life prayer

Please keep me in your prayers or thoughts if you would?
I have an opportunity to move out of my parent’s house and into an apartment with my best friend, another close friend and one other girl. My therapist thinks it’s a great idea and it would be a really nice setup- we seem well suited temperamentally, the rent is very reasonable with 4 of us, and it would give me some independence and much needed distance from my mother.
The only thing is that with my current job finances would be very tight and also just… ANXIETY.
Please just pray that I can have right judgement and peace in my decisions and that I can get a good job this summer because that would make a huge difference for me. But mostly the mental peace would be great. Thanks y'all for reading :)

Lord, teach me how to control the waves when the sea of my life leaves me gasping for air. Help me to speak truth and light over myself when darkness wraps around me like a blanket. Call me to the boat when I forget that the shore, Your shore, is the safest place for me.
—  a.k. | A Modern Peter
Urgent prayer request

Please pray for a girl Katie whose mother is forcing her to have an abortion. She said she will have nothing to do with her again if she doesn’t. She has all booked for this Friday.
The girl is in her early 20s. Its a dreadful situation.
Please storm heaven and ask anyone you know to pray.

Honor your own light,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Love your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Vibrate higher your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Be a better person your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪May what you desire to see in‬ others,
‪start within you—first. ‬

– Lalah Delia