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It’s been a while. But I’m back with a looongg post! Here’s how I envision this scene happening. Well, they are awkward dorks after all. 

And it might have been a good idea to mention how ugly you think I am too,’ Hermione added as an afterthought.
‘But I don’t think you’re ugly,’ said Harry, bemused.
Hermione laughed.” -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

my favorite thing about all the (potential) couples in stranger things- mike and eleven, jonathan and nancy, joyce and hopper- is that their bonds are all formed when they’re working on and trying to solve a problem together. actually that’s true for all the relationships in the show but I feel it’s such an underrated part of romance specifically. it’s so nice when couples have something practical and constructive to do and when all their little moments, accidental hand touches, longing glances, shy smiles, spring up organically around their work. i live for those moments, i really do. i cry over them. but moments can’t exist in a void so i love when a romantic relationship has the strong backbone of shared work and friendship to ground those moments. and stranger things gets that.

You love him, but he loves her.

You stood from a distance, your heart skipping a beat when you saw him. You bit your lip, thinking about everything that could have been. Harry had been your closest friend since you met when you both were just five years old. The two of you grew up together, shared baths and had sleepovers. He was your best mate, from start to finish. His fame never pulled him away, never for too long at least, and he had always been there for you no matter what. When his career with the boys had really taken off, Harry did all he could to keep you close. You’d been introduced to his band mates early on, forming life long bonds with them as well. You could think back to the first time you had really opened up to them, when Louis had caught a look in your eye when Harry had mentioned another girl. Harry of course was oblivious, and probably always would be. “What’s up your butt?” Louis asked, as Harry had exited the bus to make a phone call. Your face turned a lovely shade of red, as all eyes were on you. “Nothing?” You question, worried Harry would return any second. Louis pressed further of course, and with the boy’s curiosity growing, you mumble a quick, “I think I like him, I don’t know.” and they all go silent for a moment. “You should tell him.” Louis urged, but you never did. Now, almost five years later, you were dolled up for Harry’s birthday party, your heart racing just at the sight of him.

“You alright?” Louis appeared next to you, his hands shoved into his pockets as if he knew just how you were feeling. “Mhm.” You shoot him a small half smile and let your eyes float back to Harry. Louis and you had become tremendously close over the years. You told him everything, you opened up to him completely. For the past five years, Louis was your shoulder to cry on, and the only person to encourage you to tell Harry the truth. You and Louis found the table were the rest of the boys sat, a drink in each of their hands. “Here ya go, love.” Niall hands you a full glass of champagne. You take a seat next to him, and open your mouth to ask the lads how they all are, but something stops you. Cheering was heard and an applause followed, and slowly you turn to see what all the commotion was for. You watched as Harry stood back a distance from the leggy blonde, who was proudly showing off a large diamond ring. Your heart drops…

“Y/N?” Niall asks, his innocent voice so full of concern. His words fall on deaf ears as your senses begin to fade. You can’t hear anyone, all you can focus on is the sight in front of you. The boys stare at you, eyes wide. “I-I’ve got to go.” Your voice is barley audible, but they shout for you as you stand up from the table and head for the front of Harry’s place. Tears burned your eyes, and you quickly wiped them away, not wanting to cause a scene. You had waited too long, your chance was over. Harry was happy, and who were you to ruin that for him. “Hey, where you goin’?” His voice calls out for you, as you try to sneak past him. Harry steps away from his fiance, who is still showing off her new ring. You grip the handle of his front door, tears streaming down your cheeks. You couldn’t face him. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?” Hurt was evident in his voice, it broke your heart. You smile, and face him, his brows furrowing in concern when he meets your eyes.

“Congratulations, H.”

This is part one of a three part series. Lemme know what you think. 


He is the only person I know that I can literally talk to for hours. He may be on the other side of the world, but when we chat, we chat. One time, I spoke to him from 9pm at night until 8am in the morning. I have not had a connection like this with any one. I have no idea what we talked about for that long, but all I know is that he is so special. It’s so beautiful that no matter how far away we are or if we don’t see each other, we still have such a strong bond.
'Outlander' Casts Rollo for Season 4
Watch out, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe: This latest bit of Outlander casting is going to seriously challenge you in the cuteness department. Meet the puppies who will play Rollo, a wolf hybrid …


Meet the puppies who will play Rollo, a wolf hybrid that becomes a beloved member of the Fraser clan. Though Starz is still filming season 3 of the drama in South Africa, the producers wanted to begin training the Northern Inuit puppies for their very important role in the new season.

