life to remember

  • Durbe: My flying horse was a huge part of my past life.
  • ZeXal Writers: Yes, but you don't need that in your current life.
  • Mizael: My dragon was a huge part of my past life.
  • Zexal Writers: Yes again, but you do not need it in your current life.
  • Alito: My prince was a huge part of my past life.
  • ZeXal Writers: You don't need him in your current life- he probably wouldn't remember you if you wore a shirt anyways.
  • Gilag: Ponta.
  • ZeXal Writers: You need Ponta.

I know I complain all the time. I have been through a lot, & am still going through stuff.
However I ma firm believer in “Everything going happens for a reason” & God.
I get asked a lot how I deal with everything that has been thrown at me.
It’s hard to remember that shit happens when you feel like your life is falling apart. I obviously know that first hand.
Just after you cry & feel the emotions, don’t forget to remember life isn’t all bad & those shirts, days, weeks, months or even years, they all eventually end & you move on.

P.S. Never let anyone tell you, you aren’t allowed to be sad or cry. Don’t ignore those feelings or it will just bubble up worse later.
Ordinary, a keeper of the lost cities fanfic | FanFiction
Dex knew with absolute certainty that he was ordinary. And in a world where the unusual was usual and the exceptional was expected, being ordinary wasn't enough.

Dex was completely ordinary.

He wasn’t sure when he realized it. Maybe when the other students in his tutoring session bragged about how their father had been chosen for this mission or their mother elected to this council. Maybe when the nobles in their capes checked that no one was watching as they entered his dad’s shop, as if buying from him was something to be ashamed of. Maybe even before that, when the triplets were born and everyone was so preoccupied with his mom and her babies that no one bothered to trouble themselves with him anymore.

But after that moment—whenever it was—Dex knew with absolute certainty that he was ordinary. And in a world where the unusual was usual and the exceptional was expected, being ordinary wasn’t enough.

There was one moment in his life that Dex remembered very clearly. He was four—no, five? His mind was a funny place. It remembered everything that happened that day in perfect detail, but it couldn’t recall what year it had been.

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Okay so a while ago I was at Hottopic because I’m a emo fucker and I shit u not there was this white girl, shes gotta be like young high schooler or old middle schooler and she was saying to someone else with her, loudly “senpai senpai u have to buy me this senpai !!” And hearing someone say that in real life made me lose 20 years of my life and every time I remember it is lose another 5

I worked as a volunteer at a convention today and it was great ! Even if helping people with directions, schedules for conferences and events, and monitoring the waiting line for Tetsuya Nomura’s autograph session to avoid people sneaking in may seem redundant for some - I LOVED it. 

From yesterday to today, I met TONS of great people by chance, including the CEO of Dontnod ( the studio which released games such as Life is Strange and Remember Me ) who is extremely nice, the creator of Rayman who was willing to do some small talk before giving me great advice about how people are hired in the video game industry, and last but not least a group of EIGHT people that currently attend my dream school ! I overheard them saying the school’s name and asked them about it, they welcomed me as if they had known me for a long time, gave me a year worth of advice in five minutes’ time, and I showed them some drawings I made. When they saw a picture of Goemon on my phone, they were all surprised because I thought someone my age couldn’t know the game.

So those two last days were great days overall ! My condition seems to be getting better, it may be a nasty mix of allergies and anxiety. If that was to finally settle thanks to the medication I’m taking, I’d be very thankful.


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