life of aj

club leader designs according to me
  • literally 707 from mystic messenger with a smock and palette and art stuff
  • look at his face omg
  • he looks like a real cinnamon roll
  • how is there no paint like, anywhere but his smock

my name is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way and i’m japanese and i’m in a goth band called bloody gothic rose 666 and i’m kawaii gurl and im like totally screwing senpai


this guy looks like a cross between that aspiring director guy from assassination classroom and the rich kid with a laptop from my school

  • doctor two brains
  • bill nye
  • also i loved his little segment at the end that was perfect

looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you with that ominously shiny shovel thing

  • is that a nintendo switch? what if we stole his switch and then removed the casings on the joycons and then painted them the opposite colors would that be funny or what? sorry im cruel
  • he actually reminds me of this one guy i met who was a trump supporter
  • hope he’s not a trump supporter
  • Person: I wish my art looked better.
  • Me: use references if you haven’t, it helps with figuring out how you want something to look, stylized or not.
  • Person: I don’t use references and don’t think I need to… :/
  • Me: (◕⍸ ◕✿)