life through the ages

Centuries, years, months and even days can pass. However memories and fragments of someone significant in your life, even someone who made a difference would stay forever. Even through old age, the memories might become vivid but they will still vaguely be engraved…..
—  Thoughts 

it’s good that they have each others

Maui Wowie
KiD CuDi
Maui Wowie

Kid Cudi

Maui Wowie

This mixtape has and always will have a special place in my heart. I did a lot of growing up listening to this music. This mixtape helped me through a tragic heart breaking life ending breakup at the age of sixteen lol. I smoked weed for the first time and many times after that listening to this mixtape. I did a lot of bike riding and exploring to new places to this mixtape. I just really appreciate this project.

Its like, supervillains used to be kinda goofy and silly because comics were being targeted at kids and the CCA meant you couldn’t have them getting TOO evil or dark. And then those rules got loosened, and suddenly it became in vogue to take all those silly villains and make them scary. See for example Arcade in Avengers Arena. Or whatever the hell DC did to Calendar Man. He went from just a guy who committed holiday-themed crimes to like… he now ages through an entire life every year, and like, climbs out of his own mouth? The hell.

I just wish it could also go the other way. Like, I wanna see a dark, gritty villain like The Hood or something twirling a mustache and trying to rob a Twinkie factory.


눈 감았다 뜨니 어느새 27 years old
- Happy Yonghwa Day


UshiHina Week

Day 4: Childhood Friends

When Shouyou was four and Wakatoshi was six, Shouyou vowed that they would one day get married.  Their mothers of course, thought it was the sweetest thing.  Their mothers had been best friends all through university and into married life.  Despite the gap in their childrens’ ages, they planned frequent play dates.  Even with Wakatoshi being a quiet boy, Shouyou was more than outgoing enough for the both of them.

They often held hands when walking together, and Shouyou was always ready with a bright and sunny smile.  People thought they were precious together, and it just reinforced Shouyou’s declaration that they would one day be married.  Shouyou’s mother often said that her husband was her best friend.  So Shouyou decided, that because Wakatoshi was his best friend, they would get married when they grew up.

Years later, Wakatoshi had to recruit the help of Shouyou’s mother and younger sister in order to covertly find out his ring size.  After all, if he was going to buy an engagement ring for Shouyou, he wanted it to actually fit.  Now he stood in a jewelry store, and he was absolutely overwhelmed.

He had no idea there were so many options just for an engagement ring.  But there was no backing out.  Shouyou’s parents had only smiled and hugged him when he’d announced his intention of proposing to their son.  Wakatoshi had made this decision months ago, and had immediately started saving up.

“Good afternoon, is there anything I can help you with?” the smiling woman behind the counter asked.

“I’m looking for an engagement ring,” he said.  The woman’s eyes lit up at his words.

“Oh, congratulations.  Now, do you know what sort of style of ring she likes?” she asked.

“He doesn’t really wear rings at all,” Wakatoshi said.  The woman blinked.  Her smile never faltered

“Well then, I’m sure we can find something he’d like, either way.  Now, what kind of hands does he have?” she asked.

“Um, well, their small.  Shouyou isn’t very tall so they’re proportionate.  His fingers are slim, but really calloused from volleyball.”

“Okay, so we don’t want a anything bulky, otherwise it’ll look and feel too heavy on his hand.  So we’ll just move over here.” The woman slid over a few feet and Ushijima followed.  He looked through the display case to the rings that were now in front of him. “Does he do a lot with his hands?”

“He’s a coach for youth volleyball, so yes.  He also is very expressive with his arms when he talks.”

“Okay, so a slim band, and a stone inset in the band, rather than set on top.”

Once again she lead him around the display cases until they settled in front of a small one.  He peered into the case and immediately saw it.  The ring was in the corner of the display.  A narrow silver band with a trio or stones set into it.

“That one,” he said.  He pointed it out to the woman and she looked down at it.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, it feels right,” Wakatoshi said.  The woman removed the ring from the display case to show it to him.  Wakatoshi looked it over and nodded. “Definitely this one.”

“An excellent choice sure.”

She lead him over to the register to take his payment.  Wakatoshi walked out of the store, several thousand yen poorer, but hopefully, he would soon have made his childhood best friend his fiance.

Wakatoshi quietly placed the open velvet box next to Shouyou’s dinner plate.  He’d thought long and hard about how to propose.  But in the end, simplicity and privacy won out.  Wakatoshi had no desire to turn it into a spectacle, and he knew that Shouyou wouldn’t appreciate being put on the spot.

“‘Toshi?” Shouyou asked.

