life moths to flames

Life advice: 
Always be the best person you can be. Be kind even when you’re tired. Be understanding even when you’re angry. Do more than you’re asked, and don’t ask for anything in return. Don’t silently expect anything either. Listen when someone talks, and really listen too, stop just thinking of how you’ll reply. Tell people that you love them and that you appreciate them. Go out of your way to do things for people. Be the greatest person you can possibly be and when you mess up, make up for it in the next moment or minute or day. One thing you should never do? Never spend your time trying to prove to anybody that you’re great, your actions will speak for themselves and we only have limited time on this earth, don’t waste it. If someone doesn’t see your light, don’t worry. Like moths, good people are attracted to flame and to light, and they will come.
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All About Taurus: The Bull


Taurus’ archetype is stable, practical, and sensual; all traits that tie into nature and the earth. Taurus is considered to be the artist of the zodiac, creating art through physical and visual means.

As for the concrete facts, Taurus is the second astrological sign of the zodiac. The sun transits through this sign from about 21st April to 21st May, meaning that all born on or between these dates are Taureans. The Bull is a fixed sign, and is also a part of the earth signs alongside Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus. In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and passion. Taureans display a multitude of different Venusian traits, such as affection, self-indulgence, harmony, and refinement. The way and area of life in which these traits manifest depends on where Taurus energy can be found in one’s chart.

In my explanation, I will describe how Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Taurus show themselves in one’s personality.

Taurus Sun

The Sun sign represents the core of one’s personality, how your friends would describe you to someone. Having Sun in Taurus can indicate an ambiverted, headstrong and reliable individual.

Taurus people are generally viewed as solid and unchanging; traits that can be attributed to the fixed nature of the Bull. Due to this, they are very dependable, and will be a steady companion whenever needed. They feel very protective of their friends and loved ones, which can make them prone to strong feelings of jealousy.

If you do happen to be friends with a Taurus Sun native, you’ve most likely ticked all the boxes on their list of requirements, as they are fairly selective in who they become close with. However, once you attain this level of closeness, your Taurus friend will be fiercely loyal to your relationship.

To change the mind of a Taurus is equivalent to convincing Donald Trump that climate change is, in fact, real. Impossible. Their will is set in stone, as are their opinions. They don’t have a care in the world about your opinion if it contradicts theirs, and they will stand by it until hell freezes over.

Taurus Moon

The moon sign represents one’s emotional side, the inner self. It also shows how the individual navigates their feelings, and can also be used to determine what they need in love.

People with this particular placement need a sense of familiarity, and may be the type to attach sentimental value to anything and everything. This can potentially lead to hoarder-like habits. They have a tendency to speak before they think, however they still manage to be well-liked social butterflies.

If these people really want to become close with you, they’ll try to remember every little detail about your personality and all of your interests. They seek a pleasurable life much like how moths seek flame, and won’t rest until they feel satisfied with their situation. Although contentment may seem hard to reach, Taurus Moon people are pleased with simplicity.

Taurus Rising/Ascendant

The rising sign, also known as the ascendant, represents first impressions, physical appearance, and mannerisms. The ascendant is the vibe or aura you give off to others. People who don’t know you very well may guess your sun sign to be your rising sign.

Those with their Rising sign in Taurus do not come across as particularly intimidating, but rather they appear easygoing. Could be described as gentle giants. Taurus Risings also are seen as rather inviting and familiar people, who choose to keep their anger beneath the surface.

Physically, people with a Taurus Ascendant have the same Venusian beauty as any other Taurean. Their movements are deliberate, slow, and plodding. Most likely have a good sense of style, and enjoy neutrals more than any neon. Those with their Ascendant in Taurus are most likely exceptionally well-mannered and polite.

Taurus Mercury

Mercury dictates how one thinks, processes information, as well as their speech and communication. Essentially, Mercury represents the mind. People with Mercury in Taurus are often judgemental people, whether they want to be or not. Once they have made a judgement, it is extremely difficult to change their views. When it comes to decision-making, those with a Taurus Mercury often mull over their options extensively before drawing a conclusion. They generally have a fondness for debate considering their very strong opinions, and strong need for others to share them. They can be very good at persuading others due to their refusal to let go until they get what they are seeking from another person. Their speech is paced and deliberate.

Taurus Venus

Venus determines how the individual behaves when in love, and how they express their sensuality. Venus is at home in Taurus, and people with this placement embody the most stereotypical traits of Venus. Those with their Venus in Taurus enjoy stability and security in both their life and in their relationships. They enjoy expressing their affection through the senses, such as offering you a massage after a hard day, lighting candles with a comforting scent, or preparing a home-cooked meal.

However, these people are highly possessive of the people they truly care about. Be prepared for the prospect of them becoming jealous, and in extreme cases, controlling. If a Taurus Venus shares themselves and their interests with you, they most likely feel a deep sense of trust within the relationship, as they are typically not the sharing type. People with a Taurus Venus are very commitment-oriented, and have a very “ride or die” mentality.

Taurus Mars

Mars embodies hostility, and how one acts in sexual encounters as well as arguments. People with this placement are very scary when it comes to their anger. They are certainly ones to hold grudges, but they will never forgive nor forget, either out of genuine hurt or out of pride. It takes more than a petty disagreement to get a Taurus Mars ticked off. Every single button needs to be pushed for their anger to finally erupt, and erupt it will. They are overpowering, and will be as blunt as possible about what has pissed them off. Not one for second chances, many Taurus Mars don’t tolerate repeated offences. However, these people are practical and don’t really see much of a point in being angry.

Happy Taurus full moon!

