life of swifty

dear taylor,
hi, my name is alaina (or ali) and i love you so much. my birthday is in exactly 7 days and i’ll be turning 15!! i will definitely be blasting your song “fifteen” ALL day long. i’m so glad you’re back. i missed you so much because you’ve been such a huge part of my life since i was 3 or 4 years old. so i basically discovered you back in 2006. “teardrops on my guitar” was playing on the radio and my mom goes “hey drew, this girl says your name in her song!” and i got SO excited. my brother was just a baby so he was excited but probably didn’t process the fact that you were saying his name. the next day, my mom yelled up to me, “alaina! that girl taylor swift is on TV! come look!” and i remember seeing you on GMA. they were showing a clip of you in the “teardrops on my guitar” music video. i remember feeling a sense of pride, kinda like “YES THATS MY GIRL!!!” little did i know, that girl named taylor swift would become my idol who i would look up to. taylor, you have made such a positive impact on my life. you have taught me so many important lessons, such as, loving people for who they truly are. your songs have been there for me when others weren’t. you have no idea how much we have in common. i love to write. especially writing songs. music and singing are my passion. ever since i discovered you and claimed you as my idol, my dream has been to be just like you, to be a successful singer/songwriter. you have taught me to be fearless in everything i do. you have made me stronger. you’ve shaped me into the person that i am today. you make me endlessly happy. i cannot thank you enough. so, thank you for being such a great idol. i love you so so so much. thank you for everything.
xoxo, alaina @taylorswift