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I just finished chapter eight and OH MY GOD 

I literally had to put the book down for a second like 

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Also half of that chapter gave me the real good feels and half of it gave me the fears and an extra ten percent is my sitting in agony 


I get that people want Dean to become more open, but deconstructing the walls Dean built over the years is not going to be helpful for Dean in any way or shape or form. Not unless Dean leaves the hunting life or gets the support and therapy he clearly needs. Even then, I am not sure that Dean’s hurts can heal, because things Dean has seen, done, experienced are way above the normal PTSD area. In fact, like Jensen brilliantly observed, Dean’s walls are actually helping Dean to survive and function in an essentially hostile environment.

But lets not talk about that. Instead, look at what happens when Dean lowers his defenses, look at what happened when Dean trusted Sam with his secret? Sam threw back Dean’s hell trauma at his face and mocked him for it. Look how Sam took Dean’s “I’m poison” remark and twisted it to destroy his self-worth in S9. Look how often Dean gets betrayed or left back from his family. Look how often Dean’s trust gets broken. If you were in Dean’s place, if you were betrayed as often and as thoroughly as Dean was, if you were mocked for being weak, if you lost everyone you loved, if your worst nightmares about yourself are reinforced by your family, if you were left behind by your only family, then, how would you react? Would you start lowering your emotional defenses or would you start building more mental walls to safeguard yourself? Is it any wonder that Dean tries (tries but often fails) to emotionally detach himself?

Dean’s life is already full of horrors, betrayals, sorrows. These walls, this emotional detachment is Dean’s way of coping, it’s his only way of shielding himself from further attacks. True, it doesn’t always work, because Dean has a big heart and feels for others, but, it helps him survive.

Well today has been pretty shit.

A big fuck you is being sent out to more or less everyone I know. Friends are crap. We’re better off without them.

Except Internet friends they’re great. (Story is in the tags for you nosy lil fuckers)

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Leslie Jones would be disgusted with your post. These people are her FRIENDS who she cares for, & they are likely giving her real life support. Kate & Kirsten don't even have social media, & they aren't doing interviews. What do you expect from them, a press release? Even though it's apparently good enough when other celebs only throw out a quick tweet? Public support is GREAT & IMPORTANT but not every celeb has a socal media platform to show it right away. Tweeting isn't the end all be all.


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Why on Earth did the author of Bleach screw up the ending so badly? It seems like IchiRuki was built up and teased throughout the series but then it didn't happen.

From everything I have seen it seems to have been a deliberate choice from Kubo to torch the series as revenge on Weekly Shonen Jump. So he gave the worst ending possible because he was pissy at WSJ and didn’t care one bit for the fans who dedicated years of their life to supporting his manga.


It was dark outside as the 67 Chevy Impala rolled down the highway your bothers in the front seats staring blankly put the windscreen. You had curled up across the back seat and while your eye were closed and your breathing was steady you were definitely not asleep. Dean sighed glancing in the rearview mirror at you. “She shouldn’t be in this mess” he mumbled. “You don’t think I don’t know that? 90% of the time she’s in danger it’s my fault” Sam snapped twisting round to look at you, your Y/H/C was tied up in a ponytail and you wore your usual hunting gear and a gun in your pocket. “No Sam, it’s not you, it’s the job” Dean huffed. “Although, you remember that time when she was a baby and you dropped her?” He asked and Sam grimaced. John, Dad, had be furious with Sam for it.
You were four years younger than Sam and eight years younger than Dean. Both were inexplicably protective over you. Everyone always seemed to be because you were the youngest and the only female Winchester left alive. But no one was as protective as your own dad. “Yeah, I remember a bit” Sam replied “do you remember when she brought her first boyfriend back from school?” Sam asked and Dean snorted “yeah, and I decked the guy?”
“She didn’t talk to you for like a week”
“Nah, she loves me really” Dean replied glancing back once more. “Oh, what about that time when she ran away from dad because he refused to tell her what we did, then we found her shakes up with a dude in motel?” Dean added. As you listened you grimaced, that had been one of the most awkward days of your life. “Yeah, how pissed was dad? Nearly stabbed the guy”
“Yeah… ” Sam grimaced at the memory. It has also been the night Sam left for Stamford.

There was a moment of silence and you shifted in your ‘sleep’. “What was she like when I left?” Sam asked in a low tone. While he had been back with you and Dean for a long time now he had never asked what you had been like during his time away. “Sam, it was a long time ago, don’t worry about it”
“Great, that means it was bad” he sighed
“She was… Y/N was a mess truthfully, Sammy. She ran away for a long time. Dad found her, dragged her back. She always liked you better” Dean sighed miserably.

“That’s not true” you said sitting up and leaned into the front of the car. “God, how much did you hear?” Sam asked and you shrugged
“Enough, but I can believe you think I would favour one of you over the other” you sighed.
“Do you?”
“No!” Your my older brothers, I love you both, idiots” you rolled your eyes and kissed their cheeks. Sam chuckled and Dean scrubbed his cheek. “Dude, gross” he complained and you laughed falling back in your seat.