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why did his trance kill jameel though? should we be concerned?

his trance didn’t kill jameel,, he’s so in love with Jameel that he “burned” and “ate” the concept of his distinct self, as in Saboor himself. Jameel is just the fire. 

it’s ,, like the Moth in the Flame Sufi allegory, where you have to destroy your separate sense of self in order to fully merge with the metaphorical Beloved 

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 15

‘The moonlight casted a grey hue on his skin and he looked ethereal, like he belonged in a different world. She wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.’

tiny bit of fluff woven in amongst the horny teenager sexytimes soooo this part is NSFW

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When Rhys had arrived home that day, the left hand side of his face a smattering of bruises and blood on his shirt, Ines had almost thrown a fit.

Rhys had took it all, he sat down when his mother berated him for getting himself into such a mess, then he was berated for not using his self-defence and martial arts training that all Spera’s went through as a result of his father’s job. She then hugged him and kissed and made him tomato soup.

Mothers, Rhys thought as Ines was tucking him into bed loaded with a bowl of soup and snacks. It was only a couple of bruises. But was Rhys going to deny all this positive attention? Absolutely not.

“Has Cassian been given the same treatment?” asked Rhys, dunking the bread into the soup.

Ines took a deep breath, “Cassian isn’t here.” Rhys looked at her in confusion and it took a few moments for Ines to speak, like she was reluctant to get the truth out. “He left this morning, he wasn’t hungover, he told me that. He just told me that he needed to go somewhere and that he would be back tonight. Then he told me to trust him.”

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Sun in Taurus is a feminine fixed Earth element Sign symbolized by the bull. Taurus, being ruled by Venus, brings a Venus nature to the ego of a person born under the Taurus Sun.  Like the Bull it is symbolized by, The Taurus Sun identifies with being stable, steady, strong and reliable.  Being influenced by the nature of Venus; pleasure, happiness and comfort is often a prime focus of the actions taken in life.  Taking the steps to achieve comfort is prime focus in life. Taurus is all about value systems and the Taurus Sun will work for what it values.

The influence of the earth energy of Taurus on the ego makes for being very disciplined and determined in order to achieve stability.  The earth nature brings much practicality in life.  Taking the time moving through life in a comfortable and cautious way to promise security is vital.  Very little , if anything, is done impulsively to upset the important comfort zone.  Taurus brings with a need to make small calculated cuts; which aids in lettering things slowly fall into place.  Discipline and the need for security work seamlessly to help achieve the Venusian need to secure pleasure and comfort.

The Sun in Taurus identifies strong with a desire for security to promoting self sustenance through financial means.  A main desire of the Taurus energy is sticking to the core values that are important, but also importantly realizing money is a key driver in life.  As the ruler of Taurus, Venus, loves luxury and comfort and these things require money.  The Taurus Sun is usually inclined to work to reach a level of financial wellness to promote their values.  Usually this entails working hard to achieve a sustainable level of income to make their life comfortable.  Whatever is desired is usually approached with patience, so savings are something of the utmost important to the Taurus Sun.

Sun in Taurus loves to enjoy sensual things that Venus represents.  Seeing joy in life is a main driver of the life force of earth energy and this is attained through Venusian interests.  A love of the finer things in life draws them like moths to a flame.  Since Venus loves pleasure through the senses anything that engages the senses is sought to bring joy.  Fine foods, music, things that smell pleasant, feel comfortable or look beautiful are appealing.  Sexuality is also enjoyed greatly because of the pleasure it brings.  Working to experience these finer points of life keeps Taurus going.  

A potential struggle for desire of ownership can bring with it the more negative traits of Venus.  The Taurus energy can be quite a possessive nature; so whatever is valued usually needs to be possessed for their sole pleasure.  This can make them great collectors of whatever their heart desire years for.  However a lazy side of Taurus can rear it’s head.  If they are working hard to attain items of pleasure and not just for financial security they can be inclined to quit working hard once they attain what they seek.

The planetary ruler of Venus being Taurus can make people with the Taurus sun very artistic.  An enjoyment of music is ingrained into the character and of most pleasure artistic offerings enjoyed.  Music tends to relax and bring with it a sense of comfort; whether listening to attempting to perform it.  A good Taurus day is one where they can rest in a comfortable setting they created while listening to beautiful soothing music.  It soothes their soul and with it comes a desires to not be separated from the joy they experience.  While music is number one; any kind of artistic pursuit like painting, drawing, sculpting and the such can be pursued if the rest of the chart supports it.

Sun in Taurus reaches a place of contentment when safety and comfort is achieved from more then just material things.  This can stretch to anything they value; including situations, relationships or routines.  Relationships can be vitality important.  A Taurus Sun can be a bit standoffish and a bit shy; but once they warm up to a situation or person they can be steadfast and loyal.  The safety net earth energy loves can come from the relationships and situations that are built.  If relationships supportive of their needs; then the Taurus Sun will return the favor and give back loyalty.

A Taurus Sun can be prone to the negative side of Venus.  If not careful, one can be prone to overindulgence in beautiful things.  A Sun Taurus won’t be known for getting themselves into debt unless other parts of the chart support it; yet it is possible.  The biggest issues lies in being to comfortable and not working hard enough once they achieve that plateau of comfort.  Being challenged outside the comfort zone can cause a stubborn reaction with very little desire to press the boundaries.  Inflexibility and inability to change can be a marked part of the core personality.  One big short coming is relying more on practical choices as opposed to relying on emotions to fuel the willful drive.

