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Kpop Boy GROUPS in 10 Years

BTS: After giving two years worth of paychecks to Namjoon, Taehyung gets a slot on Cypher pt.14. It becomes their lowest selling single, but BTS doesn’t notice as they are too busy trying to cover up the fact that Suga’s soul departed 8 years ago and they’ve been using his corpse as a puppet to still milk Army dry. 

Exo: Kyungsoo quit to become an actor after getting tired of grinding canes. Suho left to go “find himself” in the Bahamas, and Baekhyun currently leads the remaining members as they perform the Chinese version of “Wolf” at Norwegian birthday parties for pay.

Got7: Currently only has 6 members. BamBam was kicked out in 2017 after pulling down his pants and playing “helicopter” at a fan meet. Currently tours with Jay Park while Got6 has 23 reality shows and 14 movies under their belts.

NCT: Johnny resigns to become a DJ after debuting only once. Haechan is jailed after it was discovered he had been slowly poisoning Mark for years. WinWin tries to leave SM, but is offered a solo career under Yixing’s company. Cracks immediately under the pressure of singing more than 2 words.

Day6: After pleading with JYP for years, finally get to have all of their social media accounts back. Jae immediately begins posting pics of Chihuahuas in taco costumes while Sungjin and Young K start a new petition to stop including the word “day” in all of their album titles.

Infinite: Sunggyu never came back from the war. Woohyun is pretty sure he’s actually just hiding in the basement. The fairies came to reclaim Sungjong to their magical kingdom, and Dongwoo asked them to give him a ride to Africa on their way.

Big Bang: Somehow GD has 5 kids by 6 different women. Taeyang opened a gym. Top moved into a museum. Seungri is a happily married soccer dad, and Daesung disappeared in Japan with 3 geishas and a bottle of soju 4 years ago.

Super Junior: Henry and Kyuhyun perform at Karaoke Taco Tuesdays every week, while Leeteuk and Siwon try to get everyone to come together for one last concert that Heechul refuses to attend, because that’s his dogs special grooming day.

Block B: Will leave Seven Seasons and start their own company with Zico as CEO. P.O. has been revealed to have had a secret wife and child in Brazil for the last 8 years and Taeil will have to resort to tattooing his eyeballs from lack of skin space.

Vixx: 4 of the members married fans while Hyuk and Hongbin enjoy the crazy bachelor life. Still continues to do deep concepts and just wrapped up their video where they portray vulnerable, voodoo veterans from Vermont.

Monsta X: banned from Korea after performing naked in hopes of a number 1. Comes back with cute concept through Youtube and gets an all kill. not allowed in Korea to accept award. Award goes to Seventeen instead.

Ikon: hasn’t made a comeback in 9 years. Everyone has had 4 solo projects. Bobby and B.I. moved into Seungri’s abandoned man cave and are refusing to come out until they get a clothing line and matching miniature poodles.

Astro: After a dramatic image change after all becoming adults, Rocky is now modeling for Calvin Klein, Sanha has his own line of hair products, and they all just released a sensual love album called “Baby Let Me Rocket All Night”.

Seventeen: After teasing Carats for 10 years, finally does a dark concept but 11 of the 13 members are in the military so it’s just Jun and Minghao tap dancing in leather jackets while whistling “Mansae” in a warehouse.

B.A.P: Jongup and Yongguk and Himchan promoting together as a hip-hop group called BangHimUp, while Daehyun and Youngjae make a living off of soundtrack singles. All decide on a whim to dye their hair straight blonde again and all of Zelo’s falls out in the first 5 minutes.

Knk: First male group to be the spokesperson for a stiletto company. Has 3 albums devoted to the best of their ballads. No longer allowed on ASC ever since the “incident” and Seungjun and Jihun being forced to live in separate cities after the rumors become far too great.

SHINee: Everyone has split up for their own solo careers, but still come together for dinner every night. Minho is currently homeless after betting his house in an intense Monopoly battle with Key. Planning a reunion tour where the truth will finally be revealed about Jongtae.

Up10tion: Rebel after their 53rd comeback in 10 years. Tie Andy up and hold him for ransom until he agrees to let them rest and never perm their poor hair again.

Romeo: Decided to change their name to something that would bring them up on Google. Now debuting as “Hamlet” they continue to do cute concepts even though they’re almost over the hill and have mortgages and light bills.

24K: Has found global fame after creating the world’s first rational storyline….realizes most of the fame came because everyone was googling Bruno Mars. Accepts fame anyway.

Winner: Reunites again with Namtae. Quits YG after leaving a steaming pile of dog poop on his desk. Produces music that heals and restores all of our broken souls.

Counting Down My 8 Favorite Movie Mean Girls

I honestly wouldn’t be the woman I am today without some of these girls. Even though they are bitchy as hell they all have self confidence and don’t give a fuck about what anyone says. My next post will be a think piece on movie mean girls so keep an eye out for that! Enjoy my favorite bitches. *SPOILERS* but I’m honestly judging you if you haven’t seen movies 6 through 1.

8. Lindsay Edgecomb (Halston Sage)

Movie: Before I Fall (2017) [Read my review for it here]

Best Line: “Are you trying out for a tampon commercial?”

Lindsay is the newest mean girl since her film was out this year but she deserved a spot. She was certainly cruel but we found out why she was so mean which makes her soft which puts her at the top of the list.

7. Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne)

Movie: The Duff (2015)

Best Line: “And then she’s all like bitch if I wanted your opinion I’d ask and I was all like bitch if I cared what you thought I’d ask. Ugh, my grandma is so annoying.”

Madison is straight up just there to make your life a living hell. Most mean girls learn their lesson at the end of films but Madison gave zero fucks the entire time. Although she could be up there with the heavyweights she isn’t as iconic as the rest of the list so I’ll let her sit pretty at number 7. 

6. Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)

Movie: She’s All That (1999)

Best Line: “I could win this thing in fluorescent lighting, on the first day of my period, cloaked in T.J. Max OK?”

Taylor Vaughan was your typical 90′s mean girl. All she wanted to do was win prom queen and destroy an outsider’s life. She’s overlooked and honestly she’s just an unstoppable force. You could say she’s… all.. that. HA.

5. Jennifer Check (Megan Fox)

Movie: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Best Line: “It smells like Thai food in here. Have you guys been fucking?”

Jennifer Check is not only evil but the biggest bitch ever. The worst part is that she’s the meanest to her best friend. I mean sleeping with someones boyfriend is disgusting but eating someone’s boyfriend is unforgivable. Jennifer is number 5 cause she’s got a taste for petty and useless teenage boys. 

4. Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

Movie: Mean Girls (2004)

Best Line: “Good. So it’s settled. So you can go shave your back now. Bye Jason.”

Oh Regina George so beautiful, so iconic, and sharp as a tack. She’s ruler of Northshore high and her posse even has their own name. Not only did she make mini skirts and pink cool but she even learned to be nice in the end. Although Regina was a mega bitch she changed her ways and channeled her feelings into contact sports. I know all are you are probably thinking how can such an iconic person be number 4? Well when I post the next 3 ladies you’ll see why. 

3. Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Movie: Cruel Intentions (1999)

Best Line: “God forbid I exude confidence and enjoy sex.”

Kathryn is my favorite kind of bitch, rich bitch and the reigning queen of the Upper East Side. I can’t even begin to name the things that make her basically evil. She made a bet with her step brother that included sleeping with him, she ruined an innocent girl, and in the end she’s still maintaining her bad girl habits at her brothers funeral. If that’s not the definition of mean girl I don’t know what is. Blair Waldorf wishes she was her. 

2. Heather Chandler (Kim Walker)

Movie: Heathers (1988) 

Best Line: “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw do I look like Mother Teresa?”

Oh Heather C I do love thee. She was ruthless and literally was rude to everyone even her best friends. No wonder why Veronica wanted her dead. Heather literally watched Veronica puke at a college party and laughed after. I mean who wants to be friends with that? Heather started mean and she died mean too which places her on top at number 2. 

1. Courtney Shayne (Rose McGowan)

Movie: Jawbreaker (1999)

Best Line: “I killed the teen dream, deal with it.”

Oh Courtney my personal favorite. She had the hip 90′s outfits, a cool car, and a posse to follow her around. All l things you need to be Queen B. I like Courtney cause she’s great in a crisis. Someone witnesses you guys moving a dead body? Give her a makeover and make her cool. What kills me about this movie is that Courtney’s demise isn’t killing her best friend it’s turning a girl into a monster just like her. I mean to take down the best you gotta learn from the best am I right. Even when Courtney is getting screamed at at the dance she still doesn’t deny the fact that she literally killed her best friend with a jawbreaker. Courtney has the best compusure and the best lines and this is why she’s number one.

Life Path 2

Ruler: The Moon

Key Words: Nurturing, Harmonic, Private, Non-Confrontational and Gentle

Compatible: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7
Challenging: 3, 5, 8, 9

The Life Path 2 is cool, calm and collected. They aren’t bothered by much but they seek a lot of peace and harmony. They have the potential to be nurturers and levelheaded. Life Path 2’s are generous, loving and graceful individuals but can have difficulties drawing the line or forming boundaries. Often times, they tend to get hurt really easily because of this. A Life Path 2 can get taken advantage of so it’s best that they find friends that can help them or be on the lookout for them. They try to avoid confrontations or arguments and may be disturbed when being sucked into one.

Life Path 2’s can find and make friends quite easily because of their positive energy and loving spirit. They are the peacemaker and the mediator. They are, in a way, the glue that holds their friend groups together. They can be excellent at networking because people are greatly attracted to them. Life Path 2’s have the potential to soar great heights without becoming overbearing or letting their ego get in the way.

Once Upon a Waste of Time - An open Letter to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.

Dear Adam and Eddy,

After watching #OnceUponaTime #OUAT & had a chance to process it there are a number of things I’m really not happy or comfortable with and I would really like them addressed.

Why did you deem it perfectly acceptable to use the term “nut house” in the show? Please don’t ever use that term again. It’s stigmatising mental illness & there’s enough of that in the world already. It only endorses name calling being okay to use against those who suffer with mental illnesses.

The Q&A was talking of hope and belief. But when it comes to the marginalised oppressed groups it was pitiful in representation. In fact, the number of POC and LGBTQ characters you had on your show were extremely disproportionate to the real world. Most of your POC characters ended up with terrible fates. Such as Merlin, Stanham (Tin man), Marian, I don’t even remember what happened to Rapunzel… yikes! Only one POC couple Aladdin and Jasmine represented POC with a happy ending. I don’t even recall seeing any others present for happy endings. That’s how disproportionate it was with POC representation.

The one f/f queer pairing you had, which was written by two of your MALE employees in your writing team and therefore had no feminine perspective, was rushed together without development and made it into some stereotype of lesbians meet and fall in love in a day and move in together. That was eye rolling enough, but to top it off, they only got one episode out of six years of your show, and were not even even present for the happy endings moment. Seemingly nobody thought to invite them to the wedding, which even if the actresses couldn’t make, would have taken a moment to write in saying Ruby and Dorothy couldn’t make it, but send their love and congratulations. We didn’t even see them in Oz when Zelena took everyone back to her Emerald City castle.
I hate to break it to you guys but treating a f/f ship differently to that of the heterosexual pairings you have on the show, is not equality. It’s merely ticking a box to say yep we covered LGBTQ, and it is in that inequality that gave it the “I’m not homophobic… but” feel to it. The bottom line is that there shouldn’t be inequality. Even the disproportionate numbers of LGBTQ and POC characters to heterosexual and white characters ratio comes across as sexuality and racial inequality.

Regina being a middle aged Latina woman only got apples and dwarfs showing her acceptance which she has been getting for 4 seasons now. She’s happy with herself, I get that, but why did the Latina queen only ever get heartbreak in love and not even get a romantic love in her life for her happy ending? Are Latina’s destined to be without a lover? Or is it just middle aged women destined to be alone if they haven’t found a lover by a certain point? I understand she would have been grieving Robin, but there wasn’t even a hint of hope that she could be with someone in the future. Not a start of anything. Zelena being older than Regina didn’t have one either. So all the middle aged female fans who are currently alone right now, who watched the show for a bit of hope that maybe they would find love one day, didn’t get that hope as they weren’t validated.

I understand happiness doesn’t always involve having a lover in your life but to the marginalised oppressed groups Latinas, middle aged women, and LGBTQ, you didn’t deliver any substantial hope for them to believe that they too could find happiness because you did not represent them. Didn’t even represent anyone in the trans community at all. So all those people who watched with the hope of a “Modern Fairytale” didn’t take away with them a message of hope and belief as they weren’t accurately represented. They just took home the message that everyone else deserved a happy ending but them.

