Ariana Alphabet: Activism

[Tyler Ford on Ariana] I wrote about this for Rookie. When I first went off hormones and didn’t know where I stood gender-wise and was trying to figure myself out, I was living with Ari and was spending everyday with her, 24/7. She was always the first person to just be like, “All right, you do you. I love you, and I still think you’re the most amazing person, no matter who you are, even if you don’t know what pronouns you’re going to settle on.” Every day, she would ask me, “How are you doing, now that you’re off hormones? Do you feel OK? What pronouns are you feeling today? What pronouns do you want me to use?” Even though I was struggling with who I was, I always felt comfortable with her, even if I didn’t feel comfortable with myself or anyone else.


[On impersonations] I’m an idiot when we’re home. I’m like the clown. I entertain all my friends and there’s so many voices that we do, my friends and I are always coming up with new characters. It’s our entertainment! We’re not big partyers, my friends and I. We’re really just sort of like nerds. We’re like theatre nerds.