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BTS Reaction ;; Witty Girlfriend

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You weren’t usually very open to telling Jin about the feedback fans gave about you. You were very well aware of the hate some of the fans had, though you opted to concentrate on the positivity and love ARMYs provided. Though once in a while, you would let Jin see what was happening in the privacy of your inbox. He was clearly worried— biting on his bottom lip, constantly flickering his eyes through the various lines of exclamations, though it was amusing how bothered he was whereas you couldn’t care less.

Though, he started laughing in the next moment which prompted you to pay more attention to what he had found. He was laughing too heavily to answer your inquires so he just showed you the screen and thread which he had opened.

‘You know, you’re so bitchy, I just hope you go fuck yourself!’ It read, but your reply put it to absolute shame.

‘No, thank you. I have Jin for that.’ You laughed quietly, blushing at the realization of Jin having read that, yet he didn’t mind it much, or so it seemed with him doubling over from laughter.

“I didn’t expect anything less from you… Come over here, let me show them that you have me for that.”

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Yoongi knew that you were witty; of course, he never doubted that you’d be completely good on your own. He wasn’t one to stress about it, and you weren’t one for it either— you were there for him, not to abandon him after a comment or two from a fan whom was a mere stranger to you. It was ridiculous, really, so you rather had fun with whatever came your way than be embarrassed and shocked by it. Though, when he found you laughing to your phone screen one afternoon, he couldn’t help his curiosity.

He grabbed your phone without question, and he gave the screen a lazy glance, enough to read through the few lines that were crucial for the matter, ‘How the fuck do you even have a boyfriend with that body of yours?’

‘Obviously, he likes it enough to show me, and you seem pretty fond of it too if your comments are only about it. (:’

He snorted, putting the device down to pull you closer to him, pecking your lips all whilst he was smiling. He was proud of you.

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He always made sure not to leave you in a situation too uncomfortable. Hoseok is the type that would hate himself if any harm was done to you—be it physical or verbal, so he would be pretty cautious whenever he was with you in public or whenever anything with the two of you in context was published online. Though, he never thought that instead of some supposed fans attacking that it’d be a random man in the middle of your walk together. He was just getting ice cream for the two of you, leaving you on the bench (which you both claimed) for a couple of minutes.

He saw a man approaching you, almost sitting down next to you, and Hoseok immediately started power walking with two ice cream cones in his grip. He arrived just in time to hear a part of the conversation—probably the most important part of it.

“Need a hand there, honey?” You barely even glanced the man’s way, smiling at Hoseok whom was approaching, “No, thanks, I have my boyfriend for that,” ultimately, you blushed at your bold statement but it was enough to make the man leave you alone with Hoseok. And Hoseok pulled you in for a long, passionate kiss because his chest was swelling with happiness, and he couldn’t help himself.

“That’s my girl.”

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It never happened before, and neither were you scared of getting any kind of messages from others; so Namjoon never gave it a second thought when he made your relationship public. He was too busy being happy with you to think of the consequences, else he would be the worried boy that he is. In a sense, it was highly irresponsible from him, and he only realized it when it did start happening. Though, you barely opened your Twitter aside from viewing the boys’ tweets.

He had a laugh, though. When he opened the aforementioned app, and saw a tweet of your own for the public display. You were replying to another user; Namjoon was initially scared of what had happened, worrying that it would be the same as it was with Wale and fans pushing him away. ‘Damn, @Y/U/N should learn her place smh who the fuck is gonna be there for her when she’s such a bitch?’

‘I don’t need no one else except my bf, duh.’ He was beyond pleased with your reply, and he was even tempted to retweet—though, he’d need permission for that. He made sure to show you just how happy he was the moment he saw you.

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Jimin’s schedule finally settled, and he decided to spend every single second of his free time with you. It involved in staying in till late in bed, eating lunch together, and spending nights going on dates when his face was mostly hidden from the crowd. He was feeling quite content in the peace, knowing that no one could recognize him and ruin the intimacy between the two of you—except that people could recognize you.

It wasn’t a fan, and yet the two of you wished that it was. The mood ruiner was your ex boyfriend, smiling smugly at you. You were the one to break up with him cause he is, for the lack of better word, an asshole. Though, even after the relationship he took every chance he could get to ruin your life.

“Hey, babe. You know that story about girls always going for their ex? Seeing as I’m your only one, how about it?” At his words, you turn to Jimin with the sweetest smile possible when he tried getting up to his feet to, probably, punch the guy, “Jimin, I’m breaking up with you.”