And the final thing I’m really annoyed with, is that you had the greatest love story with SwanQueen. Every single message on the show about what love is, they demonstrated. SwanQueen in my opinion, was the greatest love story never told. Six years and one kinda uncomfortable looking hug is unrealistic for best friends, especially with the way the actors were directed to play them, and with all the queer-baiting subtext. But to add insult to injury you have the same initial situation of a kid looking for and finding their parent, and have openly stated that Henry and his daughter’s mother who he will meet again will have an epic love story… so basically it’s pretty much SwanQueen but the heterosexual version of it. The SwanQueen story was so good, but just not heteronormative to tell on TV. I want to know, WHY? And please don’t use the excuse “family show” anymore because the sexual content of this show, albeit no sex was actually taking place in it, does not make this family viewing. Nor does violence and murder either.

I’d like some answers around this and not to be ignored or blocked because you don’t like me putting you in front of a mirror to examine yourselves. There was even a time you baited Swen in an obvious way by tweeting a script tease of a SwanQueen scene which you had cut from the show!

Adam, you have stalked Swen accounts and there are multiple cases where there is evidence of you doing that. I want to know why you used us for viewership if your heteronormative love story was something you were so certain of being successful?

You had a little over 12 million viewers at the start of your show. And the latest figures were around 2.8 million if I’m not mistaken. How do you deem this as success? You used Swen to keep you afloat for another season didn’t you? You could at the very least have the decency to be honest and admit that.

You’ve lost a viewer in me, not just with Once Upon a Time, but with all future shows you decide to create, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has made this decision. Once Upon a Time was sold as a “Modern Fairytale” but that was false advertising really. The only thing modern about it was the characters had cell phones and spoke of Hamilton tickets, oh and Snow White held a sword for the first time… 🤦🏼‍♀️ Big whoop! Nothing modern here or even groundbreaking. Same old story of predominantly white, cis gendered, heterosexual couples getting their happy endings and leaving everyone else lacking them. If that’s your idea of a “modern fairytale”, then I’m sure all your future endeavours as writers will be just as same old, same old.

Some more thoughts on Swan Queen and CS

1. I keep thinking about the scene where Emma was gathering Hook’s stuff to throw away. They did not have to put Henry in that scene. But they did. They did not have to have Henry interact with Emma even when he was in that scene. But they did again. What Henry did in that scene was showing zero concern about Hook’s absence and his mom’s breaking away from Hook. He only just took his headphone off for a second and asked “You OK?” It is very interesting.

2. The underworld true love test: What Emma did when tested was to put Hook’s life (for all she knew he was going to be killed if she abandoned him for her heart) over her own. The thing is, think about it, Emma (at that time, not the unrecognisable selfish and bullying person we saw for most of Season 06B) would do the same whoever that person happened to be. She would do that for her parents, for Henry, for Regina, for Robin, for Zelena, or even for a stranger, she would save them first. That’s just who she is (or was, should I say?). Not because she and Hook shared true love. Also, a big plot hole is, there was no guarantee that Emma would go through the test with Hook. What if someone else accompanied her?

3. Sharing one heart: I always find the sharing one heart thing very interesting. We know Snow and Charming could do it because they share true love and their hearts beat as one. Then in Season 5 Episode 20 (the underworld true love test episode), Emma tried to share her heart with Hook, which did not work. Why would Emma think of using this method is beyond my understanding. Snow came up with that idea because David lost his heart. Hook did not. He just died is all. Why would sharing a heart be the solution? I feel that it was just a clumsy way of bringing this heart sharing topic up, to make certain point. Question is, which point the writers were trying to make.

I personally think it is to hint that CS was not true love. We see that Emma held half of the heart on the way to put it in Hook’s chest, but before the heart touched Hook, Emma’s body suddenly rejected it. So they had to put her heart back. Hades’ explanation was that Hook had been dead for too long and his body had been rotting, hence it would not work. I don’t buy it. Firstly, it was not like the heart started failing after it entered Hook’s chest (hence affected by the rotting mess, whatever you call it), no. It started failing before it touched Hook. So it seems to me whatever caused it, it was not Hook’s body rotting on earth. Secondly, we just saw all the Dark Ones some rotted for hundreds of years having no problem finding a way back to life - if Hook’s plan succeeded. Nobody seems to think their body rotting would be an obstacle, so…

More interestingly, in the wedding episode, one line in the lyrics of Snow and Charming’s number caught my attention: There is powerful magic when two hearts are one. Again, they brought up this heart sharing topic. Sure, it could be nothing significant, just to make it rhyme. But it is interesting, isn’t it, to remind us in the CS wedding episode that someone did not manage to share a heart.

4. All the unfortunate parallels: just a few examples to make a point: First, in Camelot, there was one episode where Hook took Emma on a horse-ride and they ended up romantically kissing in a field filled with pink roses. Interestingly, in the same episode, the pink rose is the recurring theme. At the beginning of this episode, it was a symbol of the young love between King Author and his queen when they were kids. But it was also shown in the latter half of the episode that the pink roses turned to be a false appearance covering up the broken marriage, broken kingdom, that were both beyond amending. It was shown that Author used magic to charm his queen into “loving” him again, even though all was false. *cough* Doesn’t that sound familiar? ;)

Second, in S06E15, the very next episode after the first Hook proposal, there is a very interesting theme about Jasmine’s engagement ring. Except that it was not romantic. Jasmine lost her Agrabah after she was manipulated into accepting Jafar’s proposal and gave him the ring. I don’t think we need to discuss more about this parallel.

5. The red leather jacket: I was surprised to see that the writers in S05E20 (again, the underworld true love test episode) portray (on the face at least) the red leather jacket as a negative armour, a wall, a way of escaping rather than fighting and facing. I was surprised because throughout OUAT it has been shown as a positive sign, a parallel to Prince Charming’s outfit, and a symbol of THE Emma. Most striking example is in Season 3, when Emma got her memory back and was headed back to Storybrooke to save her family, right before leaving her apartment in Boston (or NY? Can’t remember), she said “just one last thing”, and brought out her red leather jacket to put on, with a very confident and very Emma smile on her face. So, yes, I was surprised. Then I was disgusted by how this protective wall armour theme was seemingly used to give context to what Emma said before the true love test. She said she guessed that she had her armour up for too long that she forgot she did not need it with Hook. More interestingly, we see in Season 06B that Emma was NOT wearing her red leather jacket most of the time. But in the wedding episode, before she finally needed to face the black fairy, she wore the red leather again. Same as the finale. I don’t really know why this was the case. But a simple explanation could be that she thought what she really was (a strong, badass, and kind woman) was an armour (symbolised by the red leather jacket), which she should not be needing around Hook. In other words, she thought she should give up what she truly was to be with Hook. That would not work obviously.

