farlan. Let’s remember that Farlan practically laughs at her for not being able to get up from the floor), Levi telling her to go away because she got his door dirty?? seriously??  When in the manga he fucking saved her from dying??

And then the anime wants to show oh so cool hero!Levi injuring a guy because “he touched him with his dirty hands”. Dude, analyzing this, if that thug hadn’t touched him, he’d have let them take Isabel with them. I think they would have done something if she started to plead for her life and tell them to save her, but man, I repeat, if the guy hadn’t touched Levi with “his dirty hands”, Isabel’s fate would have radically changed. I don’t know if Farlan would have done something, but damn, this makes me sick.

And then… ugh. I think what comes next it’s completely nonsense. Isabel asks them to join the gang… because she’s envious of them and because they’re able to “fly like birds”, yeah, that’s every underground orphan’s dream, yeah, I get it… but how did Levi let her join her like that, without saying anything more than “learn to clean before using the 3DMG”? We’re talking about the leader of the biggest gang in the underground, a man who’s practically a criminal, and he lets a little girl join that easily to them because “she’s envious of them??”. Isabel doesn’t even give them a convincing reason! She’d have come with a “I’m all alone and I can’t live by myself” but he accepts her so easily it’s just stupid.

Really, just call him “big brother” because she admires him even if he treated her like trash a few seconds ago? I actually don’t think he saved her because he wanted. He saved her because that guy touched him. Otherwise, she’d be dead now because of saving a bird.

They practically destroyed Isabel and Levi’s bond. A bond born from his caring side, one he never shows and her gratitude towards him for saving her. Canonically she calls him “big brother” because he’s her hero despite being what he is, and she loves him dearly. Geez, they even destroyed Isabel and Farlan’s bond. The only bond which remained untouched was Levi and Farlan’s.

And that maybe will have certain influence in the next part. Levi overreacting when Farlan dies but not when Isabel’s killed in front of him because she’s just a girl he reluctantly saved and accepted in his gang because she was envious of him and Farlan?? Because she begged to join just because “she wanted to know how “flying” felt like?

Levi overreacts to her death and finding her remains because she’s the little girl he saved when she was a child and now he fucking finds her beheaded because he couldn’t make it in time. That’s why he overreacts in the manga. That’s the truth.

And reducing Isabel’s role in the ova is something unforgivable. Reducing her from a strong, independent girl who rarely mentions Levi in the manga unless it’s needed, who admires him because he WILLINGLY saved her from dying and gave her another chance to live, and is extremely skillfull with 3DMG and it’s heavily implied that she learned it by herself to a 3DMG fangirl who calls a man who treated her like trash “big brother” just because she admires him.

Do you need more reasons of why I like the manga and the VN better than the anime?

And do you get why I’m a bit afraid of what’s going to happen in the second part?


When Sonic arrives on Angel Island he soon finds himself locked in mortal combat with it’s guardian; Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles prepares to eviscerate the intruder with a furious charge and a flurry of fists, to which the Hedgehog swiftly dodges by… casually stepping to one side.


In a row.