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10 classical books everyone should read
They’re probably there somewhere, quite far down on your reading list, saved for the rainiest of days if ever the Internet cuts out. But if you don’t pick up the ancient classics – some of Europe’s earliest and arguably best works in fiction, history, philosophy, and theatre – now, you probably never will. From the words behind the Greek myths that mystified us as children to the inner sanctum of twisted emperors via proto-feminist political dissent, the Roman and Greek classics have it.
Some more conductor quotes

So I had an amazing time in the past couple of days playing with professional orchestral musicians as part of my state orchestra’s learning program. So of course, I took notes of my favourite conductor quotes:

Enigma Variations - Elgar

“So….. What was it? (the strings mumble “rushing”) No, he was British!”

“You have to really vomit out that f”

Symphony no. 6 - Dvorak

“You need to be like little snowflakes rising upwards. I’m sure it’s possible somehow”

(about an oboe solo) “The stage is yours. Spotlight, disco ball, the whole shebang”

“Needs to be more dolce, sweeter, like milk maids… not that I know what a milk maid looks like”

Feb 20-24 - Eames Does Shit

8th week, don’t mind the internal screaming edition:

Things that need to get done Monday feb 20: write a goddamn MA (7-10pgs)

  • RLST (BA Thesis - BS Seminar): response to Dominic’s 20-30pgs [2/28], thesis draft 2 [~2/24]
  • MAPH (MA Thesis - Work): Partial Draft 7-10pp [2/20]; Partial Draft 10-15pp [3/10]; Partial draft 15-20 [3/31]; Complete Draft 25-35pp [4/17]; Thesis Abstract [5/8]; Thesis [5/19]
  • ARTH (Modernism on the Margins): three annotated bibliography entries on the topic of modernism [3/17]; Coffey “The Mexican Problem”, Greeley “Nietzsche contra Marx in Mexico”, Flores “The Manifesto”/”The paradox of the primitive and the modern” [2/23], prep
  • ARTH (Reading Artists Writing): –
  • SPAN (Theater and Performance in Latin America): Listening in Detail first like 3??? chapters [2/22]
  • @avventurierisenzapaura homebrews:  The Cult of the Keeper; CTA Dungeon Crawl; Pandemonium Day; Police Station Dragon; Lich in the Library; Tooth Fae, Snow Day, the funeral of Cuthbert Enlon, flesh out Bayla Delve
  • King’s Goblet Irregulars: Plan something for Feb 25-26 weekend
  • D&D side project: the friendship campaign
  • Classical Entertainment Society: bring KBP and Bacchae props and costumes to CES Storage, CES storage inventory
  • Attori Senza Paura: rework High Noon Hijinks, write the real estate drama
  • Brent House: write and print silent auction sheets, organize load in/load out for fundraiser, communicate poetry plans to appropriate people, check in with silent auction donors to make sure they’re still donating 
  • Sundry Chores: pack and ship thread-up clean out bag, pack and ship goodwill donation, take out mental health garbage piled up in room, pack and ship clothes that don’t fit for NY, begin strategizing to move out (i am well aware that i’m thinking about this 4 months in advance but here we are), cook some food for yourself eames

that whole anti “music is my life” post is the biggest sack of shit i’ve ever read in my entire life because it a) presumes a universal definition of what music even is, b) caters to one very specific group of practitioners, c) speaks volumes about the generalized insecurities that ran rampant in this community

yeah, you’re a performer who’s struggled to better their craft. me too! i’ve cried in front of scores of people, i’ve had panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression, blah blah all because of what i do. music is my life. 

but guess what?! music can also be somebody else’s life! i have a student whose entire world revolves around classical music. he listens to it to better himself, he listens to it for entertainment, he listens to it to channel his angst. he’s not a “performer” but music is also his life. who are you to deny him that?

i’m so tired of the pretentiousness of this community some days. music is your life, fine, but don’t exclude others because you feel the need to differentiate yourself from the herd or make yourself feel special

there’s no shame in taking pride in your work–but stop it with this elitist high minded bull

First social event of the academic quarter:

1. One professor drank at least three bottles of wine
2. One professor drank a bottle of wine then punched me three times in the harm exactly where I got my flu shot
3. A student took out cigarettes and two professors squealed, lunged for them, and went outside and smoked the rest of the pack
4. I got called an “international classics scholar” lol
5. One professor complained vehemently because there wasn’t enough lemon in the artichokes (it was a potluck so the professor who made the artichokes was offended)
6. Was okayed by department chair to haze the first year cohort
7. Walked in on a group of Ph.d. students reading a book about the Victorian fern mania
8. A screaming match ensued because our departmental Republican started spouting some anti-Middle Eastern bullshit
9. Got really rowdy (pretty much a shouting match) while discussing the use of the perfect tense in primary sequence indirect speech in Latin
10. Finally got kicked out of professor’s house
11. Saw an undergraduate girl projectile vomiting on the sidewalk while watching from the pub where we after-partied

Don’t ever let anyone tell you grad school isn’t fun.