This also reminds me once again how Hook was always in the centre of the things that threaten to deprive Emma of who she really is. Her magic, for a starter. The sorcerer’s hat, the scissors, the cursed kiss (by Zelena), you name it. Regina on the other hand, was always the person that insisted on Emma being true to who she was. She was the one that admired Emma’s magic power and tutored her. She lost it at Snow and Charming when she heard that they agreed to let Emma give up her magic. She brought Emma back from her singing princess model. ;) She told Emma that Emma of all people should know that there was always a third way.

anonymous asked:

So, tell us more about this shit production of Heathers.

OKAY, so BASICALLY, this theatre company that’s really close to where I live puts on these shady illegal shows sometimes. And this one happened to be Heathers, because it was a few months ago well before unprofessional theatre companies could get the rights to it(i still don’t think they can?)

But SO, I only went to go see it because I knew someone who knew about the auditions and when it was happening and everything. Apparently there was a whole deal where they had to be really low key about casting and the performances where on wednesday night, and sunday night, at 8pm, and if THAT wasn’t shady af, they called it “The Clique” (not based off the movie the clique). And I would post a picture of the playbill if I hadn’t misplaced, it but basically RIGHT UNDER THE FAKE NAME IT SAID ‘heathers’ BUT THERE WAS A BIG OL’ NO SIGN AROUND IT, LIKE????? Also they didn’t bother to change character names so they honestly weren’t fooling ANYONE.

BUT ALL THAT ASIDE NOW TO THE PERFORMANCE. Basically the set was reused from a production of annie they did I think? But it was basically a city and heathers is set in the suburbs so it was a little weird. But so basically it started off, kind of not that bad, until veronica had to start singing. Because as much as i’m for following your dreams and doing your best and getting whatever role you deserve and yada yada yada, for a character with most of her musical numbers made for belting, this veronica COULD NOT BELT TO SAVE HER LIFE, like i felt kind of bad because she had an alright singing voice, but when she tried to belt it was like a little flute and????
And then to top off veronica, the ensemble was 4 kids who where playing the background students, and every time it got to chorus parts, it was just like, really off key talking? Which was like, okay whatever, but then for actors that only had maybe 2-6 lines to learn, NONE OF THEM KNEW THEIR LINES. I think there was one girl that stood out to me because she at least knew what she was supposed to say, but that’s a given. 

ANYWAY the casting was just bad, I felt like it wasn’t entirely there fault because not very many people auditioned for this shady production, but they didn’t have enough guys audition so they had to cut all of Dead Gay Son, and two girls where playing veronica’s parents (which is great! and all but the costumes they had on should have been switched to fit that 1980′s mom and dad cliche)
I think my favorite disaster of the show was Dead Girl Walking however, first off, veronica was wearing a sweater. which made the song kind of hard to do, because Veronica is supposed to unbutton her shirt… So they did the motions like she was taking off her shirt… But it was a sweater…………. Also JD and Veronica had NO stage chemistry, during the whole song they stayed at least a foot away from each other, it was just overall really awkward and uncomfortable and I had second hand embarrassment for DAYS. Also there where more than a few line- mistakes. I can’t remember all of them but my absolute favorite was “I’m glad I’m on the pill! I’m hot and also on the pill!!” like ‘Ronica really likes those pills i guess??

Candy Store and Big Fun where probably the only good multi-character songs in the whole show honestly. Big fun was mostly because the jocks where pretty funny and good character actors, and they also passed out little cups of jello for the “You need a jell-o shot!” line. But they cut out the whole section where Martha comes to the party, which is a major plot point and I still don’t understand why.

And for most of the songs, the didn’t have accompaniment or a back track, so they JUST SANG RIGHT OVER THE OFFICIAL RECORDING OF THE SONG. Someone had gone in and edited a version where the instrumental was louder than the vocals, but occasionally someone would say a line to fast and you would hear the track echo in the background. 

Basically it was just really bad and really shady and absolutely hilarious, and it was just a good experience and I am so glad I saw it. 

Khonjin House Heights

So this ask -

It inspired me to find out of the rest of the cast’s height and I hope no one has beaten me to it.

Here’s the summary:

Khonjin: 4′4″

Gay Spagger: 5′4″ (with hat)

Gino: 4′3″

Khonjin’s Dad: 5′10″ (with hat)

Pent: 6′4″ (x)

Smack: fuckall

Now to explain how I did it (long math explanation ahead):

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I don't know if you're gonna include this in chap. 4 but, or if you're still doing drabbles, but in case you are: could you do one fro "Mr. Mom"s' pov when he saw Y/N and Jungkook entering the company as he held the present in his hands - his jealousy is my daily fuel

Oh man, I said I wasn’t going to do a drabble yet until I got closer to the end of chapter 4 but I need this in my life so here it goes…

He hadn’t intended to get to work so early on a Sunday but if he stayed at home a moment longer he was going to combust.  He had expected to sleep in, enjoy a day without talking numbers, plans, or who had already fallen in line and who was putting up a fight but she was at his door so early that he had risen with the sun.  She had been in a reasonable mood for the hour and greeted him with a playful, “no rest for the wicked”, before she let herself into his condo.  Within an hour he had realized he would have to leave the condo to escape her claws for a few hours and figured work would be the last place she would expect him to flee to.  As he dressed for the day he spotted the black box on top of his briefcase and decided that if he was going to spend his day off at the office he might as well have a little fun while he was there.  

He purposefully waited in the corner of the lobby, his back pressed against the wall, one foot rested on the surface, as his eyes roamed the nearly empty space.  He had just been caught up in thought about the possibility of moving the company down another level in the building when he spotted you.  Your cheeks were bitten from the cold, the tip of your nose colored to match, and he would’ve lost himself momentarily in the way your smile stretched and pulled across your face, a playful little peek permitted every other step from behind the thick black scarf tied around your neck, if he hadn’t noticed the figure next to you.  He was dressed entirely in black, like a dark cloud that followed your every move, and Yoongi noticed the way he looked down at you next to him, a matching smile stretched across his own face.  Two of a kind.

The now all too familiar twisting sensation in his gut haunted him again.  His fingers tightened around the edge of the black box held under his arm and, before he had even decided to, he found himself pushing against the wall and walking swiftly towards the two of you.  Jeon clearly didn’t know his place if he thought walking in with you so brazenly into a building Yoongi’s family owned a floor in would have no repercussions.  

list the top 10 songs you’re listening to and then tag 10 mutuals

I was tagged by the lovely @alexanderhamllton and @l-nmanuel!

