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  • <p> <b>Me at 10am:</b> I'm going to be productive today, definitely not gonna spend the whole day fangirling online again.<p/><b>Me at 11pm:</b> *staring at 23 opened ao3 tabs, a 150 songs Destiel playlist on youtube, a finished Destiel OS and thousands of tumblr posts* Well fUCK<p/></p>
Kian Lawley Smut - Sex Tape

Okay so I know I’m a magcon blog but I was really feelin Kian tonight so I decided to fuck with my own feels and make a smut about him. Enjoy m'ladys ~~~~~~

“Kian stop!” you yelled as he was tickling you. You guys were in his room filming this weeks o2l video and he was constantly distracting you.

“Make me,” he said as he continued to tickle you in your special spot.

You got up in attempt to run away from him but he wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up.

“Kian put me down!” you said but then immediately regretted it. You knew him and you knew he would drop you on his bed. Hard.

“As you wish,” he said but instead of dropping you he laid you down gently and hovered over you “What else do you want?” He said. His eyes were lustful and you knew what he wanted, but you were going to make him beg for it.

Your lips smash against his and within seconds he asks for entrance by gliding his tongue across your lip. You deny and he groans in frustration. He grabs your breast roughly and you can’t help but let a gasp escape your lips. Kian siezes his oppurtunity and shoves his tongue into your mouth, exploring every inch of it. He continues to massage your chest and lifts your shirt over your head and you unclasp your bra quickly, desperate for his touch again.

Kian moves his lips down to your neck and eventually finds his way to your chest. He massages one breast while taking the other in his mouth and sucking roughly. His tongue flicks over your nipple and you involuntarily let out a moan.

“Kiaaan,” you say and you feel him harden.

“Say it again,” he says but you fail to say it in time. He smacks your ass not too hard but enough to turn you on even more “Say it again,” he says roughly

“Kiaaaaan” you moan, even louder this time.

He slides off your jeans and tosses them to the side. He looks down at your red lacy panties and you can practically see his dick getting harder in his jeans.

“Here let me help you with that,” you say as you slide his jeans down his legs and then take off his boxers. His member slaps against his stomach and Kian breathes a sigh of relief after being released. He sits down on the bed as you get on your knees inbetween his legs and take him in your mouth. You go up and down and flick your tongue over his head, earning a moan from him. You massage the rest of his dick with your hand and he tangles his fingers in your hair as you begin to go faster. You take him deeper in your mouth, slightly choking. His hips buckle and you can tell he’s about to cum. You take your mouth off and he lets out a groan.

“Babe, why’d you stoooop?” He runs his finger through his hair and falls back on the bed in frustration.

“Beg for it,” you say with a smirk on your lips.

“No,” he says.

You begin to slowly take off your underwear while looking him straight in the eyes. You turn around and bend over the night dresser, looking for a condom. You can hear him getting frustrated in the back and you shake your ass just to frustrate him more.

“Babe, come back.” he says

“And do what?” you say with your back still turned to him, you hold the condom in your hand waiting for him to say the words.

“And fuck me.”

“Not good enough.” You tease.

“Y/N, pleeeeeeease come finish me off.”
You turn and make your way back to the bed.

You push Kian down and roll the condom on, you hover over him for a second and look him in the eyes.
“I love you,” you say before pecking him on the lips and lowering yourself onto him.

“I l-love” Kian can barely get the words out as you start riding him. Your hips move against his as you start to go faster and faster. “Fuck, Y/N I’m about to..”

“Not yet, babe. I’m almost there,” you say as you try to go faster but your hips wont move fast enough. Kian flips you over and thrusts faster and harder into you over and over. “Kiaaaaan,” you say as you come close to the edge.

Your nails dig into his back as he continues to pump in and out.
Both of you cum at the same time and Kian drops his head onto your chest, panting loudly.

“Fuck, babe that was amazing.” Kian pulls out and gets up to throw the condom away. He comes back and lays down next to you, nuzzling his head into your neck.“I love you, Y/N” he says.

You two lie there for a while, and right before you fall asleep, a thought occurs to you.

“Kian, did you turn the camera off?” you say. As soon as the words leave your mouth you feel his body stiffen.

He jumps off the bed and runs over to
the camera “Shit, shit, shit, shit.” he keeps repeating as he takes the camera off of the tripod and looks down at it.

After a couple minutes he sighs and looks up at you “Y/N, I have some bad news,” he says. Before you knew what you were doing you had your head back laughing like crazy. “What is so funny about this?!” Kian questions “If this leaks my Youtube career is in the can.”

“Calm down,” you say as you finally stop laughing “It’s not leaking, and if it does, who would really care?” You walk over to him and wrap your arms around his waist “Now lets go see how good we are.”
First smut EVER and if I say so myself, I like it :)
Like and reblog if you want a part 2! If it gets 100 notes I’ll do a part 2. :)

When your favourite artist releases new music:

●"I want this to be played at my funeral.“
●"I’m dead.”
●"I want this to be played at my wedding.“
●"Those high notes though.”
●"Their voices are so beautiful oh my god!“
●"This is my favourite song they’ve ever released.”
●"Half of the views are mine.“
●"Can we just talk about (artist’s name) at (certain time in the song or mv)?”
●"Oh my god I can’t I’m fangirling!“
● “…”
●” 😱"
●*crying when you realise you can’t meet them*
●*annoying everyone*

MatPat deserves love

I always enjoy seeing theories whenever they pop up, whether it be Game Theory or Film Theory. I don’t always have time to watch GTLive, but I when I do manage to catch a stream I always enjoy the silly jokes and Mat and Steph’s adorableness. I’m appreciative of all the time they put into their videos to make them top quality for us. Love you Matpat and Steph, and all others who work so hard to make these channels possible. <3

  • Me: I want to rewatch some tv shows online for a while....
  • Brain: Okay, Supernatural, Doctor Who, White Collar, Sherlock, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly....which one?
  • Me: uh...
  • Brain: and which season? You want Castiel or Crowley or John? Tennant or Smith? Start from the beginning or just rewatch the last few?
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: Well? Pick ONE ALREADY!
  • Me: Nevermind, I'll just play on tumblr and watch convention videos on youtube....*slinks away*