life poet

It’s a tragically beautiful thing, don’t you think,
to have somebody to miss.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 61
“Cross country”
suddenly i opened my eyes
and there you were.
sea glass and ocean breath
shimmering in moonlight.
everything about you burns
like stars
twinkling in my palms.
being with you is alive.
it’s driving through cities at night
when the world is asleep.
you are waking up.
and i wish every moment
could be that.
i crave it.
i crave it.
i crave it.
the night fog whispers,
that it breaks.
so easily.
but i say let it.
let those stars burst open
and i will sprinkle the dust.
i will throw it
so high it grazes the clouds.
that stardust will rain back down
and i’ll breathe it in,
breathe you in.
for you are a magic
that never fades.
—  midnight dreaming // @nirvanaexplosions
Going nowhere

Blind love or nothing like love at all
Crest of the fallen into nowhere land
This life is a strange embrace of curiosity
Jumped to lucid days flowing into my daze

Vivid life leading to something beautiful
Doing something having more than this
More loving and enough chattering People are insane with untamed reason

To take a moment snapped with eyes
But where to go with no love to lose tonight
To be great to be a movement to be understood
Criminal lies with youthful contrived vindication

Advance to be more than yourself
In a black night to be infamously revolutionary
It can be simple with just a simple dream
I with I is nothing but divine eye in the sky

I’ll save some up for later.
I am at my weakest, but I’ll let go
Because there is so much pain for tomorrow.
I am sad, sadder than yesterday
But I’ll save up for happy days.
I am more in love but I won’t be saving up
Yet I choose to save myself up.
I’ll save some up, and I’ll save myself too.
—  her (MIS) a little for tomorrow
The wind whipped her black hair around, assaulting her face and eyes. Her voice was barely distinguishable over the raging weather around her.
“It’s sad. It really is sad. How many people fall in love with me.” The person across from her was blurry, from tears or rain, it wasn’t clear. They were all the same anyway, their love all just ran together, no matter who it was.
“They all think I’m so sweet and so funny. They fail to see me. Whoever you are, don’t get any closer. Let the water carry you away, it’s safer where you are. For I will hurt you just as I hurt everyone else. I’ll be convinced of a galaxy within you and I’ll break you apart trying to find it. And when I realize you’re nothing more than a mere person, I’ll leave you with the mess.” Her sad laugh tinkled throughout the air. Her words crackled like lightning and they could all hear her holding back her sobs.
“Please, I’m begging you, don’t fall in love. Stay away from me.”
—  Alexandra Joan Alexander
At times, she was an earthquake, shaking the ground of others around her. 
At other times she was a tsunami, people didn’t always see her coming yet they definitely felt her presence.
But she was always a mountain, she refused to be unseen, small and forgotten.
—  Natural disaster 

“When I was 16, when a boy first made my heart skip a beat. I didn’t yet recognize the fluttering of my heart as words. 

When I was 17, when I fell so, so low. I almost drowned on all the lonely space I was left with. I told stories to myself to ease the silence. 

When I was 18, when I conquered the world. I rescued the little story teller within me, and finally, finally found my voice.”

- When did I become a writer?

m.c. - m’s thoughts

Απ’ όλους τους ανθρώπους που θα μπορούσα να έχω

Είσαι εσύ,

είσαι ακόμα εσύ,

ήσουν πάντα εσύ

και πάντα θα είσαι εσύ

η εξωφρενική και αξιολύπητη αγάπη μου

σ’ αυτή τη γαμημένη ζωή.

 -Τσιλιώνης Απόστολος-

11. The Ninja With the Pipe

Shout out to all my fire exes
I’m still the one that’s reckless
I’m still the one that’s expected
To always be on my next shit
Never worry about the past
All eyes on the next shift
Ooh she thought she could make me wait
But her interest I use as bait
Cuz girls love taken men
And I love and enjoy the chase
Then I catch all eyes on my place
Weak men cannot keep up with my pace
Why must I care about the hate
That’s something that now makes me feel great
In wonderland, I’m going as crazy as eights
I split them up and got two faces
Hit them up like I’m Pac in this new matrix
Can’t show my cards, it’ll end the greatness
My mysteriousness lubes up where below the waist is
Stupid ones don’t understand my basis
Geniuses wonder why I’m being so blatant
Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught
Even if I was, I could not be stopped
I love to play chess with the opps
While also rule breaking to evade cops
Learning the game so heads don’t need to be paid off
Even inside the rules I can slay y'all
Wasn’t that supposed to be how I was controlled
But you would never step onto my road
You could never compete in my lane
How serious can you really take a game
How much can I paint with this pain…

I’m drowning into tears
that i couldn’t breathe anymore

All those stupid stuffs
means nothing to you

My heart is bleeding
it’s full of bruises

I lose the game.
You won.