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A comiXologist Recommends (a new comic that rules and doesn’t suck)

Jonesy #1

By Sam Humphries @samhumphries & Caitlin Rose Boyle @sadsadkiddie

This here is one choice piece of comic work!  The characters, the writing, and the colors are all so fantastic!  From the moment this one opens I was hooked!  The first line on the first page has me won over immediately.  This is going to be stellar when we get more, and I already want more!  

We are from the very first page thrust into the life of Jonesy.  I hear you! You’re saying, “Who the heck is Jonesy? Why do I care?”  And that is when I will calmly tell you to leave my house before I call the police because I don’t know you.  But that is of course after I freak out over how badass and cool Jonesy is!

I am in love with this one you guys.  It is a high school adventure for the ages when Jonesy and her SECRET ANIME POWERS have to find out how to live in every day life. Especially on Valentine’s Day when the popular girls are somehow meaner than most character trope popular girls! And this is an important point to make. The writing of the teenage cruelty is all very grounded and true.  It feels cruel.  I believe it, but it isn’t something that is dramatically over the top.  It feels like day-to-day mean kid cruelty.

And Jonesy hates Valentine’s Day for completely different reasons before the mean girls get their introduction.

But I have already read it and have no intention of spoiling the whole thing!  This lovely new piece of brightly colored brilliance is out from BOOM!  With an art-style like the modern classic Scott Pilgrim and a color scheme as energetic as Bravest Warriors and Lumberjanes combined, Jonesy is a book we should all buy right now.

That way we can say we read it before it was cool, because this one is going to be popular for all the right reasons.

Matthew Burbridge is a Digital Editor at ComiXology and he can’t think of a more outrageous scenario than saying “Bloody Mary” into a mirror three times and having Worf  from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” jump out from behind the shower curtain and begin the Klingon ritual known as “The Bonding.”

look I just want Kent Parson to have a happily ever after too, okay?

Kent gets the wedding invitation in the mail and immediately calls Jack.

“You’re getting married?” he practically shouts into the phone.

“Yeah, we’re engaged,” Jack answers.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Things were kinda hectic,” Jack says. “Besides, the media knows, it was all over the news. I didn’t think I had to call you personally and tell you again.”

“I didn’t hear anything,” Kent says. “Y’know because I’ve been a little busy in the playoffs.” 

Jack lets out a chuckle. “You are coming right?”

“Sure. Unless it falls on my cup day then I think I’ll pass,” Kent answers with a smirk.

“Getting cocky are we now,” Bittle says. Kent’s not surprised that he’s probably on speaker phone.

“You know it, Bits.” 

There’s a knock on his door. “Hey, guys, congrats, really. I gotta go though, we’ll talk later?” he asks, getting up from the couch.

“Thanks, Kenny.”

Kent hangs up the phone and opens his door to see Jonesy, his teammate. Jonesy’s probably his best friend on the team, he’s goofy and fun, but always intense when it comes to hockey. 

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This is totally a serious video which is in no way crack at all.