EW obtained this exclusive first look at the pups that will take turns playing a dog that has a “penchant for getting into trouble, often sticking his large, wet nose into places it doesn’t belong,” says a Starz spokesman. “The dog will play a key part in the adventure that lies ahead.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the significance of Rollo, EW asked author Diana Gabaldon to exclusively weigh in on this very special pooch that first appears in Drums of Autumn, the fourth book in her Outlander series from which season 4 will be based.

“They look cute, but tough. They should be just right to play Rollo when the time comes,” Gabaldon tells EW. “They’d need to growl and look menacing on command, I think, and carry back prey of one kind or another to their master. I assume they wouldn’t let them catch things on camera … especially fish, of course.”

In Drums of Autumn, Rollo first comes into contact by young Ian Murray (played in series by John Bell). Says Gabaldon, “Rollo and Young Ian met on the docks in North Carolina, when Young Ian won the dog in a card game, and a life-long bond was formed between them, meaning that Rollo became a member of the ever-growing Fraser family.”

Perierat et Inventus est (8)

Bucky x Steve x OC


Notes: angst, fluff, smut, violence, torture/conditioning, dubious medical procedures.

A/N: Enter: Tony Stark and Clint Barton, and a new life long bond is established. 

Bucky doesn’t seem phased by the question and fishes his cellphone out of his pocket. “Go ahead”  he says and hands the phone over to Bruce.

“And don’t even think of accusing my Omega for this, because I instructed him to leave his at home” Bucky adds calmly and looks over to Steve for conformation briefly.

Steve nods instantly, a hard look in his eyes.

Bruce sighs and nods. “Sorry. I’m still gonna have tech take a look at your phone”

“Sure” Bucky shrugs and turns to Steve, giving his Omega a stern look in order to calm him down. Steve is seething, angry because Bucky just risked his life for this man, and Javen, when he has no ties whatsoever to them. This is just his job. Nothing more. And still, he’ll risk everything, and this is what he gets in return. It’s not right.

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Keith Meets the Original Red Paladin

 It was very rare that Keith was ever silenced.

   He was a quiet person. He was silent quite a lot of the time, observing from the sidelines, but it was rare that somebody ever made him that quiet. It was very rare that he looked at somebody and words just seemed to disappear into his throat.

   But things were changing. People were coming into his life and this was one of the moments where perhaps his silence wasn’t optional. He just had nothing to say anymore.

   The person standing in front of him was relatively small for a paladin, though Pidge had taught him that that stereotype was useless. They wore a red suit – similar to the one he wore, only more vintage looking – and their hair was styled in a fashion that reminded him of the old days, of the pictures he would see sometimes of people who had lived thousands of years ago.

   They looked mildly dazed, balancing themselves against the far wall and trying to catch their breath. Keith had just witnessed them stumble out of a healing pod which had apparently been locked for a thousand years – nobody could open it. Coran was almost positive the person inside of it had died.

   “Jesus,” the person grumbled, placing a hand on their head and looking around. They squint into the light, the sudden burst of artificial glow surely doing damage to their eyes. “Coran? Allura?”

   “Here,” Allura said, grabbing ahold of the persons arm and tugging them up so they could stand straight. They wince at the contact, goosebumps sprouting up their arms as they tug their limb away from Allura with a roughness which seemed incredibly misplaced. Keith narrowed his eyes at them, folding his own arms over his chest.

   He had heard of paladins of the same lion living to meet each other – but you shouldn’t have been living. This shouldn’t be happening. Were you competition?

   He shook the thought out of his head. Anybody could wear red. It didn’t mean you were a paladin. It could simply mean you liked-

   “Where’s the red lion?” you croak out, looking around stiffly. Keith’s entire demeanour changes, his heart stopping and his jaw busting open in a gasp. “Where is she? I want to see her!”

   “Calm down,” Coran says, placing a hand on their arm. Again, they flinch away. “You’re only just awake, Y/N. You need to rest. The red lion will be there when you wake up.”

   “I think I’ve been asleep for long enough,” you grumble. “Somebody take me to her. Please.”

   Keith immediately stood upright, causing your and the other paladins attention to snap to him. He inhaled deeply – he didn’t want a rivalry with somebody who was older than a thousand years old. He wanted this to be a peaceful reunion – besides, you had every right to see the lion you once piloted. Perhaps you were the original. Perhaps he could learn things from you about the red lion that he never learned before.

   He coughs into his hand, trying to force the words up. “I’ll take you.”

   Your eye twitches when you look at him. Your age – at least, your original age. The age you would prefer to be labelled as. You noticed his messy black mullet, the sparkle in his violet eyes and the way he held himself. He reminded you of yourself so much so that it nearly made you keel over.