1. Paciencia y Fe - In the Heights Soundtrack*

2. The Choice is Yours (Revisited) (engine engine number nine on the new york transit line, if my train goes off the track PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT UP

3. Sign of the Times - Harry Styles

4. Hurricane - Hamilton Soundtrack*

5. Wrote My Way Out - Hamilton Mixtape (can you tell hurricane is my fav ham song)*

6. A Day in Falsettoland - Falsettos Soundtrack 

7. When We Were Young - Adele

8. Let’s Go Crazy - Prince

9. Love on the Brain - Rihanna

10. Unstoppabe (Outtake) - Moana Soundtrack*

*basically Lin consumes my musical life and that’s ok i think

I tag literally anyone who wants to do it! @ YOUGUYSOK !! Also tag me if you do it because I’d love song song recs!


Ryan, you’re Luke Skywalker. You’re battling Greg, who’s Darth Vader. When space adventurer Lando Calrissian, Wayne, comes in to help. Colin keeps entering as other Star Wars characters.
The trick is, every time they speak they have to use these exact number of words. Greg, you can only and always have to use 2 words, Colin you always have to use 3 words, Ryan you always have to use 4 words, Wayne you always have to use 5 words.


  • Send me a number and I will record an audio answer to your question!
  • 1) What got you into RP?
  • 2) Why did you chose this particular fandom?
  • 3) Why did you choose your muse?
  • 4) Do you prefer OC RP or canon character RP?
  • 5) A funny story about yourself.
  • 6) What do you do IN REAL LIFE?
  • 7) What is one of your dreams?
  • 8) How long have you been RPing?
  • 9) What is one thing you’re good at?
  • 10) What is one thing you’re not so great at?
  • 11) Feel free to add questions!
  • 12) What is your favourite line or stanza of poetry?
  • 13) Have you learned anything new in the last day?
  • 14) What is your favourite word, and why?
  • 15) Do you have any RP quirks or idiosyncrasies?
Blind Eyes (destiel au)

Dean didn’t really notice the small, nerdy, quiet guy in half of his classes until he accidently ran into him on the way out of class. Opening his mouth to yell at him for not looking where he was going, he focussed on the other boys eyes, they weren’t focussing on him. He squinted at the boy who had begun to splutter apologies, “S-sorry, I couldn’t see you,” even still the boy wouldn’t look directly at him, only in his general direction.

Just as he was about to demand the boy look at him he noticed the white cane in his hand, it took a moment but it finally clicked- the boy was blind. “No, no, it’s my fault,” Dean reassured, subconciously looking the other up and down in a quick check for any injury he may have caused.

“I’m Dean, by the way,” he introduced himself after a brief moment of awkard silence. The other boy smiled slightly, “Castiel,” the other offered his name in return. Dean ran a hand through his hair and looked at Castiel who was standing rigidly and he suppossed that was so he didn’t bang into anything.

“I could walk you home,” Dean spoke, he already felt bad for running into a blind kid and it wouldn’t be any trouble. “That is, if you want to,” he added, stuttering, “If you don’t already have a lift.”

Castiel smiled, “Thank you, Dean, I would much appreciate it,” he accepted gratefully. Balthazar, his friend who he usually walked with, was not in today. Reaching out awkwardly and fumbling he managed to grab hold of Dean’s forearm and brought his hand to his elbow.

To say Dean was startled was an understatement but he quickly understood that his hand on Cas’ elbow was for guiding. Thankfully, they were on the ground floor so there weren’t any problems with stairs. “So where do you live, Cas?”

“Garrison street,” came the reply, Cas had a deep voice for someone his age and it sent shivers up Dean’s spine. Of course Dean had to admit that Cas was quite attractive and he found his gaze drifting to Cas much more than he should considering Cas couldn’t even see his lingering looks.

“Wait, Garrison street?” Dean asked suddenly, “I only live a few streets away, how come I’ve never seen you around?” He was out most of the time and knew loads of people in the area due to his job at Bobby’s garage, he was surprised he had never even seen Cas if he lived so near.

Cas shrugged, “I don’t really go out all that much. It’s pretty pointless if I can’t see it,” there was a lack of the sadness in his voice that Dean would’ve have expected. Dean had always assumed that if you were blind you would give anything to see again.

“How long have you been blind?” Dean asked before he could stop himself. God, how rude can I get, he thought and screwed his eyes up in annoyance at himself. “You know you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.”

Once again, Cas shrugged, “It’s fine. Most of my life, I lost my sight in a car crash when I was three years old, I dont remember anything from before then so I just live with it. I dont know what I’m missing out on, therefore I cannot find room to care.”

Dean was stunned for a moment before chuckling, “Guess that’s a pretty good view to have about it,” this caused an upturn of Cas’ lips.

Cas was glad that Dean understood him, most of his family were annoyed that he didn’t mind. As if it personally offended them. Although he knew it was probably because they didn’t want him to have to accept a more difficult life.

“Which number?” Dean asked when they reached Cas’ street, hiding the disappointment in his voice that he would have to leave. Cas’ street was long, wide and had trees lining the path, overall it looked much more welcoming and homey than his own road only a few streets away.

“4.” Dean walked Cas down to his house, then up to his front door. Just in case anything happened. “Thank you, Dean,” Castiel thanked him sincerely and knocked three times on the door, “I appreciate you walking me.”

Dean shrugged then remembered Cas could not see him, “No problem, anytime.” It was true, he would walk Cas home anytime he asked, he’d had a surprising amount of fun.

The door was opened by a short guy with blond hair, “Who’s this?” the man asked obnoxiously. Cas rolled his eyes at his presummed brother, “Hello, Gabe,” he turned to look in the direction of Gabe, then back to Dean. “Good bye, Dean,” he smiled at Dean (well, his direction) then stepped into his house.


It became a regular occurance for Dean to walk Cas home, the only days he couldn’t were when he had football practice or when he had to drive Sam. They talked about anything and everything and over the next few months became quite inseperable.

Dean and Balthazar often clashed with each other, both mildly possessive and wanting to be the one to help Cas with things. Though he felt like their respective relationships with Cas were fairly different, but he didn’t know in which way.

Dean and Cas were sitting cross-legged across from one another on Cas’ bed. “Remember when we first talked? Well, Ive been thinking, I wish I could see what you look like,” he sighed.

