life turned upside down

Dangerous Woman- Part 11

A/N: I’m exhausted but happy. I’ll probably reread it in the morning and cringe but screw it. 

Warnings: Fluff, swearing?, terrible smut

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.  

Bucky x Reader

Part 10/ Masterlist

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Feels like Home

- my entry for #AYearOfBerena -

The first time you see her you have a strange feeling. You smile because the first impression you get is of joy despite the fact your machine has decided to leave you in the lurch now.
You watch her get closer to you and it’s clear to you straight away that you’ll try to win her over with all your strength. You have no idea why, yet.
The first time you hold her hand is for a silly bet and you think you’ve won the first round at arm wrestling.

You’re deluded.

A strange mixture of feelings grows in you. And it’s the beginning of your end.
A lot of things happen from that moment on and you cannot even keep up with your heart and with your mind.
Your life gets turned upside-down by this woman who, at first glance, looks like a frightened little blonde chick who’s just hatched. Her hair always messy like a puppy, those brown eyes, maybe they have in them some streak of green that remind you of the majesty of an oak tree.
Sometimes you have to look away because the feeling overwhelms you, even if you are still unable to grasp the scope of it all. You do not know what name to call it.

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Foxhollow Ch. 12

Fandom: Zootopia

Pairing: Nick Wilde/Judy Hopps

Words: 1,030

Rating: T


FF. Net:

Summary: Prince Nicholas Wilde now has the Region of Foxhollow to rule. A fact he’s…impartial about. But his royal life is turned upside down when he receives a gift with long ears and a cottontail. Romance, bloodshed, betrayal, tolerance, and more are in store for the predator and prey who are about to change history.

Ch. 12: The King’s Pet

           Judith looked at the crystal clear lake looking down at her reflection. She wore an eggshell blue gown that showed off her shoulders and bellowed in the wind.

She smiled at herself, music filling her ears as she turned on her heel and twirled away, letting the music pull her like gentle strings.

Closing her eyes she held her arms over her head and spun, the soft grass smooth on her toes, ears and dress flowing in the wind.

All of a sudden warm paws lay over her hips and she smiled to herself, eyes still closed she turned to face her dance partner. The paws that held her hips moved to take her own and replaced the strings, pulling her across the grass and led her to the music.

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Please help me find someone else with my rare conditon

My name is Valerie, I’m a teenager, and I’m chronically ill. 

I’ve been sick for a decade now, and unfortunately, I tend to get all the rare and ~special~ disorders. Because of this, I currently have doctors in nine cities spanning across five states. I battle six chronic conditions, and balancing them is a daily struggle, but I’ve managed. 

But my newest condition has turned my life upside down. It’s called Recurrent Subacute Thyroiditis (RSAT) and most doctors will never see a case of this in their lifetime. I luckily have found a doctor who has least seen a few cases of this before, but I am the youngest person she has ever seen with this condition. 

RSAT is an inflammation of the thyroid that causes overactivity, leading to high heart rates, trouble breathing, low blood pressure, dizziness, chest pains, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, and muscle weakness. The overactivity lasts for about 2-3 months, and then the thyroid flips to inactivity, leading to lethargy, extreme fatigue, depression, low body temperature, and slow heart rates. The inactivity lasts for 2-3 months, making this a 4-6 month condition. I’m currently in the middle of my second episode, and my first episode was just two years ago.

I am terrified. This condition has caused me to be rushed to the ER twice. This condition has rendered me so dizzy and dropped my blood pressure so low that walking is a hazard and I am in a wheelchair. This condition has prevented me from attending school since the end of October. This condition can occur again, and there is no telling when or how often. 

I’ve scoured the web, posted in countless Facebook groups, analyzed research, and even scheduled a conference call with doctors in another country to try to get some answers. Not only is there no information on it, but I can’t find anyone else with it (and due to HIPPA laws, my doctor is not allowed to connect me with the other cases she has seen). I have support from my friends and family, but they cannot even begin to understand what this is like. 

I am alone in this right now, but I know the internet is a powerful place. I’ve seen other kids with rare conditions find support and/or answers, and I thought I might as well give it a shot. Please, please - even if you don’t have this condition, even if you don’t know me, please reblog this and spread this around. I just need to know that I’m not alone in this. Even finding one person who has this would make the world of a difference.

Thank you in advance. Those who know me best know I absolutely hate asking for help, but I can’t do this alone anymore. 

when there is a cAS CENTriC EpiSODe !!!

Midnight Luxe (Part 3)

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(Part 1) (Part 2)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: University AU/ Angst / Smut

Summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook. The alluring and beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show, the man who turned your life upside down. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces. 

Inspired by the anime/manga Paradise Kiss :)

Light poured in from the library window as you sat hunched over a large pile of books. You’d only been studying for an hour and already your focus was wavering. Your staying power while working used to be impeccable, it wasn’t like you to be so easily distracted.

