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Cuba’s extinct giant owl, Ornimegalonyx, was the largest owl that ever lived. Experts debate whether the bird could fly; powerful long legs suggest to some that it hunted by running down its prey, which might have been quite large. If it did fly—or at least glide—it would have been the largest flighted bird known. ¡Cuba! features a life-sized model of this 39-inch-tall bird. ©AMNH/D. Finnin

Lost - Bucky x Reader: Part 1

Plot: Reader works at the Smithsonian while the Captain America exhibit is there, and runs into someone who eventually goes after her for help.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 1679
Warnings: Kinda sorta some stalking.
Author Note: CATWS compliant, but Bucky may be slightly off character than canon depicts him as. Starting during the final end credit scene. 

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The opening of the Captain America exhibit at work was a blessing and a curse. You were a cashier at the Smithsonian and in the last month that it had been opened, you were getting extended hours and overtime, but also were faced with an extra few thousand people each hour consisting of tourists, whining kids, and their parents complaining about how expensive the merchandise was.

Sometimes you saw kids running around, playing ‘Avengers’ and pretending to be the Captain, which was cute in a way. Most of the time, though, you saw younger girls coming in to get pictures with the life size models of Cap, or to ogle over his muscles – anything they could do to be the ultimate fan girls.

You wished more people would take the time to look over what Captain Am – Steve Rogers – had done in his life. You wished people were giving him the credit he deserves, because he’s an icon to the world and gave his life to protect those who never could protect themselves. The history of how he became the Captain, to the numerous fights he lead, even the select team of soldiers he created because he felt they were best qualified for the job. It’s fascinating if others would take the time to appreciate it.

You find yourself frequently walking around the exhibit during your breaks from the crying kids begging for souvenirs and the complaining parents. Something inside of you tells you it’s your duty to make sure at least one person appreciates the exhibit to its full potential each day you work.

It’s a fairly crowded day for the middle of the week. During your break, you come across the stage where each of the Howling Commandos’ uniforms are on display, and become strikingly confused as the Captain America suit has been taken off display, given that it’s usually the most popular photo opportunity for guests. Instead, it leaves an empty space, surrounded by the other suits used by the Commandos.

You look over to the man’s uniform to the right and recognize it as James Barnes’ uniform, who was Steve Rogers’ best friend, and the one history would know as the only Commando to give his life during the war. You smile, wondering if he would still be around today to greet his friend had he not fallen to his death on the train seventy years ago.

After a few moments, you turn and make your way to the exhibit where James Barnes is memorialized, explaining how he and Steve Rogers became friends and repeating the same speech of ‘best friends since childhood’ that you’ve heard a thousand times over.

When you approach the memorial, you notice a man with shaggy hair and a ball cap staring at the image of James Barnes.

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“Loving myself was freeing in so many ways. I was able to cut all of the people out of my life who didn’t support me and surround myself only with those who loved me and appreciated me for who I am. I started expressing myself creatively, which led me to clothing designers who wanted to dress me. I went to the gym and became active. And then, I met a man who thought I was beautiful in every way and now we are engaged to be married.”

Imagine Jerome posing as a substitute teacher...

Your teacher was late which for him was strange. He was a very old fashioned teacher and believe strongly in being punctual. Suddenly the classroom door burst open and entering the room was a tall redheaded man.

?: Goooood morning! My name is Mr. Valeska and I’ll be taking the class today as your usual teacher will be…absent.

This man…he seemed quite young even for a substitute teacher but they way he said the last part and that grin. He was very unnerving.

Mr. Valeska: So! What have we here…*picks up a random note from the teacher’s desk*

Mr. Valeska: Ah, biology! Hmm…lets see…well…

The class was pretty baffled by Mr. Valeska to say the least and if possible he took another turn…

Mr. Valeska: And!

He exclaimed while first pointing to the neck of a life size model skeleton.

Mr. Valeska: Here.

The he pointed to the chest area of the skeleton.

Mr. Valeska: and here; are good places to kill someone…

Suddenly a guy in your class stands up and started shouting at Mr. Valeska…

“You’re crazy! Insane! Is this meant to be some sort of jok-”

He was interrupted by Mr. Valeska and in a way no one thought…

A loud bang made a a few people scream and tense…not daring to move in case they met with the same fate as their classmate.

Mr. Valeska: Now…in here…I’m the boss. Unlike most subsitutes, I’m not a push over.


Hot Toys Batman vs Superman LIFE-SIZE VERSIONS

Hot Toys, normally known for their smaller figures, outdid themselves at a mall event in Hong Kong this week by building life-size models of Batman, the Batmobile, Superman and Wonder Woman, all from the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.

Each model is actually a giant version of a Batman vs Superman figure that Hot Toys will be selling; the fidelity in these full-size editions shows just how damn good their scanning tech and sculpting abilities are.(x)

The bizarre, bird-like dinosaur Microraptor gui appears to have four wings: both its front and back limbs were feathered. And those rear leg feathers weren’t just decorative; they show adaptations for flight. But could this creature really fly? Probably not far under its own power. But it might have glided down from trees, perhaps even flapping its front limbs.

To learn how Microraptor gui might have used its two sets of feathered limbs, scientists tested models in wind tunnels. The results suggested Microraptor may have adopted a position with its back legs splayed apart to form a second airfoil, like an early biplane. Some birds, in fact, may have followed an evolutionary path similar to what we see in airplane design: as the primary wings improved over time, a second set became unnecessary.

See a fossil cast and life-sized model of Microraptor gui, along many other dinosaurs and early birds, at Dinosaurs Among Us, now on view!

Image: Zhao Chuang; courtesy of Peking Natural Science Organization

T-Rex Delivered To Museum Of Science 1972

A life-sized fiberglass model of a Tyrannosaurus rex arrives at Museum of Science in Boston on April 10,1972. The model was transported on a truck from the studios of the New York sculptor to its new home at the museum’s newly constructed West Wing. The John Hancock Tower can be seen under construction across the Charles River. Photo by TED DULLY


The following is a life-size model of the massive heart of a blue whale. It was in exhibit at the LWL museum in 2013. The model was designed to be crawled through and contains a sound system which enables people to hear and feel the whale’s heartbeat.

I wish Bioware could have a convention like Blizzard has with Blizzcon. A few days out of the year when fans could meet voice actors and artists and designers and writers. Musical performances and demonstrations. Life-size models of characters. Competitions in art, cosplay, videos, etc. Sneak peaks. QA sessions. Panels that go in-depth into the lore with the very people who created it. Being surrounded by fans who share that passion for the same games you love. 

Yeah. That’d be nice. 

Uh-oh. You’ve been spotted by an itty-bitty #FossilFriday.

Psittacosaurus mongoliensis (meaning parrot reptile) lived about 107 million years ago, during the Early Cretaceous. 

Dinosaurs hatched from eggs before growing into adults. This skull, among the smallest dinosaur fossils known, is believed to represent a very young Psittacosaurus hatchling, life-sized models of which can be seen below. Note the relatively large eye socket and the short face. As in mammals and in many other dinosaurs, the skull proportions of Psittacosaurus changed as the hatchlings matured: the relative size of the eyes and brain decreased, and the snout lengthened. 

Find this fossil and the life-sized models in the Museum’s Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs