life of a classics student

Life Update

So I thought I might as well do a life update. My life in the last month has been fantastic. I have been to America and Canada and experienced the amazing Arts scenes in both of these beautiful countries. 

I have made so many friends recently and since being single have loved meeting new people, but also making the effort to spend more time with my friends.

Since you all last read I handed up my thesis and got it back. I received First Class Honours in my thesis and I also received First Class Honours in my performance exam last semester. I am feeling really confident about applying for my masters.

Next year I am planning on moving to the US for my masters in New Music, as I had never felt happier when I was in America. In 2 weeks applications open for masters and I am applying for schools in New York and California. 

Apart from this, my life is going pretty well. I am feeling great and learnt so much about myself since going overseas. I thought I might as well tell you guys what has been happening in my life because I haven’t talked much about it since the trip.

30 day practice challenge day 10: who is your favourite teacher/professor and why.

This is hard… but I would definitely say the teacher I had in Brazil, my teacher in high school (Mrs. Pearce), Teacher in Guildhall (Rowland Sutherland), Jasmine Choi and Eugen Bertel.

Each of them have different qualities and it will take too long to list all of them, but I am very grateful to have been taught by them.

Every Monday morning 10:15-1:15pm, from September 6th to December 10th, is the class, “Classical Still Life Techniques.” In this Classical Still Life Techniques class students will learn from Teaching Studios instructor, Devin Cecil-Wishing, how to arrange and paint full color still life paintings. Time will be spent covering value and color relationships, basic color theory, how to convincingly depict light and form, how to render different types of materials and general paint handling. You can sign up here:
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The classic What Is In My Pencilcase! (I promised myself to make one of these when I finished reading stats, and I’ve finished it!)
Also, good news, I have a blog theme now :)
(I can’t wait for my thinner gel pens to come in.)

earplugs, travel toothbrush, union eraser, moisturiser, purel mini hand sanitizer, colgate dental floss, 0.5 lead, toonie (extra bus money), DEL calculator, sticky flags, mini sticky notes, black Sharpie, bic yellow highlighter, red/purple/blue/green gel pens, black zebra rollerball gel pen, backup black gel pen, two clips, three mechanical pencils, and a hairtie.