life phases

I feel like an NPC character when...

I’m on register at work:
~waits patiently behind counter with absent smile until a customer walks close enough and/or shows necessary amount of interest
~has a set script of prompts in my head to follow during transactions
~cheerful yet non-descript customer service voice and can repeat same exact tone infinitely.
~breaking from prompts or skipping through parts may cause minor glitches, such as accidentally repeating the same prompt again or completely skipping necessary ones
~absentmindedly tends to my area using the same five or so actions in a continuous loop until new person arrives
~Abnormally knowledgeable in my craft
~wears same outfit every day
~Nothing unusual phases me
~walking away and coming back is like a brand new interaction. I have little to no memory of you


2017 Moon Phase Calendar by Christy Nyboer

Artist Christy Nyboer has illustrated a stunning calendar which chronicles the phases of the moon. Scientific, contemporary and beautiful, the calendar comes in three different colors, which is handmade. You can find it over on the Etsy shop Little Lark.

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Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

Love does not conquer all. If you spend too much of your twenties hating yourself, if you fail to learn the art of self-preservation, you will begin to break. It’s that simple
—  Ryan O'ConnellI’m In The Old Phase Of Being Young And The Young Phase Of Being Old

Hey my witches! Just thought I should let you know that on the 14th of November 2016 (15th for Australia), there will be a supermoon.

This is the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1948. It’s best to get a look at it whilst it is near the horizon that’s when the “moon illusion” sits in and looks massive.

I’m definitely taking this time to do a major cleanse on everything I own because this supermoon won’t happen again until at least 2034.

Happy living!

Season 3 Tsukishima Kei Moon Phrases Project

The starting of Tsukishima Kei life like the moon phase 

new moon - Tsukkishima Kei’s born

waning gibbous - Child!Kei and his brother,Akiteru

third quarter - kid!Kei meet Yamaguchi

waning crescent

 - Kei and Yamaguchi are friend

-Kei had been proud when his brother get to enter Karasuno and play volleyball

new moon - The truth unravel as Kei’s discover about his brother’s lie.

waxing crescent - Kei’s in high school joined tha Karasuno’s volleyball club and meet some new people 

first quarter 

- Practice match with Nekoma and Fukurodani and learned some useful thing

”Volleyball is just a club,”-Kei

“But once that moment arrives for you,that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball,”-Bokuto

waxing gibbous 

- Before the Spring High-Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs,Akiteru gave Kei’s a sport glasses

-Yamaguchi improved into a better Pinch Server 

Full moon - Kei block Ushijima spike 

“I’ve been waiting for this,”-Kei

“But once that moment arrives for you,that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball,”

The full moon rises