life poems

Happy Poem (By James Fiddy)

The skies could be alluminated by super novas
Bombarding your eyes with neon blasts until our lives are over.
The skies could be invaded by the northern lights
Brightening the sky like it’s day time but at night.
The skies could be inhabited by thousands of nearby planets
With life thriving in the lands and only a single day journey by rockets.

All of this could happen but nothing would distract me from your beauty.

Just wanna blow my brains out..

Too much pain has been let out…

What’s the point of a heart…

You need a heart?

You can have mines,
I mean it’s just a hole now,
But I heard that it’s the thought
That counts…

Oh you don’t take holely hearts?
Not even for a discount?

“Does it even still pump?”

I don’t know,
I only notice a heart beat when
High or drunk…

I only feel alive when I’m either
High or drunk,
“And the rest of the time?”
I feel dead inside…

—  JihbazFubyok

Hearts of gold, hearts of silver,
some are homes,
some presents to be gifted.

Wooden hearts, catching fire,
or fragile crystal ones,
breaking easily.

Hearts are rarely alike,
and there’s
so many to give, want, or need.

What suits you might not suit me.

I never understood why people
would like to alter their hearts,
its shape,
form, or composition,
to better fit another’s depiction
of love,
and let them validate
its existence.

Why would we crave recognition
from people resonating on
an entirely different

Love soft, hard, fragile or bold,
but most of all, love genuinely.

Genuine hearts - M.A. Tempels © 2016

She Is Gone

Gray freckles,
blotched on a bedazzling
A celestial body
that is a reflection of the sun.
Quirky evanescence,
gripped by the dark through an eclipse.
Left are some dazzling stars,
resonating the fruit from ethereal lips.

Godlike strawberry kisses,
that trailed the earth.
Loafing Breadwinner’s
are given birth.

But at first,

there was the land,
this satellite would speak truth
to man in the night.
Then the masculine and feminine
stardust grew into fights.
Disappointed and dim,
foisted inferiority by offsprings,
ridiculed and scorned,
Now to show half
or completely move out of sight

She is gone.


(Poetry challenge day 10 - write about the moon)

I want to live inside of a grey moment.
When the clouds seem to touch the ground and every tree in view is dead and motionless.

This is what I am used to.

See I was born on a white day. Lacking and cold; no sun found a way into me.
So I filled my hands up with empty and that empty eventually moved way into my chest.
I was five the first time I realized I was lonely.
I had to raise myself through terrible things.

I am not blaming others for the way I am.
I know that if I had been a better child,
maybe a prism of colors would flow from me.
I know that if I had been more laughter and less
No talk
Stay in my room
Please do not come near me,
Maybe I would not choke every time spring comes around.

But my shaky body cannot push out anything but crows wings and dark silhouettes of a self long forgotten.

—  So now winter is almost over and I fear how my bones will break this time. I fear how my heart will shrink this time.

Stupid, naive, wanting your love
Hoping you’d handle me with white glove
But, all you do is make one more hole
With my naivety, which you had stole
Laugh all you want, hold your head high
For me you won’t get with another white lie
Think you have won the game with my kiss
Here comes the day when me you will miss
Go prance around and brag to your friends
As I disappear through mountains of sand

© 2015MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

I heard you speaking to your mom about your future 15 years from now, and I was never a part of it. When your mom asked me about mine, I almost said your name. But it didn’t matter anyways.
—  You are everything in my world, and I’m nothing in yours. // R.K