Sun in Taurus can be prone to depression and sulk around in comfort when they are unhappy.  Getting stuck in depression at times can lead to not working to improve the sensual quality of life desired.  Inversely unhappiness may also lead to closing out the world and embellishing in sensual arts; which can lead to issues pushing themselves due to their stubborn mindedness once they are set. Sun in Taurus may also get so comfortable with their partners that sometimes they stay in dead end relationships just for the sake of the comfort.  Also they can be possessive of objects they own, and when they are single they can seem married to their luxuries of comfort instead of pursuing people.

The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Taurus shows a father who carries a earthy nature about him.  He carries a down to earth, practical and responsible way about him.  The father carried a strong value system and was most likely very fixed on what he believed.  He was most likely a hard worker and a great provider; but also very patient as parent.  He understood the value of providing the necessary means for survival.  Venus ruled over his life making indulgence, comfort, luxury and pleasure important. Food was probably a priority to him, at the very least providing abundance of it.

The father may of been a very possessive person, owning or collecting many things. Providing possessions like toys or gifts could of been a way to show love to a child.  On the downside of his personality the father could of been a very stubborn person, inflexible and very stuck on his ways.  Laziness may of been an issue, especially when overly comfortable.  Fights may of occurred because  of the father’s fixed opinions and struggles to see things in others ways. Regardless of negative traits being a great provider was probably his defined role as a parent.  Providing comfort to his children was and is the utmost priority.

Worth nothing is that the core ego and willful drive ruled by the sun, while fixed, can be subject to modification by other planetary influences.  The rest of the chart needs to be studied in order to determine if other planets are burned or eclipsed by the Sun. These scenarios can modify the ambitious drive or functional nature of how the ego is molded.  It is important to note the Sun can represent the father and any aspect to the sun can influence heavily their presence in the early development (and onward) years of life.

But can we talk about those flashbacks Oliver has? 

that first meeting

(he’s been in the dark for so long it’s all he even knows anymore… he’s been living in this dull, focused work of black and white, knowing colors from afar but never really seeing them… and suddenly, there’s color everywhere, splashes, strokes, streaks of them… there’s something that just glows and he’s like a moth, stunned by the life in that flame… it’s the first time he remembers someone knowing he’s lying and calling him out on it in a manner that genuinely moves something inside him, makes his lips curve and before he knows it, he’s surprised himself by smiling back at this glowing life of color… the reason he’ll always remember it was red…)

that first date

(where he finally picked up the courage to ask her out. he’s never had trouble asking anyone for a date but with her it’s different, he’s different. and he remembers being such a nervous wreck, because he’s taking that first step towards happiness with the woman he knows he loves… and then he sees her and everything blanks for a moment. he’s never seen her look more beautiful than she does right in that moment, waiting for him with a nervous smile and soft eyes and just… waiting for him… and he just falls more in love with her, right there…)

that first kiss

(the first time he held her face in the palm of his hands, his lips against hers, breathing her in, knowing deep into his bones that there would never be another woman for him, not as long as he lived… he memorizes this moment, so completely that he can recall it as he feels himself dying on a cold mountain, or see it in a place of everything strange. this kiss became his homing beacon, in his own mind…)

that first time

(after he knew he had to stay behind and here was no changing anything, after she’d given him the greatest gift a woman could give a man - her heart, her body, her soul, after telling him he was beautiful and she was so proud of him in so many million ways, after months and months of loving her from afar, from knowing he would die and kill for her happiness, after months of being a man committed to a woman in his heart, his body, his soul, she opened her arms to him, she accepted him. he’ll never forget that night for as long as he’ll live, not only because they made love for hours, culminating the desire that had been simmering between them for years, but also because it had been a dying wish for him, a memory of beauty in a future of dark, a memory that would give him strength in the time to come, sustain him, inspire him, and make him go back to her…. for that night, he was just Oliver and she was just Felicity and they loved each other with everything inside them)

that first proposal to the woman he loved and almost truly losing her

(he’s held so many limp bodies in his life, more than any one man should, seen blood flow out of loved ones mouths as they’d taken that last breath in his embrace… he’s held her body so many times, in so many ways, in so many moments in his arms, with love and laughter and passion and intensity… he’s held her even when she’d been limp, when her head had lolled and he’d carried her to safety, feeling her breathe in his arms… but this was different… because they’d just been kissing, just been looking at the ring he’d finally placed on her finger after harboring it for months, just asked her for the commitment of a lifetime - body, heart, and soul - and she’d smiled and cried and clung to him and said yes… she’d just made him the happiest man on the face of the earth, the happiest he’d ever been in his life, the happiest he’d never thought he’d be… and it was gone… and he could feel it in his bones… this was bad… he was losing her, in perhaps more ways than one… she wasn’t waking up and she was hit and he knew what a straight bullet to the back could do and he was panicking because no, god no, not her… not like this… not with blood coating the ring on her finger…)

that first time he married her

(he’s married her in his heart a hundred times already - with his eyes, his hands, his mouth, every part of his flesh and every part of his being… he’s married her in every way a man can marry a woman in his heart, his everything hers, he hers, for better or worse, for life… he’s been working on his vows for months now, and the moment he has her here, he knows he screwed up, and he knows she still loves him, and he knows this won’t forgive or win her back but he needs her to know, he needs to do this for himself, because baring his soul to her had always been simple, baring his heart to her, telling her she’s his always and he just wishes to be hers, sliding that ring on her finger, even for a few moments, in his heart they’re married right then - even if she’s hurt, even if he’s messed up, even if it’s all fake… for him, it’s never been more real, in the same venue he couldn’t bring himself to cancel and the same dress she was going to wear… in this moment, he’s married her… for the first time…) 

Nothing screams ENDGAME like a man who’s forgotten everything, lost in his own mind, and finds himself guided back home by the sheer memories of the woman he loves. He leaves his perfect life behind to go back, in part, to be with her, where he knows he can speak her name the way he does and her eyes would soften in the way they do.

