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mads dad mikkelsen, jesus christ.

Same. And honestly how dare he wear his Cannes Dad Polo from last year 

again this year

WTF Mikkelsen. 

And to combine it with The Jeans and The Jacket? How. Dare. He. Look at that sunglasses flip. Look at that hair at peak Silver Fox. Never in my life have I seen anyone dad this hard.

It seems we are destined to suffer.

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What if the reason why there are so many fair folk there is because the court wanted to send their fae children to college?

No lie this is a big part of why there’s so many changelings. Half the time in the old stories it was a bit of wood glamoured to look like a child, and the coffin was always lighter than it should have been once the replacement ‘died’. But although the Gentry don’t have families in the way we think of them (how new fae come into being is still a mystery, even to the most devoted students of the Forbidden Major) a lot of them seem interested in putting themselves through school, as the opportunities arise.

(On that note - Imagine one changeling who just keeps. Coming. Back. Like… first it was Greg down the hall who is suddenly much nicer than he ever was and also he speaks in Gaelic when he’s distracted. And then Real Greg comes back, but a few weeks later the music major beside you in Stats 101 is replaced by a nearly identical music major who goes ‘HEY IT’S ME GLEG’ (you couldn’t keep calling him the UnGreg) and looks thrilled to meet you again. And it keeps happening. You become pretty good friends with the changeling over the years, in all their borrowed faces. People who aren’t Involved assume you have a lot of friend-drama because you get really close to some random member of the student body and then suddenly after a few weeks don’t ever speak to them again.)

akihiko has most definitely keeps a cricket farm and gutloads them with the highest protein/calcium diet he can afford. the local pet store figures he owns about 60 lizards. he owns 0. he eats them all himself.


Every time I listen to First Train Home, I honestly have such a visceral reaction to the first few notes. Just takes me right back to that second I was there, in Hogwarts/the Palace Theatre, watching a group of amazing actors bring to life a further instalment of a story that I have been engrossed with since I was 10 years old.

It just got me thinking about how important the music is in this play. We focus on how the actors make us feel, but their portrayal is only half of the story that’s being told. The music somehow manages to take an emotion and make it music that heightens and transforms everything in the play onto another level.

First Train Home just seems to capture the anticipation and excitement that everyone (including the actors I bet) feels right before the play unfolds.

Hide and Seek in the form it takes in the play is so familiar but so different and beautiful, you’re kind of almost in as much awe as Scorpius and Albus are when they’re looking at Hogwarts.

Half Life - Can’t even say words for this. No words. Somehow manages to put actual heartbreak feelings into a song.

Forever grateful to Imogen Heap for lending her talent to this play - it truly would not be the same without her music.




not gonna be living in the street then 

… which, you know, i wouldn’t actually have had to but being broke and not able to afford anything all the time is no fun either

For those of you who were interested, the companion fic to Red’s angst fest is below the cut, in Liz’s perspective. *pulls blanket over head*

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i see bokuto being hc’d as a gryffindor a lot in hp aus which is really great bc i’m gryffindor and can’t complain but please also consider bokuto as a hufflepuff + #1 triwizard contender + potential professional quidditch player candidate, puff qualities aside he would also look good in the yellow house colours and he would live right next to the kitchens? 

Dadster (Chapter 7)

The Great and Wonderful Dr. W.D. Dadster

With the best story title, ever, if he must say so himself.
Clearly it will go down in

An Undertale Fanfiction by: Topaz Shadowwolf
Undertale is owned by: Toby Fox
Rating: Teen for mild cursing, violence and to give me some wiggle room for later down the road
Heads up: Cursing, violence … not all sure, still in development
Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3 Ch 4 Ch 5 Ch 6

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