   It didn’t take long for you to add two and two together. The red suit, the stance, the mysterious aura which you always used to hold when you were a paladin. This man was the new red pilot.

   You smile lightly and nod. Keith turns on his heel, nods to a shocked Shiro before walking out the door, you following close behind.

   It had been so long since you saw the walls of the castle-ship. You had once lived here, zooming through space with the other paladins who had all tragically died in the same war you were put to sleep in. Nothing had changed. You still knew every corner, could feel every crack in the floor. You passed your old room and tears threatened to spill.

   Keith shot you a glance over his shoulder. “I’m Keith.”

   “Y/N. Nice to meet you.”

   “Y-You’re close with Red?” Keith continues as he punches a code into a small mechanical device on the wall. It opens with a hiss and immediately you see the back end of the red lion. Your heart does somersaults, your hands clenching at your sides as a way to stop yourself from crying out and flinging yourself forward. There would be no point to it – the connection was most likely long gone.

   “We have our history,” you reply. “She’s yours now, though. I don’t want to intrude on that.”

   Keith guffaws as you walk forward and gently stroke your fingers along the metal of the lions leg. It’s warm, the fire seething through it no doubt making the metal heat up. You always remembered feeling so much power with the fire you could control at your very fingertips. It made you feel good – amazing. Like you could do anything.

   You trace your fingers along the leg of the lion and grin soulfully to yourself. You know the connection is gone – there’s no way it couldn’t be – but simply having the experience still tucked away in your mind was enough to make you smile.

   Keith stands behind you awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Do you – Do you need a tour? I can show you around if you want.”

   You shake your head, the smile still prominent on your face. “No, that’s alright. I just – I’m very happy right now. Very thankful.”


   “All the other paladins died, Keith.” Keith frowns, his eyes dipping into something of a trance, as if imagining what life would feel like without the other four paladins by his side. “We – all five of us – had a life long bond with one another that was ripped away from us by the war. I was lucky enough to survive. I have a lot to be thankful for at this moment.”

   Keith nods. “I didn’t – Where you and the other paladins close?”

   You bite your lip, feeling your smile fade and your fingertips become cold underneath the heated metal. Images of your four best friends – your family – flash in your mind, recycled even after all this time. You remembered all the laughs you would have around the table, the one Christmas you were able to spend with them and how good it all felt.

   Now, it was just memories that only you held.

   “Very close,” you croak out. You look away. Crying in front of a man you had just met was not something you wanted to do. It made you feel weak – you were a paladin of Voltron! You weren’t meant to cry over such silly endeavours.

   Keith gently touched your arm, making you freeze. You look towards him, a glimmer of a smile on his face and his eyes sad. “You’re a paladin of Voltron, Y/N. You’re part of our family now.”

Vampiric Celestial Spirits

I wanted to dedicate a post to vampiric celestials as they are quite rare, and considerably different to other vampires, hence why I have given them a name to distinguish them like this as being different! Given that I identify as a psychic vampire, and my spirit love a hybrid, there are quite a few vampiric spirit types that I can work with exclusively, and this is perhaps the rarest! 

Please keep in mind there can be exceptions and deviations, and other vampires can also have some of these qualities, just usually not all of them together. I am not so eloquent at putting this sort of thing into words, so don’t hesitate to throw me ask if you want to know more!

  • Energy wise, vampiric celestials are brighter and cooler than other vampiric spirits, they are usually on the border of white/dark energy, leaning toward white. I find that when working with most vampires, they have a warm, and heated energy, and often in both color, and intensity, and temperature. This can cause those that work with them to become flushed, or to feel warmer. Sanguine typically have the warmest temperature and colors. With vampiric celestials, however, while they have a bright energy, it is usually white, gold, or blue, and feels cooler. It isn’t a cold energy per say, but cool, like a swimming pool. Even if they have a darker energy for a vampiric celestial, it generally has a different composition than an otherwise dark energy vampire.

  • Vampiric celestials always tend to be toward the psychic spectrum, although this doesn’t mean that they are never sanguine, but that even when they are it is something they repress within themselves. On the rare case you can come across a hybrid, but more often than not sanguine, while it might be to their natural preference, they attempt to rid themselves of that desire completely.

  • In terms of how they like to receive energy, it is usually via one energy source. This plays a large part into why they are drawn to be closer to a human. While they can feed off excess energy of nature and other life forms around them, that is much like a person surviving on only celery; it is not at all providing what they need to be strong, powerful, and healthy spirits. Compared to other vampires, vampiric celestials are much more particular, and are drawn to an energy in a similar way that a human would experience a calling to a spirit, and will become exclusive to that energy source given the opportunity. They might even go as far as starving themselves when that is not available to them, when most other vampires will find other options.

