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I don’t give a single solitary fuck if you get “fatigued” when you get off work and go party. I give zero shits that you dont eat well or enough and it causes you to not feel your greatest. How dare you relate that to what I’m going through.
I could do everything “right” and still be in utter pain and exhaustion.

It’s like walking up to an amputee and being like “Man I hear thatttt. This cut on my arm kills. Life man. Sucks right?????”


I have  discovered that some people associate Witchcraft, Paganism, Celtic Pagans, Neopagans, Astrology, Pantheism and Christian witches with fascism, terf’s and racism and I’m sorry if there are people making you think like that, but when you generalize a group, you’re allowing people to generalize your culture, your beliefs, your life style and your political choices. You’re allowing people to call you whatever they want based on shallow information on your Tumblr bio information. In all of these years, I’ve only unfortanately met atheists terf’s and Christian fascists but I do not judge an atheist or a Christian because of the behavior of others of the same religion or beliefs. Pagan religions are persecuted until today all over the world and their practitioners suffer massive prejudice in society, it is not fair when people on Tumblr feed this discrimination because of ‘’guessing’’. You can’t tell if someone hates another person just because they worship Nature, or because they put their moon sign or their rising sign on their Tumblr “about me” info like ????????????? It doesn’t make sense. I say I’m a Scorpio and suddenly you know my gender, age, race and if I hate a group of people? Are you for real? You can’t assume a person’s family culture or skin color based on their country of origin, there are not only one kind of people in Canada, or Australia or Germany. And if you think so, you’re being racist and showing that you do not know what you’re talking about.

People want human equality

But they still want abortion.

When a human starts a heartbeat they are alive.
It’s common sense.
If we want human equality this includes the children who don’t have a voice

Tell me, what’s so wrong with wanting to fight for someone’s life?
Is it because we choose life itself over life style?

“My body, my choice.”
That child is not your body, you are not killing yourself, it shouldn’t be your choice.

If a woman is raped and she chooses to abort, I support her. It was against her choice to have a child and she never got a say in the matter.
However, 1% of abortion cases are involved with rape, the mother could die, or involves incest.
The other 99% cases are simply failed birth control or unprotected sex. And more than half of abortion cases are because the baby has Down syndrome. That’s disturbing.

Life style or life itself?
If you would like more information on the matter:

EXO gif reaction: When he finds out you can dance his songs better than him

Feel free to request more exo! 

Xiumin: “How?”

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Suho: “Of course..” *isnt surprised*

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Baekhyun: “That’s great but it’s not about the dancing, it’s about the looks you give while dancing” 

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Chen: ‘And i thought i was getting better..’

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Chanyeol: *not sure what he should do with this information*

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D.O: “I practised so long and hard to try and be good at dancing, yet they only learned this in a week and they’re better than me?” *things hard about his life*

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Lay: “I can dance too remember!” 

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haha seriously though 

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Kai: “Alright, come on. Dance battle. Right now” 

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Sehun: “Meh. Seen better.” ‘ima have to step up my game..’

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Kris: “Dancing not my style.”

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*regrets life choices*

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Luhan: “You’re very good! But let me show you something that no one can beat me at..” 

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Tao: “It’s cute that you can dance to my songs.. But why try and beat the master?” 

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Why I'm leaving the 5sos Fam.

Luke has lost 10k Twitter followers and 3k people have cancelled their pre orders and for good reason. You should NEVER support someone whose actions you disagree with. Don’t feel obliged to continue supporting the band just because people are saying ‘you’re being ridiculous’ or that 'he can do with whatever he wants’. I am disappointed in Luke as a person who you choose to date and surround yourself with is a reflection on who you are as person, and this reflects on him in a negative light. Not only this but he is treating all the fans EXTREMELY poorly. It’s sad that this part of him has risen. His personal life style choices and his actions say a lot about his character and as a person with morals I strongly disagree with what he has done and how he has been acting. Therefore, I will not support it because it’s not 'just about the music’ a bad person can make good music and that doesn’t mean they deserve your support. Honestly I’m infuriated by this whole situation and deeply saddened as a fan that it has come to this. Don’t you dare tell anyone they’re 'over reacting’ people can react however they want. Luke Hemmings true character has finally shown and I can no longer support him or his band. Sorry fam but I’m out. x

Confusion about type 1 diabetes

We live longer than other people because we look after ourselves well
There are operations out there that can cure our diabetes
We take injections to eat chocolate and sweets
Life with diabetes is easy, there is nothing to it
We did this to ourselves because of our life style choices
We live just like people without diabetes, not much difference

Remember this, diabetes ruins our bodies as well as our psychology. We inject ourselves several times and other than organ transplant there is no cure. Our pancreas is not functioning properly, and nothing is funny about this.

     letting a soft chuckle escape her lips, raine couldn’t help but laugh as the blonde haired boy who currently sat at her side tried to use one of his lame pick up lines to hit on her. raine had invited the boy to keep her company seeing as the boy that she often spent most of her nights with was nowhere to be found and wasn’t answering her calls or texts. raine wasn’t really the jealous type, but for some reason the fact that jonah hasn’t talked to her in about a day was something that irritated her beyond belief. jonah and raine weren’t together, nor did she have a right to wonder where the boy had gone — but considering his life style and the choices he made on a daily basis; she couldn’t help but WORRY about the older boy. allowing her eyes to skim back onto the television, raine shrugged off the boy’s comment about how cute she looked and told him to watch the movie instead of trying to hit on her. “ as much as i enjoy your pathetic attempts at trying to seduce me, it isn’t going to work. ” she simply stated before her head turned toward the door where jonah stood. “ oh, how nice of you to finally come home. ” she spat, rolling her eyes. “ jonah meet marcus, marcus meet jonah… my roommate. ” she smirked, before turning her attention back to the movie not wanting to deal with whatever it was that involved jonah.