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Mercury rx 

  • Intensity rating 10/10: Mercury in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo. Sun in Gemini. Sun in Virgo. Mars in Gemini. Mars in Virgo
  • The clever and the chaos becomes a flatline hum. cerebral valium, necessary but frustrating. For people so used to immediately ascertaining mental faculties, they can feel lost in life without the mind 

  • Enlightening: Mercury in Sagittarius: Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign that resides in the higher mind, expanding details into generalizations. Mercury struggles in Sagittarius. But during retrograde the sun shines another torch in the mind, this could be beneficial for tunnelling from the higher mind (Jupiter) into the lower mind (Mercury) harvesting wisdom from both mind frames 

  • Even Weirder Life: Mercury in Aquarius:  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and symbolizes the higher octave of Mercury. So Aquarius can definitely be impaired during Mercury rx, the electrical cords of Aquarius getting tangled in the darkness. Thoughts fizzling out. But the much needed recuperation occurs. They can gravitate toward the tin foil hat 

  • Mercury in Pisces: what? what’s going on? Mercury what? I don’t feel anything???

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what placements can make someone awkward or self-conscious and have a lack of confidence? (btw love your blog Xx)

Capricorn placements, or inner planets in aspect to Saturn. Such as with Venus (social urges) aspecting Saturn one has a hard time relating and connecting with others, or with sun (ego) in aspect with Saturn one has difficulty expressing themselves comfortably with others, which comes off as awkward, and they are generally not confident in themselves due to their constant inner criticism and self-doubt. Saturn in the 10th or 11th makes someone painfully aware of the ways of the public and therefore self-conscious when they’re presented to the public. 

The moon plays a part in public as well, the mass consciousness as Isabel Hickey states, and so an afflicted moon can suggest similar themes; being unable to relate well to others, insecurity and painful self-consciousness. 

Aquarius placements or Uranus contacts may have a feeling of awkwardness, a need for belonging but unable to relate to conventional life. such as with uranus aspecting moon one will not feel like they belong. 

Pisces/12th house placements or neptune aspects can cause low confidence because neptunian energy dilutes and dissolves what it touches. So with the sun, the identity is diluted and thus unclear to others and the individual. This person would then have trouble asserting their identity confidently.


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Have you ever looked into numerology for life path numbers? Which zodiac signs do you think best match up for each life path number?

Actually yes I do know numerology and numbers are already attached to the planets.

1- The Number of Individuality- The Sun (Leo)

2- The Number of Duality- The Moon (Cancer)

3- The Number of Exuberance- Jupiter (Sagittarius)

4- The Number of Stability- Uranus (Aquarius)

5- The Number of Freedom- Mercury (Gemini and Virgo)

6- The Number of Harmony- Venus (Taurus and Libra)

7- The Number of Wisdom- Neptune (Pisces)

8- The Number of Authority- Saturn (Capricorn)

9- The Number of Compassion- Mars (Aries and Scorpio)

Here is more information on numerology that I have.

Astrological Concept: Knowing VS. Understanding Part 2/2

The 3rd and 9th houses are a characteristic of polarity in astrology. Both houses serve as a role of intelligence in two different ways. The 3rd house can be consider the lower mind for it deals with a smaller picture while the 9th house serves as the higher mind which deals with (you guessed it) the bigger picture.

9th House- The Higher Mind

Key role: “The act of understanding”Grasps ideas that expand beyond the individual. Concepts like morals and ethics, philosophy, higher education and bigger ideas are found here. It is important to understand the things we come to know to be more in touch with the world. This house encourages exploration of one’s meaning. Below is the efforts a person makes to understand what they know.

Sun in the 9th House: You are drawn to traveling to understand and try to join any adventurous opportunity that comes your way. You hold strong opinions that often drives the way you express your understanding of knowledge. 

Moon in the 9th House: You find peace with traveling and can often find that your travels are not as fulfilling as it should be which makes a never ending thirst for knowledge. You rely on how you feel about a subject to influence how you teach it. 

