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Almost every house in my neighourhood has flowers at its front door; now – in early spring – particularly colourful. It’s fun to observe the different displays and the ever-changing offerings. PS: Many of the dwellings in this old shitamachi area are a combination of shop / business plus home. There is no space between the building and the street: the only separation between private and public is a sliding (often glass) door. Plus a few pot plants. :)


ive never posted pics of myself before on here (or like ever) but these two are legit my favourite pics ever taken of me because they got that vibe of victorian paintings of an aristocrat who drinks a lot of wine and lives by the sea and maybe is a murderer and honestly that’s the aesthetic i aspire to get one day


Grimoire Prompt Six - Make an Expandable Page

Already time for Grimoire prompt number six! This prompt is about an expandable pages. Expandable pages are fun and I feel super witchy when I unfold them. I decided to do a ‘quartych’ (like a triptych plus one extra panel!) with the four phases of the Goddess: the Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone.

This is how it looks when the pages are non-expanded. The pretty paper is a fabric paper with golden glittery swirls that I glued onto the outside of the quartych. 

Partly unfolded in both directions. 

And here are some images of each panel in a closeup! Which means they are actually bigger on the monitor than in real life, so hence slightly pixely. 

The Maiden

The Lover

The Mother

The Crone

You can of course make an expandable page with anything. The reason for it is to dare to step out of the confines of just sticking to the page. The Grimoire is a place of development, and if you need to go outside the edge of the page to do so, make it expandable! 

I’d love to see your results, so please share! Post the results, and show me how it goes! I’ll track the tag ‘scandi-priestess’ to keep an eye out!


Today when I went down to the basement I saw a salamander in one of the window wells and like the soft nerd I am I couldn’t leave it there to die. Then I looked in the other window well and found more friends (including that huge salamander in the second picture). I released them by the pond across the street so hopefully they’ll stay out of trouble now.
Not pictured: a baby tree frog I also found that I put in a tree soon after I caught it so the other guys wouldn’t eat it.

Interviewer: You are constantly hounded by the paparazzi …

Kristen: It’s painful when it has an impact on my life there, it makes me crazy! For the rest, everything that comes out about my private life is so distorted that I see as a kind of comic version of my real life, and I have no control over that….

From a new Le Parisien article, this quote says it all. Kristen proves once again that the narratives about her private life based on pap pix is BULLSHIT!