The Signs As "PILLOWTALK" Lyrics:
  • Aries:In the bed all day...fuckin and fightin on
  • Taurus:Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us. Bodies together
  • Gemini:A place that is so pure, dirty and raw
  • Cancer:I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
  • Leo:I'd love to hold you close, tonight and always
  • Virgo:Climb on board. We'll go slow and high tempo.
  • Libra:Prisoners, then we're free. It's a thriller
  • Scorpio:So we'll piss off the neighbors in a place that feels your tears
  • Sagittarius:It's a paradise and it's a war zone
  • Capricorn:Pillow talk: my enemy, my ally
  • Aquarius:A place to lose your fears. Yeah, reckless behavior
  • Pisces:Light and dark: hold me hard and mellow
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Day 1 » A character from your current favorite fandom

Guren Ichinose Owari no Seraph


Guren Ichinose or Ginoza Nobuchika » asked by miyamuuras
Tooru Yukimura or Guren Ichinose » asked by kurorie
Shoichi Imayoshi or Guren Ichinose » asked by chimywongwong