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Maybe someday I’ll write to you,
I’ll put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean hoping it will somehow reach you when the timing is right. I know I could just send it to you, but simply sending it to you would be too easy;
too easy for you to not respond, too easy for you to break my heart, too easy for me to loose you completely.
So I’ll toss my words into the ocean because keeping them locked in my head any longer would drive me insane.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 58
“Letters to the ocean”
I promise you don’t know real love, until you have truly fallen in love with yourself. Life is so different then. You live different. You breath different. Your fears are different. Your creativity is different. You think different. You laugh different. But most of all, you love different.
—  Treka L. House

We spend so much of our 20’s looking for the one. We are stuck at that age where half of our friends are engaged or married, some with children; the other half is drunk off their ass 90% of the time and never made it past their second semester of college. We find this compelling need to compare ourselves to everyone around us, “oh at least I’m doing better than her,” and “fuck. She’s about to be a doctor and I am not sure what I want to be.” We have to swipe left endlessly looking for what we want.

I’ll tell you what you want, it’s to be happy.

Happy is not the same for you as it is for the girl who sat next to you every day during 3rd period.

And for me? Happy is making sure I get to see the world while I’m young, experiencing different parts of our country before I pick and place and settle down. If I’m going to dig my roots so far into the nutrient rich ground I want to make DAMN sure it’s the right kinda soil to make me grow. At some point I woke up and realized I’m living life for myself and not others. I welcome their criticism but learned to filter out when it was helpful versus unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with getting on a plane to anywhere or long road trips or moving around to figure yourself out. Cause let me tell you, I was looking for the one, and I found her. It’s me. I’m the one. But when I find someone else who can be my plus one to everything I’ve already given myself, I’ll be ready because I won’t expect them to give me all the love in the world. To always pick me up when I fall. I will not rely heavily on them because i know I’ve already done it for myself and deeply rooted myself in those capabilities. Whoever comes along will hopefully have done that for themselves and instead of 2 trees in a yard we can create a jungle that radiates so much life everything comes to live within us. You see I was born a queen with a throne, now I’m learning to make an empire.

And for you? I hope you find whatever your happiness is to be able to do the same. To be a source of life.

1.) Take more selfies- you look beautiful!
2.) Meet new people, make new friends
3.) Do well in school and always do your best
4.) Be more positive- life is full of great things
5.) Make mistakes and accept fhem as they are
6.) Don’t hold grudges
7.) Find who you are
8.) Dont let others stop you from being you
9.) Always look your best, confidence looks great on you!
10.) Read
11.) Write like you mean it- don’t let writer’s block get in the way
12.) Do what you love ❤️
13.) Be kind to others
14.) Take a deep breath- in and out. You’ll be okay.
15.) Stay hydrated
16.) Be happy with who you are
17.) Learn to love yourself
18.) Sing. Let everybody hear your beautiful voice.
19.) Love fiercely. Passionate is good.
20.) Listen to new music
21.) Be more open minded
22.) Smile more
23.) Help strangers more often
24.) Go out with friends more, enjoy he time you have with them!
25.) It’s okay to be sad sometimes- go easy on yourself
26.) Slack off less
27.) Stay true to yourself
28.) Make your happiness a priority too
29.) Don’t just survive- live!
30.) Go on adventures, excitement is fun!
31.) Think positively
32.) Never doubt yourself
33.) Love your life, even if it isn’t perfect
—  33 things for me to remember throughout the years | a.m
If they were going to bury me I’d want them to do it in yellow. Like Van Gogh’s paint. They say he ate yellow paint because it reminded him of sunshine and he thought it would make him happy. When in reality it was a form of self harm if not a suicide attempt. If they were going to bury me I’d want them to do it in yellow and put yellow flowers on the headstone. To remind them that he ate yellow to feel nothing not happiness. That I died to feel nothing not happiness. That all of those attending the funeral were my yellow paint.
—  suicide disguised as sunshine

xxlovendreamsxx replied to your post “Sasus probably the kinda guy who turns down Sakuras advances before…”

one who will also frequently engage in morning sex with her with no regards as to her being late for work yes??????? huehueheu

she becomes exponentially more alert at the feeling of her presumed slumbering husband’s firm grip on her wrist, the sound of her alarm still shrill in the background. He had grabbed her just as she had started to roll out of bed to groggily begin her morning routine. Sakura turns to see him buried in their comforter, messy-haired, one eye open, staring her down with a look, lazy as it may be, that can only mean one thing.

“right now?”

he squeezes her wrist. she sighs.

“but last night you said you didn’t want to-”

he shifts onto his back, sheets sliding conveniently enough to keep him covered, but still suggest that he is.. in need.

“you’re impossible” she protests, pressing the snooze button.

“and you’re annoying” he mumbles into his pillow, pulling her on top of him. “now come here”

So, my advice to you, would be to continue to use every crayon in the box. Live your life like there’s no tomorrow, and experience everything. The plus side to that, is the world will get to experience you. Don’t wait for the world to come knocking. Open that door, and walk thru it. It’ll be a better place with you in it.
psycho 05/taehyung

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warning and a note: this story has some sexual harassment/slight violence (knife) in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story

note: in this chapter i mention his brother but because I don’t know his name i put h/b/n instead which stands for his brothers name 

note2: sorry for any mistakes I will try and fix them later on

summary: it’s going to be okay I promise


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You’re worth the fight, but so am I. While I’m fighting for you, I’m losing the battle for myself. I can’t pour more into you, than I do myself; because if I do, I’ll have nothing left for either of us. Let’s fight this fight together, that way we both get what we need.
—  Treka L. House