life of kida

Reasons to love the Durarara!! Dub
  • Tom: Oh man. Can you like, dial it back just a little?!
  • Shizuo: You're kidding! I just gave him a flick to the forehead!
  • Masaomi: -dying quietly-
  • Vorona: I have question. Which martial arts study teaches this ultimate technique called "flick"?
  • Shizuo: The same one that teaches the smack, you hear about that one?

Friendly reminder that Elsa was NOT the first Disney Queen… 

and if y'all wanna get real technical 

The only reason people mistake Elsa as the first Disney Queen is because her and Anna are now considered original Disney Princesses whereas Kida and Atta wouldn’t be. (Even though Kida totally should because she’s a bad ass mother fuuucker!)