Felicity Smoak is Oliver Queen’s always. 

And this episode proved than a million times.

Jax Teller x Reader

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2

Never in a million years did you think you’d become friends with a biker, especially not after leaving a similar lifestyle back home. Being the daughter of a cartel king meant danger but you had no say in what you were involved in; which most of the time it meant nothing. You were constantly being targeted with no real say in anything. So you chose to leave; your family disowning you for your choice which is how you ended up in such an unassuming town. You were going to fly under the radar; you wanted to get married have that white picket fence, the 2 kids and live happily ever after. Then Jax Teller showed up in your life and you were drawn in like a moth to a flame.

A month had gone by where he’d drive up with Donna afterschool and somehow would end up talking to you for a good hour after school. At first you tried to sell him the story you told everyone of why come to Charming, yet he saw right through you. He settled for “it’s complicated,” but you knew he would press for more. Just last week you were able to tell him why, trusted him enough to know he wouldn’t run away when you told him your secret. You haven’t seen him since. You replay that conversation over and over in your mind trying to decipher what you said wrong but nothing came to mind. You were left feeling like a fool; it was for the best of course, having ties to that sort of lifestyle pushed away most people and you were in a relationship. You were starting to feel more than a pull towards the handsome man and that wouldn’t please David Hale.

Friday after school you’re at the grocery store when you see a few guys come in followed by the man who plagued your thoughts. So this is the famous Sons of Anarchy, you think to yourself. Donna told you about the rest of the guys once; never really getting into details but she explained to you the kutte and how they were more of a family than just a motorcycle club. You smile at the older cashier who is asking you about your relationship with her favorite Deputy Chief. She was also the same cashier at their favorite restaurant in town so she felt the need to know about your relationship. Your gaze kept roaming over to the handsome biker who was now looking over at you with a slight smile on his face as if he knew not to push it. You try not to smile but fail as you tell her that you’ll tell David hello for her. Carrying 4 bags out you see the blonde man walk over to you.

“Let me help you with that darlin’,” he told you as he took the bags for you. You mutter a thank you as you both walk out to the parking lot. You look over at him as you approach your car.

“Do women ever say no to that smile of yours?” you tease as you pop open the trunk. He places the bags in and shuts the trunk only to lean against it smirking at you.

“Haven’t met one yet,” he responds as he moves closer to you; making you take a step back and around to the drivers side. You look away, trying to hide your smile but you notice Jax’s gaze goes beyond you and over your shoulder to where David is pulling in to the parking lot. A horrible part of you, the part that should of stayed away from Charming, didn’t want Jax knowing you were in a relationship with the Deputy Chief. You enjoyed the butterflies you got when he flashed you that smile of his but the woman you wanted to be knew that whatever this was; was not a good idea. Grinning over at Hale you see his cautious smile as his gaze shifts between the two of you.

“You’ve met our very own Captain America?” Jax asked making you cough in surprise.

“He’s my boyfriend actually,” you tell him as Hale parks and gets off the truck. You don’t want to look over at Jax, knowing that your words killed any thing that could have been brewing. As you look up you’re surprised to see amusement in his eyes paired with a clenched jaw.

“He know about your ties to a cartel?” he asked infuriating you. You raise your eyebrow as any sense of kinship you may have felt for this man evaporate.

“Is there a problem here?” Hale calls out breaking you out of your stare contest with Jax. Mustering a grin, you turn to look at David. Shaking your head, you move to stand next to him.

“No, Jax actually helped me with my bags,” you felt David stiffen beside you making you look up at him only to see him staring Jax down. Fuck, you thought to yourself as you clear your throat and turn back to Jax.

“Tell Donna that I’ll see her tomorrow at the BBQ,” you break the men out of their pissing contest and Jax only grins. A grin that should of warned you this was not over but instead only made David Hale more irritated. Once Jax went back inside David lays it all out for you. Jax and his gang are criminals. He doesn’t want you around them. Did you want to end up like Donna Winston he asks in his condescending way he knows how and you reach out and slap him.

“You have no right bringing up my friend like that,” you tell then turn to get behind your wheel. All the while not noticing Jax and his crew watching from the grocery entrance. You practically shove Hale out of the way with your car and drive off as you call Donna to vent.

“Fresh piece of ass boys… ” Tigs said as they all stood outside the store. Jax couldn’t help but stare out at the couple as they fought. A couple, how the hell did that happen? he wondered. He never remembered Y/N mentioning she was seeing anyone. A man like Hale didn’t deserve a woman like Y/N. Couldn’t handle her from the extensive research he and Juice did. Its why he stayed away; at first she was a good distraction from the shithole he had going on with Wendy, all the drama at the club. Now? Now she was someone who could understand him on every level and that scared the hell out of him. There had only been one woman who gave him that and she ran away; who was to say Y/N wouldn’t do it too.

“Sorry Tiggy, but looks like Jackie boy may have claimed that already,” he hears Chibs taunt only for everyone to break out into a chuckle as they see Hale get slapped. They all move over to get on their bikes when Hale comes over to them.

“You stay the hell away from her Teller,” he threatens Jax but it doesn’t offend him. Instead he outright laughs as he puts on his helmet.

“She’s Opie’s kids teacher. I’m bound to run into her sometime. Plus… her and Donna are pretty tight. How about you let me take her off your hands, she’s too much for you it seems like,” before anyone could see it coming Hale punches him making his amusement shift to anger as he jumps up to grab him by the collar of his uniform. Bobby is there in an instant pulling his brother away from the cop.

