life of a feloss


There’s this thingy going around that’s like “post a pic of your lockscreen, last song listened to, and your latest selfie,” and someone (who??? I forget????) tagged ppl in the discord and I don’t remember the last time I posted or even took a selfie so. Got some new sweet loot the other day! I’m not tagging anyone but if you wanna do it we can pretend I did.

Jag förstod väl, rent logiskt, att om Batman kallats Läderlappen i Sverige så måste något liknande ha skett på Marvel-sidan, men detta var inte nog för att förbereda mig för… MYRMANNEN! HÖKÖGA! JÄRNMANNEN! SVARTA ÄNKAN! FANTASTISKA FYRAN! X-MÄNNEN, ELLER ÄVEN X:EN! JÄRVEN! IBLAND GICK DET SÅHÄR ILLA: BJÄSSEN (HULK) OCH GET-INGA (WASP)????

  • Tomo: Hey Scribbles, I forget which dragon breed speaks in a monotone voice, do you know?
  • Scribbles the Fae dragon, speaking in a monotone, as all Faes do, and probably rolling their eyes: No idea, boss.
  • Tomo, the Snapper dragon (a breed known for its wandering ways): Hm, well, better ask the next dragon who passes by then! And they might know which breed is migratory, too.
  • Scribbles, who honestly deserves a pay raise: ?????