“When we were kids, you promised you would marry me.  Would you be willing to keep that promise?” Wakatoshi asked.  Shouyou stared between Wakatoshi and the ring.  Slowly, and with shaking hands, he plucked the ring from the box.

“Yes!  Yes, I will!”

Shouyou got out of his seat and rushed Wakatoshi.  He climbed onto the taller man’s lap with a wide smile.

“Put it on me?”

Wakatoshi took the ring from Shouyou and slid it onto his finger.  It fit perfectly.  With the ritual complete, Wakatoshi kissed Shouyou.

“I love you, Shouyou,” he said.

“I love you, too.”

Kanan’s domestic life through the ages on the Ghost...

Kanan: Ah, Hera, it’s so nice and quiet after Gorse… So peaceful…

*Ages Later*

Kanan: Nice and quie-

Zeb: ARGGGGGH! That little droid electrocuted me!

*Ages later*

Kanan: Nice and quie-

Sabine: Kanan! Zeb and Chopper hid my paint cans!

*Ages later*

Kanan: Nice and quie-

Ezra: Kanan! Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper all conspired to paint bad artwork of me!

*Ages later*

Kanan: Ah, everyone has moved out of the nest. Ezra sparring off with Skywalker at the new Temple, Zeb on Lira San, Sabine on Mandalore. 

Hera: Bae, since it’s so quiet, come here, there’s no one but Chopper to interrupt us…

Kanan: It’s great to have some peace and quiet… even if it’s relatively speaking.

*Ages later*

Kanan: Hera, everything is so peac-


*Ages later*

Kanan: Hera, everything is so peac-

Daughter #1: Daddy! Daddy! She touched my Holocron!

Daughter #2: She started it!


Hera: You were saying?

Kanan: Hera, everything is so peaceful.

Hera: By the way, I’m inviting Zeb, Sabine, and Ezra over for dinner. Get cookin’.

4 year old me has no memories. She just wants everyone to stop yelling. 9 year old me just wants to be held and doesn’t want to feel like such an adult anymore. 12 year old me wants someone to pick her up and carry her home and make her stop bleeding. 15 year old me keeps hearing everyone tell her “hold on” and “it will get better” but she’s sobbing and dreams about killing herself. 19 year old me is trying her best to keep the smile on her face but she goes home to a lonely bed every night, stuck in the monotonous life of becoming an adult.
—  A Story of a Girl // Through the Ages

anonymous asked:

I really hate that a lot of tv shows and movies portray teacher/student relationships as this romantic "forbidden love" or some bullshit. It's honestly teaching young girls that this is something you should aspire to have when in reality it's an extremely toxic situation that is wrong in every way. Like I watched pretty little liars when I was in 9th grade and I looked up to the 16yr old girl dating a grown teacher on that show because it seemed so "romantic". This shit needs to stop

I agree completely.

I avoid a lot of high school themed tv shows because too often the show treats the students as if they were adults and ignores the unique stage of life that we all go through at that age.  A student and a teacher are not peers, are not good romantic partners, are not best friends.  Also, what the hell kinds of high school lives are these?  Are there no responsible adults around in these shows? I have issues with some high school themed smut for a lot of the same reasons.

Appetite (Blackwall, Sera)

I was chatting with frandayam about something unrelated when this came to me. It started out as a headcanon and then sort of became a story? So, written fast and not really properly edited.

Grey wardens have legendarily–even proverbially–huge appetites. This presents a complication for Blackwall, but help comes from an unexpected quarter.


Grey Wardens have legendarily–even proverbially–huge appetites. Whatever strange processes go on in their bodies to give them their powers also consume a lot of food. And there are people in Skyhold who have spent significant time in the presence of Wardens: Varric, of course, and Leliana, for starters.

So the first time Blackwall fills up a plate, Varric says, “Light meal today, eh, Hero?” He’s not needling him, he’s not suspicious, he’s just making conversation, like he does…

…but Blackwall thinks, Oh shit.

The next time he has a meal in public, he puts half again as much food on his plate as he wants, and tries to figure out what he’s going to do: stuffing himself silly at every meal seems like a poor plan, especially given that he may be needed on the battlefield, but discarding food would be an abominable waste… and yet Varric’s going to notice, apparently, if he doesn’t eat as much as a real Warden, and if Varric’s going to notice Leliana almost certainly already has noticed, and this is frankly the stupidest way his cover could possibly be blown….

And then Sera leans against his arm, bony elbow in his side, poising her fork over his plate. “You gonna eat that?” she asks, jabbing at a meat roll balanced on the side of his plate.

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