“It ain’t worth it brother. Let’s go,” Bobby tells him trying to calm their VP down.

“You’re lucky we don’t press charges,” Juice calls out to him before they all take off.

I hope that added drama makes sense! 

@coffeebooksandfandom this is my first attempt at running an imagine– never done a tag list before so you’ll be the first to know. Thank you for your words of encouragement!  

My Concepts for my Modern Olympian sets explained (part 1)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE

This is part one, there are too many to put all on one post, and I keep making more. So here are the first six concepts.


Cronus, Zeus’ father, used to be a corporate monster. In fact, he was greedy, and terrible, and wouldn’t even let his sons inherit the business. Zeus inherited nothing from him, essentially building himself from ground zero. He overthrew his father, becoming even more powerful and appraised by the nation. Zeus is now a powerhouse of a businessman, now grown to political power. He’s fair to the people, as well as making making more jobs and saving money for the middle class. He’s no saint though, he likes to spend tax payer’s money on things for himself and his family. Not to mention he’s a known playboy, and has openly slept with other women that have not been his wife. And has many bastards, some he knows about, and others he doesn’t. Opinions of Zeus among the citizens are conflicted; while many still support him, and others believe he is only a tamer version of his father.


Hera is a woman that you do not want to cross or upset. She’s a strong and independent woman who is married to someone that takes her for granted, or so some people say. Though Hera does not need Zeus’ money to be stable; she is the Editor and Chief of a bridal magazine, as well as owns her own bridal chain store that have many locations all over the nation. When you meet Hera, you know she can get any man she wants; she’s a gorgeous woman who demands your respect. However, unlike her husband, she values marriage above all things and endures Zeus’ scandals with grace… and a little bit of revenge. Hera is a strong maternal figure with her kids, putting them above everyone else, and would do anything to protect them and steer them in the right direction so they can become their best. However, as their kids could attest, but never out loud, they are more afraid of mommy than they are of daddy.


Poseidon has power on a different level. He has various hobbies, including surfing and building cars, but he does not lead a chill lifestyle. He conquers the urban beach cities with his MC (Motorcycle Club or rather Motorcycle Gang). He is a rather likeable man, but like the ocean he lives next to, Poseidon can be as unpredictable as he is deadly. Insult him, and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Literally. Poseidon has a colourful set of skin, littered with various oceanic tattoos, as well as slightly tanned from living on the beach. As the MC leader, he has branches all over the nation, all of which run garages and other establishments that he all owns. He makes quite a bit of cash for someone who looks like a beach bum. Like his brother, he has a young and beautiful wife, but has one too many concubines and bastard children spread around in the nation. Though his true love is his 67 Blue Mustang.


Living a simpler life than the others, Demeter took after her grandmother in way of life. She lives on a farm with acres of barley, and tends to everything mostly by herself. She also has an apple orchard, and during the fall, she grows pumpkins. Demeter loves to garden and getting her hands dirty; feeling her fingers push into the soil and feel the roots reminds her a lot of embracing her grandmother. It was mostly the smell of the earth. She had once lived with her darling daughter, Persephone, and life was so much brighter than. She would chase her little flower through the fields and together they would braid their hair and make crowns with wild flowers. They would play with the piglets in the mud and nurse then after a long day of playing. Though now her daughter is all grown up, she has her own life. And while Demeter does not approve of Persephone’s husband, she is content enough that she found someone she loves. Only now without her in the house, every season feels like winter. It’s only when she visits her that she feels as warm as spring.


A man that people seldom talk about in a conversation. Hades is a mob boss who has businesses in the underground of the nation. A filthy rich man who a lot of people owe money to. His debt collector? Charon. Everyone has to pay the ferryman eventually, and if they try to run, Hades has an arsenal of gangsters to find them. His prize hitman, Thanatos, and of course, his three faithful dobermans who are all too willing to rip a man’s throat if given the command. Despite being someone that many fear, Hades is a complex individual. On his exterior he comes off as foreboding, ominous and terrifying. Though who he is, is truly different. Hades is a romantic, and he is the most faithful out of his brothers. He would be too, because falling in love with Persephone was unexpected. She is so much younger than him, so full of life that he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. In Persephone, he sees what he lacks, and is devoted to his queen, because her love balances his life, which has always been full of death.


Hestia, like her sister Demeter, lives a modest life as well. Hestia is incapable of having children, but her heart is always in her home and with family. She holds many jobs, all of which she loves, because it allows her to be closer to people. As a kindergarten teacher, she is able to be with children, since she cannot have them herself. She even calls them “her kids”, since every year she grows to love each young heart that she has the honour of teaching and knowing. Hestia is also a realtor, which is one of her passions. To find the perfect home for a family brings her much joy. She also loves to home decorate, and provide DIY decorations for people on her etsy. Hestia lives in a peaceful suburban town with a low population, where everyone knows everyone. The winters are strong and long, but with a burning fireplace, and a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows, Hestia never feels cold in her beautiful forest home. Her walls are covered with pictures of her sisters and brothers, and her nieces and nephews, and friends she had made over the year, as well as school photos with her kids at work. 

I’ll post part two in a couple of days! (Next six is Dionysus, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Ares)

A Different Way Home, Ch 1 (FMA, Roy/Ed)

Title: A Different Way Home

Author: TheJovianMute

Rating: Explicit (in later chapters, this first one’s pretty mild)

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (any, since it’s AU)

Pairing: Ed Elric/Roy Mustang

Tags: Alternate Universe, Prostitution, Hooker Roy, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Rape, Violence, PTSD, Eventual Happy Ending

Summary:  Roy’s standing on a freezing street corner, his body for sale and his pride long-since-gone, when the boy in the red coat approaches him.  