Mercury in the 9th House: You understand life through factual information. You are vocal about your opinions and hold them strong to your beliefs especially about universal issues.

Venus in the 9th House: You dream of traveling for you find the beauty of learning through others that differ from you. You accept ideas from others more easily in order to strengthen your own understanding. 

Mars in the 9th House: You wish to spread your knowledge more than anything for you gain a strong opinion from what you learned. You need to express what you understand or else you become irritable and argumentative.  

Jupiter in the 9th House: You have a strong desire to travel for you know that the world has much to offer. You are very confident in what you know and aren’t afraid to show it. 

Saturn in the 9th House: You feel uneasy about long travels and find comfort in familiar ideas. Your understanding of the world is limited to a strict teaching that was adopted early in life. 

Uranus in the 9th House: You are curious of what you can learn from others and becomes easily engrossed in new ideas. You are accepting of other’s beliefs and cultures and become easily upset of close-minded people. 

Neptune in the 9th House: You want to learn through experience rather than teachings of a book. You don’t mind changing your thought-process from exploration of new ideas. 

Pluto in the 9th House: You keep your beliefs stubbornly and aren’t one to go out of your way to explore other cultures. You experience a shift in ideology once in awhile when you feel completely captivated by it. 

Click Here for Part 1: 3rd House- The Lower Mind


As a big Uranus/Neptune fan, of course I am loving these end credits for Sailor Moon Crystal S.3. “eternal eternity” by Junko Minagawa & Sayaka Ohara.

Uranus and trauma

The revelations of Uranus strike like lightning. It’s unexpected, abrupt, and earth shattering. While Pluto can indicate a slow burn of exhuming transformation, Uranus reverberates sudden changes that consciousness may not be prepared for. Uranus is the third eye of the storm, crackling like thunderbolts and swirling cyclones, leaving a trail of emotional wreckage and psychological puzzles. The area of life that Uranus contacts is kind of like a glass snowglobe. It gets picked up, turned upside down, and shaken uncontrollably. Because Uranus is an outer planet, like Neptune and Pluto, it works on very subliminal and unconscious levels. They suggest the sort of soul and deepest layers of the psyche expressed by the collective. But they also emerge on personal levels that seem guided by some sort of fate. The discovery of Uranus changed the way astrology is perceived until this very day. Suddenly the closed system of seven planets was ripped to pieces. The fear of the unknown was traumatic. The universe was bigger than we once perceived, mysteries called from the invisible, the possibilities were endless. Steven Forrest regards Uranus as the most ‘unpredictable’ of the planets. It does not spin in its orbit. It rolls. Even in space, the planet of individuality dances to its own tune. There can be a disturbance with Uranus, instantaneous and intense events, that end in a moment, but the psychological reaction can live on. Uranus incites rapid change to restructure for the better. Uranus is Utopian and visionary, it represents the intellectual component of intuition, as the higher octave of Mercury, we can receive the radio signal of Uranus through otherworldly ideas. The sort of traditional trauma associated with Uranus includes major cerebral events like stroke or psychiatric ailment. It’s outer planet position also suggests much less debilitating experience. It could be the wave of enlightenment that one needs to finally leave a job. Maybe it’s the burst of revelation that promotes a long term spiritual awakening. Watching the transits Uranus is making across the natal chart can be significantly insightful. Maybe those bolts from the blue won’t be so unexpected.

