life style mirror

Tbh I actually really like Freckle as a transfem character like…shes a real person. I’m seeing these posts where its like “yuck, shes oversexed, abuses drugs and alcohol and is messy af, how awful!” And like…Im sorry but thats the real experience for a lot of us. She’s fun and charming and captures kinda the spirit of us who are living through that messy period in our lives as trans women. The only aspect of her I’m uncomfortable with is that aside about “you know how I like a little Asian” that the writers threw in one time. That was gross, racism and fetishization is gross, but just…existing as a trans woman, with a life and style that mirrors or humorously exaggerates the reality for most of us, that’s not some heinous fucking crime and its making me really uncomfortable to see people who think a character with those traits is somehow disgusting and wrong because of them.