Author’s Notes:

A long while ago, in a brief burst of confidence, I posted my first fic.  Since then my confidence tanked, and I haven’t managed to convince myself to do it again.  Then Ed and Roy Week popped up on my dash, and I remembered I’d started a RoyEd fic which would pretty much fit the bill.  So I pushed myself to finish the first chapter properly, and here I am, posting it with an hour to spare - go me!  I’m determined to keep going with this one - I’m not a fast writer, but I’ll get there eventually.

This is set in a modern-day, alchemy-less Amestria.  Roy’s a little more broken than the one we know, and has fallen a lot further down.  I’ve come across a few hooker-Ed fics but haven’t yet found one with Roy on that side of the fence, so decided to flip the tables.  There’s some dark stuff in later chapters, but the payoff will hopefully be worth it - hurt/comfort is pretty much my favourite thing <3

Chapter 1:

Roy shivers in the freezing night air, the chill of the bricks he’s leaning against seeping through the worn cotton of his t-shirt.  He’d kill for a jacket, but he gets more attention without it; the t-shirt a size too small to show off the lines of his body.  He no longer has the definition he once did, knows he’s skirting the edge between slender and ‘too thin’ these days, but that seems to appeal to a certain sort of customer.

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I Don’t Dance

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Overweight Reader

Series: Soft Thighs Series

Warning: Insecurities

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Suggested by elogrigriworlds: You don’t dance, except when James Barnes is involved.

Notes: 1940s set

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Demigod AU: Children of Apollo

Current Known Sons of Apollo:

  • Lev Haiba 
  • Hinata Shoyou

  • These boys are literal rays of sunshine since birth from their light hair to their pure personalities. Hinata’s joy is contagious and warms the hearts of everyone around him. You can’t help but to feel as if you’re standing next to the sun when around him. Lev is playful and carefree, he can’t help but welcome everyone into his life with open arms.
  • People flock to them like moths to a flame, everyone wanted to be friends and get to know them. Call it a perk of having Apollo as a father.
  • Hinata and Lev’s skin is always warm and soft to the touch.
  • If you look closely, a halo of golden light follows them and engulfs their bodies that gives it a radiant look.
  • Like their father, Hinata and Lev have the ability to heal rapidly from any injuries they may induce which is good because they get bruises and cuts often due to the activities they participate in.
  • Light manipulation is a part of their demigod palette which allows him to control light energy at will. Depending on how it is used, it can be used for healing or attacks.
  • When it comes to hot sunny days, their mood increases. Their bodies are much more suitable to higher temperature than others. 
  • It doesn’t just stop with appearances, children of Apollo make great archers. Their hand to eye coordination is precise, and always know where to hit the mark.
  • There are different forms to art that they are good at. Lev is actually decent at drawing while Hinata can dance. He may not be the best, but he has the ability to improve since his father is the God of the arts as well.
  • When angered, you may want to wear sunglasses around them because their body will literally start to glow unless they are calmed down.
The Unwanted Truth

Imagine being an angel and hiding it from Dean, until he finds out.

Author’s Note: Dean x reader. It’s a reader request set in the time period before Sam and Dean know about angels (so pre-Cas). It’s a little fluffy little sad! It’s a little different so let me know what you think! Never done a angel perspective. Warnings: language, violence, alcohol

Song that goes with:

I tried to get comfortable in the small hotel bed, Dean’s unconscious breath tickling my neck. I thought that here in his arms I’d fine peace but I still shifted impatiently. I peered at the analog clock next to me which read “3:00am.” Dean’s arm tightened around me and pulled me close. Time was passing so slowly, I questioned how they could stand staying still for this long. I considered teleporting to Cairo to get some holy oil for out hunt but my partner would definitely notice my absence. Even if I could get out of his strong grip I would miss my warmth next to him and wakeup. I ran through my possibilities, including just altering their memories, but decided against it. Deceiving the Winchesters was high risk but high reward. 

I turned to face Dean and let my small fingers trace his chiseled jaw. I marveled at the little freckles that dotted his sun-worn skin. An angels true form lacked all these characterizing imperfections. My being was one of overwhelming light and power, yet I lied happily next to a broken little human. When I met these brothers a few months ago, I had no idea that they would change my life so much. They were unaware that my kind existed and busied themselves hunting demons. The mutual enemy made us allies I suppose, and I hid my identity while helping them find a particularly dangerous cross roads demon. After that I grew more and more attached, especially to the older of the two. Dean’s sense of humor and rebellious spirit attracted me like a moth to flame. My life was one of blind obedience and conformity, he was everything I wasn’t. He was my guilty pleasure. 

I found myself staring at his full lips moving slowly in his slumber. I wondered what he was dreaming about, placing a gentle hand on his temple. Suddenly I was thrown in the cloudy world of his thoughts. The scene was of a wide open field dotted with wild flowers. The impala was parked in the center and Dean was laying back on the hood, a cold beer in hand. I smiled to myself at his contentment. 

This wasn’t the first night I had passed the time by watching his dreams and nightmares. I could never have these for myself since I wasn’t mortal, and I found myself envying the human ability of sleep. How novel, to just lie in comfort and reflect on the wanderings if the mind. It was so very primitive, so very fleshy and flawed. Maybe there was a way I could dream as well. I had never meddled in Dean’s thoughts before that night, but before I could measure the consequences of my actions I was forming myself in his subconscious. I created a representation of how he saw me, or my vessel, and entered into his sleeping world. I walked out into the field in a blue sundress, his favorite color. He didn’t seem surprised to see me. 

