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vertiicallychallenged submitted:

Height: 155 cm/ 5 ft 1

Highest Weight: 69.7 kg/153.3 lbs

Current Weight: ~47-49 kg/ ~105 lbs (which was my goal weight, I did it!!!!! *five second dance party*)

Weight lost: 21+ kg/ ~45+ lbs

Time taken to lose weight: 8-9 months

Eat healthy (80/20)

Drink Water

Stay Active




Life Hack: for those of you who don’t know or have been told otherwise, crop tops look good on girls of EVERY SIZE <3

Imagine a world where no one physically or mentally NEEDED any sleep, just 8+ extra hours a day where you could read more books, catch up on that tv show, learn a new language, take up a new hobby. Sleep is something fun you can do if you want, artists like to nap to draw inspiration from their dreams, groups of people throw ‘dreaming’ parties where everyone naps with a bunch of cushions and throw pillows, life in general is good times

And now flip it around and have a world where sleep again, isn’t needed, so work hours are longer, employers can legally make you work 20 hr days, you get a 5 hr break tops between shifts. Everyone feels sort of numb, with a constant headache that never goes away. Dreams are seen as a sign of mental illness, and naps are for lazy people or children.

And now imagine both these ways of living happening in the same imaginary world