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To be honest I think Half-Life should be reclaimed from Valve. Like obv you can’t go sell your half life shit cause copyright but as far as I’m concerned, Marc Laidlaw in his short time away from Valve and Ross Scott and the Black Mesa team have all contributed loads more content to the Half-Life universe than Valve has in like a decade, and are far more worthy of being the spiritual owners of Half Life than Valve is. 

Not like Valve give a shit right? What’s the point in having a corporation that’s a shadow of itself, who doesn’t care about the unfinished series they made, never plans to finish it, and has so little people involved in the original series on board anymore that it might as well have nothing to do with half life if it weren’t for legal ownership of said series, be the last word on what is or isn’t Half-Life canon?

Marc Laidlaw’s writing isn’t a ‘Fan Fiction’ in my eyes, it’s just Half-Life lore to me. The proper conclusion to the series. As far as I’m concerned Ross Scott’s Civil Protection series is canon. I view it as an ‘open source fictional universe’ now. Make something cool? Canon to my ass, you’re a half life creator now. 

Go make something Half-Life. Because Valve won’t.



In my life, there is someone who touches my life waiting near…


A short animation I have done few months ago to pass my 2nd year. Inspire from PoE. No doubt.

Love Trumps Hate (A Billie and Chris Drabble)

Author’s Notes: Approx–805 words

Warnings: Talks of Racism, so if anyone has any triggers this is your warning but I assure you this story has a positive ending. 

(special thanks to @ariallane and @theycallmebecca for encouraging me to write this! And for those who follow me, you probably saw the anon who felt the need to leave me a racist message over the weekend. It really breaks my heart that there is still intolerance in the world, but instead of feeding into the hate, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade decided to write a drabble regarding this issue. And for anyone that knows me or has talked to me knows that I rather be positive and I’m a firm believer that LOVE IS LOVE no matter what!!)

“I can’t believe that fucker brought you into this.” Chris said while glaring at his Twitter account. 

“Babe, there’s no need to get riled up over this.”

“Oh fuck that! It’s one thing to attack me, but he crossed the line when he started talking about you.”

Billie wasn’t a stranger to racism since she grew up being biracial in Kentucky. But she was raised not to judge others by the color of her skin and to treat everyone with respect no matter the situation. And she was proud of her African-American and Italian heritage. Still, she never thought that it was an issue once she met Chris, because what they shared was more than just a tangible connection.

He adored her despite all of her baggage, and he showed her that it was possible to love someone unconditionally no matter what complications came their way. So when they made their relationship public, Billie didn’t care about the backlash from certain fans because she knew it came with the territory.  

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Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Moving & Spotted In Real Life! #2

Published on 14 Jun 2017

5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape Moving & Spotted In Real Life! (Part 2)


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