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This is the start of week 5 with Zoe! The name “Zoe” is Greek in origin and it means LIFE, Let’s just say it is a befitting name for her, she is FULL of life! The biggest changes this week are physical ones, she is going through a growth spurt.. Her legs are long compared to her body and her ears are to big for her head. Her puppy fur is disappearing quickly and “big dog” fur is taking it’s place. Her little black spots on her nose are getting bigger, and at some point with merge giving her a black muzzle.. She is growing and changing quickly.. One thing that has REALLY come to the forefront is her guarding instinct, no sound or noise escapes her, and for a puppy, she has a pretty intense, deep bark/growl!  At 13 weeks old she knows.. sit, stay, come, down,speak, sit up, do circles, leave it, get it, fetch, and is 100% house trained with no accident, she goes to the door and barks when she wants to go out.. She really is a smashing little girl, and I’m so pleased with how she is coming along!!

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