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……………….i fixed so many things in photoshop and there’s still SO MANY PROBLEMS, why is pen so hard why did mike turn out so sleazy-looking on the first page HELP

Sci-fi/space mercenary AU for the soul AKA i should probably translate this but then y’all would know how bad the dialogue is


Reblog if you don't know if you're ready for SHINee's new (possible) comeback:
  • I’m afraid of poverty
  • I’m afraid of heart attacks
  • I don’t like drooling all over the place because that would mean cleaning and cleaning usually takes more time than one anticipates and thus takes time away from fangirling
  • I don’t want to love someone unattainable (you-know-who)
  • I don’t have the strength to fangirl
  • I’m old
  • I’m an MVP

Happy Birthday to the one and only, 송지효!
Thank you for bringing me so many smiles and laughs these past two years!
I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to admire and be an avid fan of…
May you celebrate many, many birthdays more and stay beautiful inside and out…
With that said, I present to you the 12 shades of 송지효

anonymous asked:

Hello, lovely blog runners! I have a question for you... I saw Only Lovers Left Alive the other day, and the scene where Adam was playing the violin... Do you happen to know if Tom was actually playing the runs? I know in most things, the actors just fake it over a track of a pro playing, but... Was the merry life ruiner truly playing the runs, or am I gonna cry from despair due to him not really playing the violin? Also, side note, your blog is lovely and thank you so much for having the blog<3

Hello, dear!

He said that he did learn the violin and the lute for the film, according to this article. I don’t know if it was him actually playing those runs, or if he learned so he could get the fingering down properly and a track was played over it. 

All I know is it was…thrilling to watch his fingers glide over the fingerboard. Sigh.

- Mona