Uranus in the first house: Trauma involving constant psychological restructuring and perceptions of the self and the world. Shifts in mental formations can change the way the individual understands the world and relates to his inner self. Maybe the person goes through periods of ‘losing themselves’ and becoming vacant and then renewed

Uranus in the second house: The individual may experience sudden loss so that there can be a revaluation of what is meaningful, valuable, and truly resourceful. This loss could come through materials and also losses of inner wealth like what was once enjoyable is no longer, how the individual once related to themselves seems misplaced

Uranus in the third house: The immediate perception is subject to abrupt alteration, like the world can be seen with new eyes, but this can generate withdrawal, the mind and the brain become one and not separate, obsessive behavior can arise and atypical behavior. The world changes so quickly that mentally the individual craves but feels will never attain stability

Uranus in the fourth house: Pronounced and sudden loss of security existentially and internally. The inner world fluctuates and adopts changing needs, the inner child never settles, surrounding structures and those built within can become trampled on causing immense trauma

Uranus in the fifth house: The creative experience and the will for life and joy fluctuates. There are barren periods where the individual perceives abandonment, loss of approval and general malaise. The feelings of the individual’s meaning and place in the world leave him hanging off a ledge

Uranus in the sixth house: Matters surrounding health and the way the individual relates to his physical body are emphasised. There can be a loss through health concerns or perceived or actualized. Acknowledging the subtle needs of others whilst retaining individuality promotes dissociations. Psychological ailment can result of feeling alien from his surrounding environment

Uranus in the seventh house: Revelations pertaining the self spoken from the mouth of others can promote internal storms. The shadow self bellowing into consciousness can be traumatic as it rearranges psychological structures and perceptions. It may be through other people that awakenings occur. Self projection can also generate trauma as Uranus’s need to express individuality is shattered amongst reflections. He can feel lonely from himself

Uranus in the eighth house: Transformations pertaining to the deepest layers of the psyche and most primal perceptions occur rapidly, overnight the individual is forced to change the way he identifies with the world, himself, his beliefs, and spirit. Betrayals from others, often touching ultra deep levels, through love, or sexual gratification or whatever, alternates the way he relates to others and reveals parts of himself

Uranus in the ninth house: Sudden restructuring of held beliefs and worldly perceptions, the messages of the higher mind passing through, the way the individual understands the universe. The individual identifies with certain paths of faith or connections with ‘God’ that fluctuate through trauma or experiences that reshape the inner vision that weaves with the outer. There can be a loss of meaning

Uranus in the tenth house: There can be abrupt loss of will and purpose, a distance between themselves and vision. The individual could face traumas that relate to the way the public perceives him, and often detachment with the father, and thus he must learn to walk it alone.

Uranus in the eleventh house: Abrupt and profound revelations regarding the self and loyalty to individuality and the ‘true self’ spin life into a flux. There can be a neuroses and isolation until the individual is reflecting the core that constantly changes. His relationship to society fluctuates, there can be a sense of abandonment

Uranus in the twelfth house: The way the individual relates to the world at large generates trauma through his need for withdrawal and dissolving of the self. The self can shatter into pieces as it becomes split by the howls of the collective and the longing to break free and return to the source or space or some sort of home. Trauma can come through a lack of security and comfort, as if earth is hostile


11th house of reception
  • sun in 11th: identity revolves around the reception of others and is able to be a shapeshifter of sorts. shines most on a wide platform.
  • moon in 11th: able to receive the inner workings of another. knows how to tune into the emotions of people as a whole and utilize their strong desire of unification.
  • mercury in 11th: receives an ear to listen. thoughts are geared towards the future & progression. is able to communicate to multitudes of people with their mind coated in the highest aspirations.
  • venus in 11th: receives how another expresses their beauty & love, able to love others collectively and receive the favor of others right back. this person can often do no wrong in the eyes of many.
  • mars in 11th: receives strong reactions & motivation. energy is geared toward the masses. often can receive animosity from others as this native aggressively challenges the here and now, fights for movement.
  • jupiter in 11th: receives an abundance. has grandiose dreams and is able to acquire recognition, an audience to educate. finds their luck in being a receptor.
  • saturn in 11th: feels no reception towards others. could mark themselves as independent people who have never received anything on their journey through life.
  • uranus in 11th: receives their independence from others. they rebel against what is expected of their social graces and often engage in explicit conversations on taboo topics. the ultimate nonconformist.
  • neptune in 11th: doesn't grasp what they receive from others. could feel they receive more than they think or less than they think. easily impressionable amongst people, could fall easy into peer pressure.
  • pluto in 11th: receives a channel of growth from others. constantly sheds their social groups. received power that they feel they didn't ask for and could be resentful towards it, leading them to have excess loss or gain of control.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune 