You tried so desperately to carefully read the words written down in front of you, yet your mind wouldn’t stop wondering.

Of course, you knew whose fault it was: Jeon Jungkook’s. Lately he was all you could think about. Every large and small detail about him was haunting you, from the sound of his laughter, to his arrogant smirk and surprisingly hardworking nature, he seemed to refuse to get out of your head.

You sighed heavily and slammed your head against the book laid out before you, an older woman sat at an adjacent table gave you a funny look before returning to what she was reading. You couldn’t bring yourself to care about how odd you must have looked. The only thing you cared about was Jungkook and his friends.  

How had your priorities changed so quickly? A few weeks ago your only goal had been to get into your top choice of university, and now that dream seemed so irrelevant it was almost laughable. You’d never wanted it that much in the first place you supposed.

Three days. That’s what he’d told you last night. He’d asked you so earnestly, and as he had spoken, behind the look of determination in his eyes there had been something more, a softness to them that hadn’t been present before, almost like he was pleading.  Every time you thought about that look, you could feel your heart going wild in your chest, beating so quickly it felt as if it could burst out at any second.

You realised you’d completely lost focus again and did your best to bring yourself back, staring intently at the large unappealing blocks of black text. The words just seemed to merge together.

About five minutes later you heard the sound of a chair dragging against the wooden flooring. You glanced briefly upwards to see a man sitting down opposite you at the table, however you quickly looked down in disinterest. He had a baseball cap and sunglasses on which you couldn’t help but find odd, why would you need all that on indoors? Without giving it too much more thought you tried to focus back onto the book in front of you, you had been staring so intently you didn’t even notice the man take off his hat and sunglasses.

When you looked up and caught his eye, you swear you felt chills running down your spine. Deep brown eyes interlocked with yours, his gaze as fiercely intense as ever.

“Oh” you both said in unison, he raised his eyebrows in shock and gave a half smile.

“Jungkook….what are you doing here?” you mumbled quietly, the library was so silent you didn’t dare raise your voice any higher.

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Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  • Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
  • Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Take the bullets out your gun! The bullets out your gun!
We move undercover, and we move as one
Through the night, we have one shot to live another day
We cannot let a stray gunshot give us away
We will fight up close, seize the moment and stay in it
It’s either that or meet the business end of a bayonet

I grew up telling myself that love didn’t exist. I grew up seeing so many marriages fall apart, and seeing so many people walk around like it didn’t bother them. I grew up in a house that always had a shaking roof, filled with curses and screams and the shatters of glass. And then you came. You came in, with your perfect family, and perfect life, and decided to turn my own upside down. You made me believe in love again, and then you showed me what it was like to love and fall in love. And then you decided to get rid of that. You took the fragile heart, that had just started beating again, and crushed it until it was just the sad remains of a relationship. You, the same person that had taught me how to love, showed me that love wasn’t real again. There was only pain, and loneliness. So, here I am. Venting out my feelings, 4 years later, over the keyboard, and cursing you and your stupid lips. Because you were the one who taught me how to love, and then once again showed me that love wasn’t real. But you know what? Maybe it is real. Maybe I’ve just been cursed, to never find love anywhere. But to me, love doesn’t exist. And thanks to you, I’m not sure it ever will.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1051 // does love exist? 
Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?
—  Rumi
Cheater Cheater // L.H

Rating: sfw (13+)

You and Luke dated for a few years before he cheated on you. You avoided him at all costs since then until the unavoidable happened. Now that you have to work together, will he finally fight to make things right? Or do new romances for y/n get in the way?


It all started in the beginning of 2014. You and your best friend Sierra had started a YouTube channel. It caught on pretty quickly, posting videos of dances you choreographed, small challenges, etc. Within that year, it had picked up so quickly, that you and Sierra had actually hired a manager to keep up with events and such. And that is when you met him. The boy that would turn your entire life upside down in the best way possible. The boy who you loved every bit of unconditionally. Well, for a while at least.

With the help of your parents hiring your manager, Jordan, you had quickly met other up and coming stars like, 5 Seconds of Summer. It all began when Jordan announced that the boys’ management had wanted to meet up with you. Since you were pretty popular, the meeting was about filming videos with the boys to promote their soon to be first album. You all had gotten along pretty well, which made your job easier as a whole. After the release of their first album, and the absolute smash She Looks So Perfect made, the boys because immensely popular, even more so than they already were.

Within that time, you had grown extremely fond of the lead singer, Luke and the feelings were mutual. It took him a while to come out of his shell, but you were able to break it. He was always amazed by that. When he did ask you out, you couldn’t be happier. You and Sierra had almost 900,000 subscribers under your belt, a boyfriend that loved you, and you were almost done with high school. Luke and you would often do videos for your channel like those cheesy boyfriend tags. It was amazing too, almost everybody loved the two of you together. Both your families, the boys, and even the fans.

