life of a robot

This is what she does. She doesn’t love the people who love her. She loves the people who don’t.
—  Mr. Robot
Straw Hat insert in other series published in Weekly Shonen Jump 2017 issue #33 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of One Piece.

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Isobe Isobee Monogatari Ukiyo wa Tsurai yo

i honestly wish to god that there was some sort of fandom equivalent to My Life as A Teenage Robot like there is for Danny Phantom. ya know:

i get that it’s not particularly as angst-producing and it aint about GHOSTS and DEATH, but the character designs, animation, and coloring of the show is so damn good and we have such a cool world of robots that i wish there was more appreciation for it. it’s also a show with massive potential (that’s thrown out the window due to nickelodeon cutting it off early) of a teenage badass main character looking for acceptance in society

And final point, while it was never canon that Danny blushes green, it’s canon that Jenny blushes blue. my case rested

After spending hours several times rambling over robots, I figured I’d finally draw this. I included @doodledrawsthings oc Vito, since he’s so cute. Literally if I character in a thing is a robot, there’s a billion percent chance I love them and a 99 percent chance they’re my favorite character.