“Y/N! Over here! Come get a drink.” He was shoving a bottle in my direction, his smile wide. When I reached him and retrieved the beer he pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. It was so raw, so real, that it broke my concentration and I lost contact with Dean’s dream. His sleepy face frowned and he stirred in his sleep, reaching for me instinctively. He awoke with my hand still on his face. 

“Y/N? Hey baby.” His half mast eyes glimmered with drowsiness. “Can’t sleep?” I held back a laugh and nodded, if he only knew. His large hands rubbed my back and pulled me in close to his chest. “Come here.” I was surrounded by his smell and engulfed in warmth. The muscles rippling under his T-shirt were nothing compared to the great celestial beings that guarded heaven, yet I felt compelled to run my fingers across them. There was a time when this closeness would have made me uncomfortable but now it felt like home. If I had to stay awake all night, it might as well be in his arms. The room slowly grew lighter and lighter with the glow of the rising sun and I regretted having to soon leave his side.

When we were hunting I frequently employed my angelic abilities. Sam and Dean had no idea about the bullets I had veered from their deadly path or the demons I smited in to the shadows. I had become their guardian. 

“Hey, Y/N. You okay?” Dean was looking deep into my eyes, his hand tilted my chin up towards him. My vessel was quite short in compassion. “You seem a little off lately, like you’re not all there.” If he only knew I was in dozens of places at once. He was studying my blank stare with concern and I marveled at his green eyes veiled behind long lashes. After catching my breath I shook my head and patted his arm reassuringly. Was my vessel… blushing? 

“I’m fine Dean, just need more sleep.” He didn’t seem convinced, his face drawing closer till I could hear his breathing. It was like he was trying to sense any difference in me, even in smell. I kissed his unmoving lips and then his cheek. 

“Sam’s waiting for us, let’s go.” Dean shrugged and we headed towards the rugged looking bungalow. His hand never left my lover back as we walked. “I’d prefer if you stayed in the car.” I just rolled my eyes and drew my weapon. It was an angel blade but I was careful to make it appear as a normal blade to Sam and Dean’s eyes. Once inside we found Sam puzzling over a strange symbol on the floor. 

“This marking, I can’t make it out…” He knelt to trace it with his fingers and Dean paced around the area, gun ready. 

“Sam, I’ve got a bad feeling about this, man.” I felt the same and tuned in to listen to the angels speaking. Their words were frantic and they talked over each other in disorganization. I tried to shake the sound out of my head but shivers were sending tremors down my vessels arms and legs. Something was definitely not right. I drew close to Sam and joined him in examining the marking. 

“Wait, I’ve seen this before.” I sorted through the hundreds of voices in my head and tried to isolate my memory. When realization hit me it was too late. “It’s a hell rift!” Sam and Dean both looked up at me sharply. “

A what?” Dean’s face was intense and concerned. 

“A hell rift, they are very rare. It’s a temporary tear between earth and hell. It’s very small but in a very short amount of time tons of demons can pour through!” Just as I considered teleporting us all out of range of the impending danger a large gust of wind knocked us all off our feet. The symbol had opened up like a miniature crater and a pillar of black smoke was pouring out. The dark cloud was seeping out of windows and doors like tidal wave. I screamed above the screeching noises in the air. “We have to close it!” Deans eyes were wide, looking somewhere behind me. 

“Uh, they might have a problem with that.” I turned to see at least eighth possessed humans, their black marble eyes gleaming. Shit. Sam and Dean wouldn’t stand a fighting chance with these guys, but the portal needed to closed, and soon. In a fraction of a second I was at Bobby’s house grabbing a book and then back with the brothers, before Dean could even see me missing. I threw the book into Sam’s arms and braced my knife towards the incoming demons. 

“There’s a closing spell in there, I marked the page. Read it! I’ll hold them off.” Sam looked dumbfounded as he thumbed through the pages. 

“But how-” 

“Hurry Sam!” Dean was watching me closely, his brow furrowed in suspicion. Now wasn’t the time for a domestic dispute. “Dean, are you going to help me here?!” My frantic voice broke his trance and he drew Ruby’s knife. The room was now cloudy with smoke and I used the cover to teleport freely. The first two demons were dropped easily, unaware of my power. I heard Dean call out when one of them made contact with his ribs, tearing the skin open easily. I flashed to his side and stabbed the demon in the chest without hesitation, the whole time Dean watching me in shock. Sam began reading loudly, his voice barely audible above the wailing of wind. 

“Praecipiam porta clauderetur inferni” The onslaught of demons was growing, every time I dropped one, it’s body was reanimated by another pillar of smoke rising from the rift. Dean was wounded and fighting with one functioning arm. I struggled to support him in between attacks. To him it must have been like a blur, my body seemingly appearing in all corners of the room and still under his arm. Just ask I sank my dagger into another demon, one appeared over Dean. I was in between them without time to spare and my blade was knocked from my grasp. As a last stitch effort I reached out and pressed my hand against the possessed forehead and light poured from his burning eyes. Dean watched me smite the being with horror. When Sam reached the crescendo of the chant the hole sealed suddenly and the remaining clouds were sucked in. I smited the last two demons in silence, aware that the brothers were panting and still in shock. I felt their wide eyes on my back as I picked up my blade and tucked it into my belt. 

“That was really close, you did good Sam.” There was no response so I used my telekinesis to retrieve the book from Sam’s arms and return it to Bobby’s in the blink of an eye. When I was finished Sam was staring down at his empty hands, horrified. Dean was the first to act. 

“Who the hell are you?” His nostrils were flaring and he gripped his bleeding wound. “You’re not Y/N! So what are you?” He stepped forward with his knife and winced. Sam tried to stop him but there was no reasoning with his rage. 