To that, both of the males were extremely confused, though you were kissing Jimin in the next moment, “Okay, I got back with my ex now, the story is true. Too bad you’re not that ex. Goodbye,” you waved the guy off, and Jimin finally started laughing, squeezing your hand tightly.

“I cannot believe you just did that…”

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To some fortune, the fans seemed to love you. Taehyung was quite glad that you were accepted because he wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t—sure, he’d be pretty upset but those fans also supported them in a sense, and he would be torn to just not accept them as fans. It was complicated to lead this life, but all’s well that ends well. Though, the strangest of things can happen even when people love you. Specifically, it had to be when you were suddenly approached by a fan—a male fan of theirs and, seemingly, yours.

“(Y/n)! Oh my god, it’s (Y/n)!” You both were dumbstruck, to say the least. You looked at the fan with a confused expression, managing to stutter out a decent reply to which the boy nodded, obviously beyond happy that you were talking to him. Taehyung squeezed your hand a bit tighter, afraid of what might happen.

“(Y/n), can I please be your Oppa?” Yes, you were quite mortified, though not as much as your boyfriend next to you. You smiled sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before replying, “I’m sorry, but I already have my Oppa with me, right here.” You grinned, holding up your intertwined hands. The fan left with a good laugh, but Taehyung was blushing furiously—as were you.

“That was… eventful.” He chuckled.

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He was pretty shy about the relationship—yes, he was proud and the happiest, but whenever it came up in a regular conversation or, God forbid, in an interview or fan meeting, he really didn’t know what to say. Not that he didn’t have anything to say, but simply he wasn’t the type to exclaim his happiness and love, so he only blushed and smiled at the mention of you. Though, when you were present in an interview with him—exclusively they needed you, and you couldn’t deny that request seeing as you didn’t have a lawyer or agency behind your back.

Though, he knew that the interview was a bust the moment they started rolling in messages from the ARMYs and, inevitably, fans whom had a knack for hating. Specifically, a message came up directed towards you which the staff didn’t view properly—and, of course, it wasn’t the kindest of message.

“(Y/n) should learn her place, probably get owned for all her shit! lmao what makes her better than me????” The interviewer read with a nervous chuckle, about to comment how you needn’t reply to the fan.

“Don’t worry, Jungkook keeps me in place just right,” you winked suggestively at the camera, “Nothing makes me better than you, you are the only one thinking that.” The interviewer and Jungkook both were stunned, but the guy laughed in the next moment relieving the tension, and Jungkook was smiling.

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That's Definitely a Knife - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon asks: “Person A: Is that a knife in your shoulder? Person B: Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you ;) Person A: Nope, that’s a knife Person B: But I am happy to see you With Jason as person B”

Warnings: swearing, Jason doing his usual Red Hood murder business

a/n: Why yes, I did shamelessly promo one of my favorite OC reader inserts in this (and yes, I am completely aware of the fact that “reader insert” and “OC” are contradictory, it’s killing me inside) so there’s a little taste of Calico’s personality when she’s in her anti-hero persona. If you don’t like this anon, I can re-write it! I hope you like it though :)

“So what exactly is our plan here, handsome?” You ask your boyfriend Jason, as you survey one of Black Mask’s warehouses. “Go in, kill them all, and call it a night?” Jason offers, looking at you for approval. “Well, you can do the killing and I’ll snag some of Sionis’ money on the way out, m’kay?” You respond, snapping your whip against the ground. “Alright Calico, let’s go.” Jason orders. Splitting up, you take to the underground grates, while Jason decides he may as well just walk in through the front door.

Crawling through the grates to gain access to the warehouse, you already hear the sound of gunshots and dumbass goons trying to be intimidating. Right under their feet, you wait for the perfect opportunity to pop out. And that opportunity does come.

“Who’s gonna come and save ya now, freak!” One of Black Mask’s goons taunts. Launching yourself out from the grate, you stun the guy by whipping him, then proceed to knocking him out by kicking him in the face twice, a move you liked to call “Cartwheeling Criminals”. “Well, little ol’ me is here to save the big, bad, Bucket-Head.” You quip, before taking down two more goons.

“And who said I needed saving, sweetheart?” Jason inquired, as he launched himself over a guy, then shot him in the back of the head. Without either of you noticing, one of the goons had grabbed a gun, and was pointing it at Jason. Just as he was going to pull the trigger, you whipped it from his hands, kicked him to the ground, and knocked him out by smashing the gun in his face.