“I know what you sound like, how tall you are, but not anything else,” Cas elaborated sadly. Dean felt his heart rate raise, why would Cas wanna see him of all things?

Dean swallowed, “I could describe myself,” Cas eagerly nodded. It took a moment for him to think, where do you even begin when decribing yourself to somebody who couldn’t see and didn’t remember colour?

“Well, I have kinda short blond hair. Sand coloured,” Dean hoped Cas could understand colours by associating feelings and experiences and went on to describe himself. “And green eyes, my mom says they’re candy apple coloured, with some honey tone flecks in them.”

When he looked up Cas was staring intently as if soaking everything it. That was when Dean realised that even blind eyes could blaze like meteors. “Do you know what you look like?” Dean whispered to which Cas shook his head no.

“You have really dark hair, like dak chocolate. And the brightest blue eyes that look like a raging sea. And really…pink…lips,” Dean trailed of in whisper.

He was only an inch or so away from Cas’ face and their breaths mingled in the space between them. His hand came up and tenderly cupped Cas’ cheek, testingy he brushed their lips together and when Cas didn’t pull away he pressed their lips firmly together.

There were no fireworks, or grand explosions, but it felt right. Complete. Cas kissed back and their lips moved together in a soft harmony with everything else fading away. Cas’ senses were alight and every touch was amplified, the gentle brush of Dean’s tongue along his lip sent shivers through his body. The first brush of their tongues together had them both whimpering and Cas clawing at Dean’s shoulders bringing him ever closer.

They only pulled away when they had to, for air, and rested their foreheads together. “Wow,” Cas whispered, he had never been kissed before but he was sure that it was the best way it could have gone. Dean chuckled and agreement and interlocked their fingers, “We should do this more often.”

Thanks to those who have followed me already :) I am open to requests so just send me what you want and I’ll write it for you XD

free-hugs-for-ghouls  asked:

Numbers for you 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 18, and 20!

Ty for the ask! :D 

1- What was their previous career?

After Nate was sent off to Anchorage, Ashley took up a job on one of the production lines at the Corvega plant in Lexington.

5- Family life prior to nuclear devastation?

It was basically just Nate and Ashley. Ashley’s own parents were completely out of the picture. Nate’s parents, and even his older brother, weren’t super enthused about him marrying Ashley so they made themselves scarce. The two of them were happy in the time they had together, though, spending their days after Nate’s return relaxing in the park, or touring the historical buildings around Boston and planning on how they’d take care of and raise Shaun after he was born.

6- Favorite kind of post apocalyptic food

It took a REALLY long time for Ashley to work up the courage to try wasteland dishes, but when she did, Mirelurk Omelettes and Brahmin Steak became her top favorite foods.

7- Worst mutation in their opinion

Ashley is definitely not a fan of Super Mutants, and what the FEV has done to them.

8- Opinion on Synths

As far as synths that AREN’T under the institute’s control, she’s perfectly fine with them and completely supports the idea of setting them free and letting them live out their lives like anyone else. Synths under the control of the institute that are out for blood on the other hand get no sympathy from her.

9- Worst memory so far

Her worst memory so far would probably be the time she got separated from her companions during an intense fight with Super Mutants in Natick Banks. She managed to duck away into a house that had partially fallen into the lake. Unfortunately for her, a raider that had been stalking her and her companions for the past few days had also ducked into the house. When she got distracted looking for medical supplies, the raider grabbed a loose pipe and knocked her out. She later woke up on the floor of a dilapidated motel, chained to a radiator. More raiders had showed up, and for what seemed like hours she was beaten and tortured before they took all of her belongings and dumped her in a shallow grave behind the dumpsters. Luckily she was later found by both Dogmeat and Hancock.

10- Best memory so far

One of her best memories is probably from the weeks following the destruction of The Institute. Everything had started to calm down, so she decided to start fixing up Starlight Drive-In. What had originally started out as planning out housing had quickly changed into digging through the old movie shed and attempting to fix the projector at the top of the diner. A few caravan visits, injuries, and a tiny bit of sanity loss later, she had managed to get the projector working again. She quickly sent for Preston to bring Shaun up from The Castle and sent out invites for her other companions to come to the practically empty settlement. The next couple of days were spent spending time together and cycling through the old films while occasionally setting up housing for future settlers.

14- Opinion on non feral Ghouls

Ashley absolutely loves Ghouls (unless they’re intentionally just huge assholes) and will go out of her way to stand up for them if someone is treating them like garbage.

18. answered here

20- Opinions on the war

200 years later she’s still somewhat bitter about the war. All of that meaningless fighting only destroyed and killed practically everything in the end.

I wish I could ask
How are you doing today ,
Or what your cat is doing,
Or if my CD is still in your car–

But I cannot.

The more I promise to stay away
The more I wonder
How I am living
Knowing that I no longer remember
What you sounded like
In the mornings I woke up next to you,
Nor do I remember
If your phone number ended in a 6 or 4.

The past me,
Oh so ever in love with you,
Would be so disappointed
That I moved on–
Knowing that you no longer linger
In my thoughts enough
For me to find the energy or courage
To try to find you in the lines in my palms
Once again.
So forgive me,

But I cannot.

—  Life moves forward without you, too.

anonymous asked:

Im in year 11 and will be entering sixth form in two weeks. I am not very good at the subjects i have chosen which are bio chem and maths (AS art). I would like to get a head start on them but i am unable to purchase any books because of the new curriculum, but do you know how i could get started or what i can do? and i tried to do some basic maths the other day and it really overwhemeled me. I dont know how to study exactly haha..

Things that saved my butt in STEM courses: Feel free to get a bowl of popcorn and watch some of these in lieu of your normal TV/movie time as a way to prepare. I personally spend a lot of time watching Crash Course for fun - the Thought Bubble animation is really cute!

General Tips for STEM courses: These courses tend to be more challenging for me, as I am definitely more humanities oriented. That said, I have picked up some good strategies to cope! 