You two had become extremely popular by 2015. You and Sierra went on tour, performing new dances and putting on shows. You now had a solid 1.5 mil. Luke was on tour now too but you always made time for each other. When you had breaks, it was always put to good use, and eventually when both tours ended, you were back in his arms. “You’re it for me, you know that?” he would whisper. But that was then. This is now.

You two had become popular enough to actually hire people to dance with you for small groups, group numbers and duets. You and your new partner, Alex, instantly clicked when it came to duet numbers.

By October of 2015, you two were still going strong. It was now the night of Halloween. You and Luke had both decided not to dress up together, because you didn’t want to be “that couple”. You had told your boyfriend you would meet up with him later at a house party you were both invited to because you wanted to pre film some videos for this up and coming week. You remembered the way he nodded, pecking your lips gently before leaving. Every time you thought of it, a small pain came to your chest because little did you know, this would be the last time you would look at him adoringly or even share a kiss.

Okay, okay, so probably by this point you’re thinking, what? Did he die or something? Why are you being so dramatic? Is he okay? Oh yeah. He was just fine making out with another girl as you entered the party. You being the amazing girlfriend you were, you decided to come earlier than planned to come meet up with him there. You remember the night vividly.

“Hey Y/N!” Calum smiled as you entered the house. Music blared as you walked up to him. “Hey Cal! I finished my work early to meet up with Luke early, any clue as to where he is?” you asked adjusting your hair while doing so. “What a nice girlfriend” he chuckled, “and yeah he’s back there I think” he said pointing to one of the rooms down the hall. You nodded thanking him once more before opening the door. Your smile faltered slowly more and more as you opened the door meeting your boyfriend kissing another girl. Tall, pretty, and you would soon learn, fake. Clearing your throat, Luke pulled back, his lips parting. You made direct eye contact with the girl who had a smug look on her face before looking back at Luke. It was like he was trying to speak, but nothing came out. You held back tears before turning around. “Y/N, please listen to me” you heard. “Save it, Luke. We’re finished.” you sobbed, finally letting out your tears. He chased after you, but you ran out and didn’t look back. You ignored everyone for weeks. You hadn’t been on youtube, and fans caught on. Sure, Sierra held up your end, but people knew something was up after that girl had posted a picture with Luke the same night you caught them. You couldn’t bother to learn her name right now. All you knew was that they were still together apparently according to Calum, who besides from Sierra, Alex or Jordan, was the only person you’ve talked to. Really shows how much he cared, he’s already found someone else. She took everything from you. Your ticket to Bali, your friendship with the boys, and the love of your life.

But that was then and this is now. It’s been a year now and you haven’t spoken to him since. He’s attempted to visit and apologize, but was always declined by one of your friends. You and Sierra just finished another tour, now having about 3 million subscribers. You eventually went back online, filming an official video of what happened. Not for attention or revenge, not to make their lives hell, but just to give a life update. Your fans were like family, and they had a right to know. So here you were now, still single as you watched the love of your life love another girl. Some said it was fake, some shipped it, most still preferred you, but all you knew was that you hated the both of them. How could he do that to you? How could that girl (who you’ve now learned her name to be Arzaylea maybe? honestly who cares?) be okay with helping him cheat?You always thought it’d be too good to be true, the rockstar loving the average,  lame girl online. That teenage girl with light pink, long hair and social anxiety was gone. 

But you were stronger now. Not only physically but mentally too. You were proud of how your workouts have paid off at the studio. You were now 21, your pink hair now at a nice light brown cut just below your shoulders. You were completely over Luke. You haven’t seen him in person since that night and avoided him on social media as much as possible. As a matter of fact, fans actually shipped you and Alex now. You’d always laugh at the comments, because you’ve grown to be like brother and sister. You knew that when the right person would come, they’d come.

So here you were now, sitting with Sierra and Jordan as you awaited to have another meeting with for different promotions. You guys weren’t into those stereotypical nature box or audible promotions, more like promotions for different artists. Like before, you’ve helped promote 5sos’ first album, and more recently Little Mix’s Glory Days album by doing a few dances to some of there songs. (And yes, of course you just had to throw in Shoutout to My Ex).

Jordan wouldn’t tell you what exactly you were doing here, and you weren’t sure whether or not it was good or bad. You tapped your feet discussing some new choreo as a familiar man called you three in. Where have you seen him before? You walked inside a room with a long table before scanning across everyone sitting at it. Your eyes widened as you saw Micheal, then Ashton. Sierra took your hand sensing your uncomfortableness as you shot Jordan daggers. Why the hell would he do this? Your eyes flashed back to the table at Calum who offered you  a small smile. Then him. The boy who managed to break your heart within 15 seconds. Your eyes found the familiar blue ones that you used to adore so much. You quickly looked away as you sat down. This can’t be happening.


The Fresh High Lady of The Night Court
  • Nesta: So Feyre, what's happened to you this past year?
  • Feyre: Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit real tight, I'll tell you how I became the High Lady of the court of night.