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Love and loneliness: how Hanya Yanagihara learned to see

The Booker-nominated author of A Little Life has curated an exhibition of 12 photographers whose work expresses ‘the perennial mystery of being alive’ (via theguardian)


Ageing: The Brown Sisters, Hanwichport, Massachusetts, 1978

Nixon has photographed the four sisters of the Brown family every year since 1974, always arranged in the same order

Photograph: Nicholas Nixon/courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco


Ageing: Nicholas Nixon’s The Brown Sisters, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1989

‘Is there another series of art that is more honest about time than Nicholas Nixon’s brutal, awe-inspiring The Brown Sisters?’ says Yanagihara


Ageing: Nicholas Nixon’s The Brown Sisters, Truro, Massachusetts, 2010

‘What makes it memorable is its matter-of-factness … its cool-eyed refusal to turn away from something – the prospect of our own death – that frightens us all’


Day 45, 18:27 hours

Ash: “Yeah, and I don’t know about you, but I get that ‘calm before the storm’ feeling going on as well. Kaliko’s still plenty mad an’ I’m not sure how well Jayme’s new halo’s gonna stay on if she gets provoked.”

Choi: “I don’t understand why Kaliko didn’t just accept the apology. I mean for the sake of peace in the House if nothing else. It’s just dragging this whole thing out and making life unpleasant in here.”