  • Do. Your. Homework. Frustratingly enough, all my friends are math whizzes (nationally placed mathletes, math team captains…), and they can get away with not doing their math homework. For the rest of us, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!! Set out a specific time for homework, and…
  • Do your most difficult homework first. Save your easier assignments for last, when your brainpower (and willpower) is depleted. 
  • Check your answers as you go. There is very little that is worse than checking 30 math/chemistry problems and realizing you did them wrong. Checking as you go allows you to spot any conceptual errors ASAP, so you don’t waste time on homework!  
  • Memorize your formulas. It doesn’t matter if you get a formula sheet, memorizing your formulas will make your life go faster when you’re not constantly skipping around referring back to the formulas. Obviously, don’t just brute memorize your formulas and then “plug ‘n chug”, understand how the formula works. And then memorize it. 
  • Show all of your work. Yes, there are kids who can do things in their head and skip 7 steps in between. Most of us aren’t that kid. When I do homework, I like to write out the problem if it’s short, and then list out every step, circling the final answer at the bottom. This is advantageous for a few reasons: 1) If you don’t get the right answer, you can easily see where you went wrong, 2) It gives you a visual process of how you did problems, which is helpful when you’re reviewing conceps [having just a problem and an answer isn’t very helpful 4 months down the line!], and 3) on tests you can often get partial credit if you demonstrate mastery of the concept, but maybe messed up multiplication somewhere [it happens!]
  • Stay away from the calculator when you’re practicing. There are certain problems that require a calculator (graphing, certain integral problems, etc). On an exam, if you’re allowed to use a calculator, use it - it will make your life go faster. However, when you’re doing homework, do most of the math out by hand. It will take longer, yes, but you will develop a stronger number sense and ultimately down the line you’re setting a stronger foundation for yourself.
  • Do practice problems. Honestly, for STEM, the best thing you can do is just to find examples and practice problems and do them. Do them until you can’t get them wrong. Seriously. Tough love here. 
  • Review your tests after you get them back. Go after school, sit down with the teacher, bring a fancy colored pen (I used purple for all of mine!) and go through all the questions you got wrong. Note down the skills to improve - was it basic math facts you got wrong, or did you not fully understand the concepts? Ask how you can improve for the next test.
  • Keep your old tests. I keep all my tests from these subjects, as they are GREAT review material for cumulative exams. For midterms/finals/AP exams, I simply pulled out my tests and did practice problems from each of them. If you have the time, just redo the entire test. If not, pick questions that you specifically had trouble with to redo. 

Whew, that was a long post. Kudos to anyone who made it down here! You’re the best. 

~ Ellie

That’s right. All those “big changes” I was talking about? They weren’t just lies so I could stop filling requests, I swear. I’m super excited to present a new series for this blog: Top Ten Fics. This is an idea I got from the absolutely wonderful werewolfwagon (an excellent Sterek fic source). I’m not sure what the time frame on these will be, but hopefully I’ll be able to do one every month or so. 

This month’s theme is fluff.

It was a serious struggle to narrow this down to ten, and then order them. Undoubtedly I’ve forgotten some, but hopefully I’ve got the main ones on here. Note: Because this is my top ten fluff fics, this list is based off of personal preference, not the fandom’s collective preference.

1. and stand there at the edge of my affection (coloredink | 2,683 | PG)

“You’ve written love letters,” Sherlock asserted.

2. Two Coffees One Black One With Sugar Please Series (Linpatootie | 25,419 | G to NC-17)

A somewhat pointless experiment on Sherlock’s behalf leads to John having to re-evaluate pretty much his entire life.

3. The Important Bit (solshine | 9,984 | PG)

Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other.

4. Duvet (Green) (Mazarin221b | 2,021 | PG)

Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.

5. Random Numbers (songlin | 1,672 | PG)

Just because they’re not having sex doesn’t mean they aren’t intimate.

6. No Mushrooms Please Series (Ibmisscharlie | 5,456 | PG)

The two working in tandem, silently anticipating each other’s needs, is not unfamiliar to Greg, as they have become something of a smoothly oiled machine at crime scenes, but their easy comfort in such a domestic setting still surprises him.

7. A Quiet Murmuration (cathedral_carver | 4,684 | PG)

Just pay me back with one thousand kisses.

8. A Silver Sixpence (_doodle | 16,399 | NC-17)

John, we need to get married. 

9. Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) (out_there | 8,666 | PG)

The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. There’ll be some logic to this. Some ridiculous experiment about body warmth or respiratory rates or testing a new way of picking pockets. Sherlock does the unimaginable for bizarre reasons, but behind it, there’s always logic and curiosity. Sometimes, it just takes him a while to explain it to John.

10. Seventeen Letters (out_there | 2,357 | PG)

“I love Sherlock,” John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn’t change anything. Sherlock’s still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password.

Also, I just have to do a quick shout out to Dates of Vast Importance, The Real Meaning of Idioms, The Internet is Not Just For Porn, The Velveteen Doctor, Corpus Hominis, A New Kind of Communication, As I Love You, A Bit Backwards, and The Battle of Bakerloo

And, of course, here’s my fluff tag if you’re craving more.

Back in February, soon-to-be-Dead guitarist Trey Anastasio gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine in which he said he suspected the Dead would play about 60 songs over the three nights that will comprise the band’s Fare Thee Well concerts in Chicago in July.

The concerts are set for July 3, 4 and 5 in Soldier Field, site of the final Grateful Dead show on July 9, 1995.

“My list was called ‘60 Songs It Would Be Sad Not To Hear One Last Time.’ It came in about a minute,” the Phish frontman told the magazine. “Then Bob (Weir) sent me this email: ‘I’ll help ruin your vacation. You can learn these 60 songs.’”

So it seems a safe bet that the Dead - Weir, bassist Phil Lesh, drummers Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, Anastasio and keyboardists Bruce Hornsby and Jeff Chimenti - will play three-score songs before the band exits the stage for the final time. 

Before that horrible moment arrives, Sound Bites offers these non-binding predictions for entertainment purposes only and in no particular order.

i) Drumz (X3) Because that’s what this band does when Hart and Kreutzmann are on board.

ii) Space (X3)- Because that’s what this band does when it bills itself as the Dead.

1) Darkstar - Back in the Grateful Dead days, this was the song to see. It’s been way overplayed in the intervening years, but the Darkstar will shine one last time in Chi-town this summer.

2) U.S. Blues - This song always appears when any Dead member plays Independence Day.

3) Scarlet Begonias/Fire on the Mountain - We’re going to count these two as one. This pairing was the sign of a good, nay great, show and Anastasio joined Furthur for a hot version at Lockn’ in 2013, so this is a sure bet.

4) Dancing in the Street - An intermittent cover in the GD’s repertoire over the years, this one is in because of the line, “they’re dancing in Chicago.” I’m hoping for the disco arrangement of 1976.

5) Unbroken Chain - Although the GD only brought this song to the stage in 1995 and the legend that the band’s days were numbered if it ever appeared proved true, Lesh is guaranteed to play his best-loved song.

