life of electra heart

Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart changed my life, it’s too bad she turned out to be a mod for sonic-for-real-justice


♡A N   O D E   T O   C I N D Y , A   L I V I N G   F I L M , A   R E A L   F A K E♡

Growing up on the streets, food wasn’t always available to Silla. She grew unhealthily thin, was malnourished and often had lots of her bones showing. As she grew older and was able to get money or steal food, she began to finally fill out with what her genetics gave her, but suffers from body dysmorphic disorder.

the signs as marina and the diamonds lyrics
  • Aries: "Rule number two, just don't get attached to somebody you could lose." - How To Be A Heartbreaker, Electra Heart
  • Taurus: "You might think I'm one thing, but I am another, you can't call my bluff, time to back off, motherfucker." - Can't Pin Me Down, Froot
  • Gemini: "You can count on me to misbehave." - Primadonna Girl, Electra Heart
  • Cancer: "I wanna wipe out all the sad ideas that come to me when I am holding you." - Obsessions, The Family Jewels
  • Leo: "My life is a play." - The State of Dreaming, Electra Heart
  • Virgo: "Ever since I can remember, life was like a tipping scale, like an abacus I played with, counting every win and fail." - Forget, Froot
  • Libra: "I'm not afraid of God, I am afraid of man." - Savages, Froot
  • Scorpio: "Not everyone is out to screw you over, maybe I just—maybe they just wanna get to know you." - Fear and Loathing, Electra Heart@
  • Sagittarius: "If I could buy forever at a price, I would buy it twice." - Immortal, Froot
  • Capricorn: "Don't do love, don't do friends, I'm only after success." - Oh No, The Family Jewels
  • Aquarius: "Better to be hated than loved, loved, loved for what you're not." - I Am Not A Robot, The Family Jewels
  • Pisces: "Can we go back, go back to the start, where the holy father made his mark?" - Electra Heart
  • <p> <b>TFJ:</b> I want to have it all but I know if I try I'll fail. What if my life is just a game? And what if I rather be alone than having a lot of friends?<p/><b>Electra Heart:</b> My life's just a play; I've got everything I wanted, but there's something missing in my lifetime that's making me sad to the core.<p/><b>FROOT:</b> I don't need anything else to fill the empty life I thought I had. Finally I earned the lessons, the acceptance and I found my own happiness. I saw the whole rainbow colors shinning on me. I'm finally happy. I'm finally me.<p/></p>