“Well Red, without my miraculous timing you’d have a hole through your skull, or maybe three, or four.” You say, sarcasm dripping off your tongue like venomous honey. You couldn’t see him, obviously, but you could almost feel Jason rolling his eyes at you.

There were only 3 out of 32 henchmen left, well, make that 2, Jason just shot one of them. One of the last two grabbed you from behind, unknowingly allowing you to use one of your most infamous moves, one that always happened to work on weak-minded men. Turning your face and grabbing the guy’s head by his hair, you distracted him with the thought of a kiss, just before elbowing him in the stomach, kicking him in the face, and finally knocking him out with a claw infused punch.

There was only one guy left, who was currently armed with a knife. He attempted to cut you first, swinging the knife around like a complete idiot. Of course, you dodged it, flipped yourself on to your hands, and kicked him with both feet towards Jason. “All yours, handsome.” You remark, watching as Jason snaps the guys neck. “Fuck, he’s gonna feel that in the morning.” Jay comments, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. “On the contrary, baby if he’s lucky, I don’t think he’ll be feeling anything from the neck down again. Ever.” You say, as you walk towards a small safe in the corner of the room.

Pulling out the tools you need to crack it, you place them up against the safe, listening for the small tick sounds that signal the correct parts of the combination lock. Unlocking the safe, you face some major disappointment. There wasn’t a damn drop of anything useful in it. Hell, there wasn’t anything in it at all.

“Goddamn you Sionis! I needed that fucking money, you irritating masked fucker.” You yell out, nerves completed agitated. “There’s nothing in here…” You begin to rant to Jason, but trail off as you see a literal knife in his shoulder. That had to have happened when with the last guy who was swinging the weapon around like a dumbass.

“Is that a knife in your shoulder?” You rhetorically ask Jason, pointing a clawed finger at his shoulder and the knife imbedded in it. Taking off his helmet and tucking it under his arm, Jay looks down at his shoulder, then to you, then back at his shoulder, and finally back at you.

“Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you?” He replies, suggestively raising one eyebrow in the process. You were just completely bamboozled. How could this man be making suggestive comments while having an actual knife in his shoulder? But then you remembered, it’s Jason, why wouldn’t he be doing that? But at least make suggestive comments that actually make some sense, c’mon.

“I, how would that even? Your shoulder isn’t even close to…Nope, you know what that is definitely a knife.” You ramble, before pointing out the obvious.

“But I am happy to see you.” Jason says, a small smile on his face. You just sigh, shaking your head as you walk over to him. Your hands drift over the handle of the knife, e/c eyes wandering to look up at your lover’s blue ones, silently asking him what he wanted you to do. “Oh god, just pull it.” Jason decides, taking in a deep breath, preparing to have the knife pulled out.

“Okay, um, I’ll do it on three. One, two…three!” You count down, yanking the knife from his shoulder on three, just like you said you would. “Holy fucking Oedipus!” Jason groans, grabbing at his shoulder while you clean the knife of his DNA.

“Wow, that one’s new. I must admit, I admire your strength for replacing ‘motherfucker’ with Oedipus, even if it does confirm you’re a damn nerd. Oh my god, imagine telling Bruce ‘Holy fucking Oedipus, Batman’. I’d pay to see his face if you did that, and we both know I don’t pay…for anything.” You chuckle, admiring how obscenely hilarious your boyfriend can be. And you also admire how damn dramatic he can be. Jason is currently lying on the ground, purposely rolling his eyes to the back of his head, and listing off his “death wishes”.

“Please, after I die of this excruciating pain, take me to pit. I’ll only come back 12% more murderous than before.” Jason proclaims, rolling around on the floor of the warehouse. “You’re a drama queen of mass proportions, Todd. Get the hell up, you’re just giving me more stains to take out of that damned leather jacket.” You joke, yanking Jason to his feet.

“So uncaring and cold, what’s become of you Y/N? What has this life turned you into?” Jason yells out, mock hurt crossing his face. “Boy, you could get a fucking Oscar with dramatics like that, I swear.” You laugh, whilst the two of you walk to your nearby safehouse, to rest for the night and to patch each other up.

“Listen, I almost performed in Hamlet once.”
“Yeah, I know, that’s one of your main reasons to hate Bruce. He yanked you from Hamlet at the last minute.”

“Don’t act like it’s some minor occurrence. It ruined my life babe, I died 6 months after that.“

“I doubt being pulled from Hamlet caused your death.”
“It did! That’s why I was so rash and irresponsible.”
“So you finally admit it, you’re rash and irresponsible?”