6) Cassidy - The shows take their name from this song’s lyrics and the refrain sums them up perfectly: “Fare thee well now/let your life proceed by its own design/nothing to tell now/let the words be yours I’m done with mine.”

7) The Music Never Stopped - A potential show opener and the perfect opportunity to welcome Donna Jean Godchaux back to the fold (Oh please, oh please, oh please).

8) Uncle John’s Band - There’s no way around it: this is the quintessential Grateful Dead song. However, without some backup singers on board, the harmonies could be horrendous. 

9) Not Fade Away - A potential show closer and one last opportunity for Deadheads to be band members.

10) Sugaree - One of Jerry Garcia’s signature songs and a great vehicle for jamming.

11) The Eleven - Preceded by …

12) St. Stephen - The Grateful Dead finally gave up on this tune for good in 1983 and abandoned “The Eleven” much earlier. But this pairing was a mainstay of the Live Dead era and has been played by every post-Garcia get-together.

13) Playing in the Band - Duh.

14) Estimated Prophet - Arguably Weir’s quirkiest song; a real oddball in 7/8 time and a must for Chicago.

15) Aiko Aiko - It’s just so damn fun and fun is what the weekend is all about.

16) The Days Between - I think this song sucks. But the fans love it and it’s Robert Hunter’s summation of the Grateful Dead’s journey through 1993. It’ll be played and Sound Bites will take a seat while it is.

17) Morning Dew - Garcia’s drop-dead show stopper has typically been anticlimactic in the 20 years since his death (major exception: Philly 2009). But it’ll make an appearance and the band just might do it justice.

18) Loose Lucy - “Thank you for a real good time!”

19) The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) - To the best of Sound Bites’ knowledge, the Grateful Dead never played this fan favorite from the band’s debut album. But it’s gotten a workout over the past two decades and seems like a shoe-in for Chicago.

20) If the Shoe Fits - Just kidding.

20) Childhood’s End - Ditto.

20) Just LIke Tom Thumb’s Blues - This Bob Dylan song was Lesh’s main vehicle on the road back to singing lead and, besides, it ain’t “If the Shoe Fits” or “Childhood’s End.”

21) Let it Grow - One of the Dead’s most interesting pieces of music and a Weir standby.

22) The Other One - It’s comin’ around. Guaranteed.

23) Touch of Gray - Double duh.

24) Terrapin Station - It’s not a matter of “if,” but “how much?” Although the Grateful Dead played the entire suite only one time, here’s hoping the Dead do it a la Furthur.

25) Feel Like A Stranger - One of Weir’s funkiest numbers and always a great opener.

26) Help on the Way/Slipknot!/Franklin’s Tower - Although post-Garcia incarnations of the band have sometimes split this trilogy, these songs belong together and they belong in the final shows.

27) Me and My Uncle/Big River - Weir loves his cowboy songs and like animals on the ark, they always come in twos. “Me and My Uncle” was performed 616 times between 1966 and 1995, according to “Deadbase,” so it’s a given. It’s set mate could be “Big River” or “Mama Tried” or “Mexicali Blues.”

28) China Cat Sunflower/I Know Your Rider - “Gonna miss me when I’m gone.” *sniff*

29) Mississippi Half-step Uptown Toodeloo - “Toodeloo” = “Fare Thee Well.”

30) Believe it or Not - A long shot, but the perfect song for the final stand. “Makin’ music together in a world time forgot…”

31) Wharf Rat - Because … “Wharf Rat.”

32) One More Saturday Night - Because Bob Weir is performing on a Saturday night.

33) Jack Straw - Sung by Weir and Hornsby.

34) Let the Good Times Roll - Sung by Hornsby, Weir and Anastasio.

35) Peggy-O - Sung by Lesh, Hornsby, Weir and Anastasio.

36) They Love Each Other - The fast version - sung by Lesh.

37) Brown Eyed Women - Sung by Weir with Lesh taking the “old man” line.

38) Eyes of the World - Among the Dead’s best songs and a great vehicle for Anastasio to show skeptical Deadheads what he’s got.

39) Truckin’ - Weir will forget the words and the crowd will go bonkers.

40) He’s Gone - And nothing’s gonna bring him back.

41) Good Lovin’ - A rave-up that’s guaranteed to appear toward the end of the first or second show.

42) Sugar Magnolia - A rave-up that’s guaranteed to appear toward the end of the first or second show.

43) High Time - It will be a high time and “High Time” will be played.

44) Ramble On Rose - Take us to the leader of the band.

45) So Many Roads - Garcia sang a heart-breaking version at the Dead’s final show and this song will fall flat because of that.

46) Bird Song - To be renamed “Swan Song.”

47) Day Job - Just to fuck with people. It’d be fantastic and you know it.

48) Samson and Delilah - Because Bob Weir is performing on a Sunday night.

49) Operator - A nod to Pigpen and a Phil and Friends favorite.

50) Ripple - Toward the end, to take us home.

51) Dear Mr. Fantasy - A nod to Brent Mydland.

52) Friend of the Devil - The fast version sung by Weir.

53) Casey Jones - For all the local weekend warriors.

54) The Last Time - Sadly, it will be.

55) It’s All Over Now - I get it.

56) It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue - Alright, already.

57) Black Muddy River - The penultimate Grateful Dead song will be among the last Dead songs.

58) Brokedown Palace - “Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell.” Chokes me up just thinking about it.

59) And We Bid You Goodnight - A cappella and emotional.

60) Box of Rain - The last song the Grateful Dead played will be the last song the Dead play. Will Lesh sing the resolving “there” or end with “to be”?

We’ll find out soon enough. 

  • me: how do people even keep up with all those story lines and characters, how can you watch 5 shows at once?
  • me: knows the name, number and points for every player on 4 separate nhl teams
  • me: knows team usa and team canada's world juniors roster
  • me: knows the salaries of half the NHL
  • me: knows 80% of hockey players by full name and nick name
  • me: has the sechedule for three teams memorized
The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Requesting A Raise

The problem with asking for a raise is that there are only a few ways it could go right, and so many ways it could go wrong.

1) Don’t obliviously make your request during budget cuts.

2) Don’t ask when you haven’t been performing at your best or exceeding expectations.

3) Don’t ask when your boss has an overloaded plate.

4) Don’t complain or whine.

5) Don’t bring up your personal life.

6) Don’t act entitled to the raise.

7) Don’t become adversarial. 

8) Don’t throw out your target number.

9) Don’t use a counteroffer when you’re not actually prepared to leave.

10) Not handling rejection well. 

The bottom line is, throughout your negotiation, you want to keep things positive.