“Dean, I am Y/N. Or at least the Y/N you know.” His face twisted in disgust and pain. 

“What is that supposed to mean?” I struggled to formulate my explanation, Dean’s expression filling me with guilt. For the first time I questioned my actions. I had never been so unsure of myself, maybe I never should have lied to them. 

“I’m not like you.” Sam threw his arms up in a sarcastic gesture and Dean grabbed the wall for support. He looked more emotionally wounded than physically, his eyes boring holes into mine. “I’m an angel of the Lord.” They responded with silence. Dean inched forward again. 

“Like I should believe a word you say… You’re a monster. We kill monsters.” When he moved he lost his footing and caught himself near the floor. I lunged forward but he raised the knife defensively. “Touch me and I’ll test whether or not this kills you too.” I felt a pang of sadness as I recoiled. This man whom I had grown to care for dearly had no understanding of my protection over him. To him, I was just another mystery to burn. 

“I trusted you… I lo-” Dean grimaced and squeezed his eyes shut in denial. The gash in his side was leaking down his leg and creating a puddle around his feet. I could disappear before they would know the difference, but Dean needed me. I appeared before Sam and rested my fingers on his forehead gently. His massive figure crumpled and I guided him to the ground. 

“What are you doing to Sam?! Stop!” I then materialized at Dean’s side, my hand reaching over his wound. He winced as I projected my healing energy into it and mended the broken tissue. I supported him as he panted, the knife in his hand shaking. I wiped his brow and looked into his eyes. 

“Dean, please just listen to me.” I could tell some part of him still wanted to gank me then and there, but he hesitated. “It’s been me this whole time, those nights together and those days hunting. It’s always been me.” I’m not sure if my words made him hurt more or less. “I never meant to deceive you, but I knew you wouldn’t be around me if you thought I was an angel.” Dean’s green eyes stared at mine with betrayal and confusion. 

“I wanted… I wanted to be with you. You bring out something in me Dean Winchester. You bring out my humanity.” By now I was speaking more for myself than for him, stumbling through my emotions, or lack thereof. 

“I don’t really understand it, but I think I may… I think I love you.” I stared down at the sticky blood around us and fought to focus on just this moment and not the hundred of voices and places I could be. I just wanted to be here. In my contemplation a weak hand reached for mine. Dean’s fingers squeezed and I looked up in shock. His face was still very sad, but he seemed to be softened. 

“To be honest, I knew something was wrong, all along.” He looked disappointed in himself as he brought our hands to his chest. “And I still loved you anyway.” The breath was stolen from my lungs for a moment, a sensation that I had never experienced before. Dean kissed my lips with the saddest passion. I could hear the muscles in his jaw tense and his teeth grind but still his lips pushed against mine. 

“I don’t want to kill you, I don’t even want you to leave.” I shuddered under the weight of his words. I kissed him one last time, harder than before. 

“I don’t want to either, but it’s better this way Dean.” I lifted my fingers to his head, expecting him to close his eyes in anticipation. Instead he stood stone still and stared back at me with a look I’ll never be able to forget. 

“Goodbye Dean.” And just like that, Dean’s memories were scattered outside of his fragile mind’s reach. 

Sam and Dean woke up in the motel again without recollection of hell rifts or angels. They only suffered some slight headaches that they both attributed to some heavy drinking the night before. 

“Hey Sam.” Dean lifted a note from the pillow next to him and ran his thumb over the ink. “Did I have a girl over before?” Sam contemplated a moment before responding. 

“Ya you did, someone you met at the bar. She stayed the night, remember?” Dean nodded and slipped the note into his pocket. 

“She left me a message saying ‘I’m sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye.” Dean felt extremely saddened by the words, despite his lack of understanding. Sam shrugged, 

“Must have been one heck of a one night stand.”

Sometimes a stranger in a blue sundress still haunts Dean’s happiest dreams and the faintest touch of a woman’s hand on his cheek still wakes him in the morning.

tryn25  asked:


Opening Credits: 1901 by Phoenix
Waking Up: Up All Night by Beck
First Day At School: Fever by The Black Keys
Falling In Love: Apartment by Young the Giant
Fight Song: Inside Out by Spoon
Breaking Up: We Are Not Only What We’ve Been Before by The Moth & The Flame
Life’s OK: One For the Road by Arctic Monkeys
Getting Back Together: My Type by Saint Motel
Wedding: You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb by Spoon
Birth of Child: Pictures by Kyson
Final Battle: River by Bishop Briggs
Death Scene: St. Walker by Young the Giant
Funeral Song: Youth by Daughter
End Credits: Intro by alt-J

Send me “hey” and I’ll shuffle my music and give you the soundtrack to your life No more please!

4.7 stars out 5

Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin
Genre: Crack/Fluff
Word count: 3129
Summary: Yoongi’s has landed himself in a very sticky situation, and enlists Jimin (who has been rated 4.7/5) to help him solve it 

Also posted on AO3

“Trust me Hyung, it’ll be fun!” Jungkook beamed as he dragged a reluctant Yoongi up a few flights of stairs, illuminated by neon lights peeking out from the streets outside.

“I don’t think this is a good idea Jungkook,” he hesitates, wanting to roll down the stairs that he’d painstakingly climbed up and out of the nearest window.

“Lighten up a bit, it’ll be great,” Jungkook continues climbing up the stairs, finally reaching the floor he’d been searching for into a damp smelling room, with a small, shady looking reception desk. “A lot of my friends recommended this place you know? It’s one of the best and I hear one of the guys is real good if you what I’m saying.”

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