life tumbr

you know what i’m scared of?
truly and utterly scared of?
never finding my place in this big world.
never finding that somewhere i belong to.
never finding ‘home’.
i’m scared i’m just one of those souls wandering around in this world, never finding where they truly belong. those souls that always look for something but never find it.
it seems quite scary, you know, the thought of searching for something my whole life but never finding it, maybe even missing it in the blink of an eye.
—  e.s. // things i’m scared of.
Snow rests on tree limbs
in the palms of the statue on the corner
it slides off rooftops
where its become too warm for it to stick
too alive
too awake
it kisses and disappears into the skin
of most of the people it touches
not pausing for a second
before soaking into their hair
This morning someone mistook me for a statue
with all the crystals in my hands
and piled on my head
—  A.O.A.M. || First Snow Of The Season Has Stuck