Uranus is The Awakener. This is where the person experiences a deeper dimension then was previously known, a new idea, the “Aha!” moment. Most deeply this symbolizes your desire to become unique in some way, individualized. The placement of Uranus in your horoscope indicates what you find exciting, and where you need the most freedom.

Neptune is the Illuminator. Here we find your perception of the ideal, some ultimate extreme. This is the visionary, the dreamer.

Uranus conjunct Neptune means the two planets are at the same approximate location in the horoscope. This indicates the two forces meld together into one theme. With these two transcendental forces, two deeply inspiring planets combine very powerfully. The person with this blend of forces can initially be very other worldly and confused. A sudden downpour (Uranus) of lofty and inspired vision (Neptune) may temporarily blot out reality.

Now, with Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, the inspiration and vision can be brought down to earth, so to speak. The Capricorn influence will foster ambition and desire to add a little good sense to this wild and crazy streak that the person with this configuration can have. Uranus and Neptune both draw out the humanitarian instincts, the person wanting desperately to bring the Prometheus fire to mankind, to wake up the dummies, so to speak. Potentially, this is the anatomy of a very valuable human being, someone who lives an almost incandescent life.


Uranus ♅
  • Uranus in the 1st House: Unique in their appearance
  • Uranus in the 2nd House: Unique through their possessions
  • Uranus in the 3rd House: Unique in their communication
  • Uranus in the 4th House: Unique in their home life
  • Uranus in the 5th House: Unique through their creativity
  • Uranus in the 6th House: Unique in their routines
  • Uranus in the 7th House: Unique through their relationships
  • Uranus in the 8th House: Unique in their sexual experiences
  • Uranus in the 9th House: Unique through their beliefs
  • Uranus in the 10th House: Unique in their reputation
  • Uranus in the 11th House: Unique through their friends
  • Uranus in the 12th House: Unique in their perceptiveness

So some of you asked if I would make a male Sailor Uranus so that she and Sailor Neptune could form some kind of relationship in the game.  So here I give you Tomodachi QR Codes for a Male Sailor Uranus and also the original Female Sailor Uranus… Also I provided QR Code for Sailor Neptune just in case some of you don’t have it


If you are interested in the other Sailor Scouts go to this link
Planets and what they mean:

Sun: individual, how you are by yourself, and how you are under pressure.

Moon: temperament, flow of emotions. Personality and public roles

Ascending: (progressing 1 degree per year of life. So if you’re born under Pisces at 2 degrees, by the time you’re 20 years old, it is at 22 degrees Pisces) image, external self, physical appearance

Mid-heaven: who you are at your soul self, needs, wants, desires, choices, talents. Your natural self.

Mercury: communications both written and verbal, ability of understanding.

Mars: physical energy, anger, sexual attraction.

Venus: love, romance, affections.

Jupiter: luck, expansion, and how you grow as a person.

Saturn: disciplines to adhere in your life, hard work, patience.

Uranus: independence, defiance, rebellion and individuality.

Neptune: emotional balance and equilibrium. Sense of belonging. Emotional levels and illusions.

Pluto: destiny, spiritual force, past lives.


Some miscellaneous cosplays throughout the weekend I absolutely loved~

I didn’t take many pictures this year mainly due to the fact I couldn’t even see if the pictures were coming out in focus or not, but I’m glad these ones at least turned out okay~

Please let me know if you want me to tag you in this if you see your cosplay!

Tulio - fangasmicfandoms

Situ - ghostlycorvid

Baymax’s creator - creme13rulee