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Writing meticulously planned notes on the board, the grad student grumbles as a disinterested undergrad nonchalantly takes a picture.

Just heard from the last positions out of state, and it looks like we are staying in Delaware for the foreseeable future! Right now the plan is to finish up and defend my dissertation in the next few months and hold onto the graduation paperwork until a job comes through. I’m waiting to hear if I can teach at UD, but I’m also applying to some local/remote work positions.

For those not in academia, you should know that this is fairly normal. To get THE job before you actually finish, the first year you apply to things, is very very difficult. This is pretty par for the course, and I knew it going in. Oftentimes the search process can take 2-3 years before you find something. A permanent position can take even longer to find!

My first year on the job market went super well! Interviews at 6 different institutions, short-listed for a tenure track position and a post doc. I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful scholars/future collaborators, and I’ve learned a lot about the kind of linguist I am and want to be! Now to finish up this full draft of the dissertation and get those publication numbers up for the next year of applications.

Princess Turandot’s Language Goals

So, I’ve been planning my life a bit and this is what has come out of my general language goals (for my LIFE, not 2017, don’t take me wrong hahaha):

mastery (C1-C2) in

1. Spanish (native language, already mastered, but I like to add it to the list)
2. English (I’m preparing for C1-C2 exam and plan to take it next year)
3. German (I’m currently struggling between B2 and C1, will take me some years)
4. Russian (I’m a beginner but can already read Harry Potter translated, so I’m doing well)
5. French (I’m A2-B1, very uneven skills, and I plan to slowly polish it up and digest new grammar)

fluency (i’d define it as a B2, but a very solid B1 can do too)

1. Italian (I have also very uneven and unpracticed skills here, A2 in reading and B1 in listening maybe, A1 in speaking… I never learnt it formally so I don’t really have an idea of how much I know. I do understand A LOT, though, written and orally)
2. Norwegian (I’m a total beginner but with the help of German and English I do pretty well with reading comprehension. Very long term goal, as pronunciation seems impossible)
3. Dutch (Maybe I’ll move it down to ‘basic skills’, but I think this is pretty achievable if I am really interested, BUT I don’t want it to mess up my German, Norwegian and English skills hahaha)

basic skills (around A2 and maybe B1)

1. isiXhosa (come on, that language is so interesting and will be such a challenge. I know virtually nothing about it)
2. Hungarian (I know a bit of vocabulary and grammar, and it will be also a challenge as it is another non-Indoeuropean language)
3. Polish (I’m a 0 in Polish but I’ll have Russian to help me. @ambitiousstudyaddict made me want to learn it)
4. Guaraní (Also, I know only a few words but I’m really interested in the language and plan to take classes next semester / next year. I already have dictionaries)

and finally

reading skills (it would be B1 reading skills but A0 skills in everything else, basically)

1. Latin (will take it next year at uni and I have already three romance languages in my pocket. And I know Harry Potter spells, that counts, right???)
2. Ancient Greek (will be taking classes next semester at uni. Maybe I will learn Modern Greek after it)
3. Japanese (I’m sort of getting interested in it but I don’t think I will be able to learn it in order to speak it / understand what I hear, so I will just take the written part)

Just left seeing “Leap!” with my three kids and we all agreed that it was under-written enough to inspire a lot of fan fiction; the kids were focused on Felicie’s backstory while I (of course) was drawn to Odette’s collapse, failed career, and her relationship with Merante. My 6 year old volunteered she might end up writing 3 100-200 page books about the movie when she is a grown-up. 

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