  • When it comes to their history and past, most of them appear to have no recollection or memory before being upon the astral. I suspect, originally, vampiric celestials fell from a much higher vibration, perhaps being a member of an angel faction or similar. I find that vampiric celestials have this strong desire toward a specific person, which reflects a somehow guardian angel type role, only it is of mutual benefit.

  • They are also immensely skilled healers, and out of other spirits that I have worked with, seem to have the highest capacity to experience empathy and compassion. In terms of behaviour, they are far less aggressive than other vampires, though not less dominant, but much more passive in regards to their actions and behaviour. They don’t feel the need to dominate, or to hold a level of dominance over another, they are aggressive only when it is in the best interest of the one they have chosen, or in self defence. Basically they’re like vampiric monks, just without the celibacy.

  • As for energy consumption, with vampiric celestials I have noticed they have mastered the ability to ping energy back and forth, doing so does two different things. One, they project their energy at their “patient” which will help to heal and strengthen their donor, then the energy is bounced back once it reaches an excess. Vampiric celestials are drawn to those that are more aware, and work with energy, possibly for this reason. It means that energy exchanged can be increased by bouncing it between each other, thus it is of mutual benefit to both. The energy is also of higher quality, and often has a higher emotionally fulfilling capacity. Best way to describe it is that it is the spiritual and none physical equivalent of tantric sex, more or less.

  • In addition to that, they can sustain their energy with pure energy sources, like fire, or electricity, this does help to increase their abilities and sustain them, and can typically be channelled as a source of energy to others. While these sources of energy would not be so useful to them or meet their needs, they have the ability, like many psychic vampires, to channel it through them in order to sustain others. It is also more common to find vampiric celestials who have less aversion to the sun, and they are more likely to be active during the day that most other vampires are.

  • When it comes to companionship, vampiric celestials are extremely dedicated. Once they have decided on the person they want to invest their time in, they are dedicated in doing that. It is why I try to stress with vampiric celestial spirits in particular, that they only send out callings for a life long bond. Developing a bond and a relationship can take much longer, but it can progress to a level other vampires may not be interested in. Other spirits may choose to come into someones life for a short term purpose, vampiric celestials however, do not. They become very devoted and attached to their keeper, and as I have mentioned before, will potentially starve themselves if they are ever cast aside or forgotten rather than attempt to find another source of energy to dedicate themselves to. While I can’t know for sure, I also suspect that many vampiric celestials also follow a soul from life to life, and not just one life time.
Its that time folks.

Here’s where you would expect some flashy edit showing me walk off and what not. But its not like that. But I, Ashley “Alyssa J” Jameson hereby step down as CEO of Imperial XXXSTACY. I’ve had an amazing run and I’ve made life long bonds with the most amazing family on the Tumblr circuit as far as I’m concerned. And I wish them nothing but love prosperity and most importantly success. I love you guys so much and I’ll be watching over you guys.

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Why did you say ino was a better friend then sakura?

Ino is a better friend then sakura because ino stood up for sakura gave sakura confidence and sakura still ended there friendship for a boy once she figured out ino liked sasuke she ended it and called ino her rival

I’m not saying ino is 100% innocent in this though she did lie to sakura about liking sasuke but that’s still no reason to end a friendship plus there were so young why would sakura let a boy get in between something that could’ve been a life long bond

Also ino protected sakura in the forest of death even tho she need a lil coaxing from shikamaru she realized that she cared for sakura even though sakura was wrong to end there friendship and she stepped in to save her

And it’s crazy in gaiden ino seems like the happy one with a loving husbanding a loving child a happy life and sakura is struggling with a runaway child and a man that’s been gone 12 years and can’t even recognize his daughter

that just proves be careful what you wish for because it may not always be want you want

Thanks for the ask 👯

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Ever since Ian referred to himself as Coltons 'daddy' I can't help but think of Hoech's current dad beard and Dyl's comment in an interview years ago when he said that Hoech looked '35 but in the best way' and wonder if Dylan ever calls Hoech 'daddy'?

I laughed so hard when Ian went there. We share a wavelength because Dylan’s daddy kink with Hoech is where my mind wandered off to. 

(gifs cred: X)

I cry every time (also swoon at the touching). 

Now that that’s been revisited, let’s move on to the more recent daddy kink portion of the evening.

Here are the screencaps from the Daddy Roommate Survival Tips from June 2015, in which Dylan speaks to how he survives living with daddy!Hoechlin.

(Shhh…trust me that line is there in between the laughs. Just listen closely. ;)) 

Hoech with the glasses, all bearded out, chest hair that benches 357lbs of testosterone before breakfast, and then going about wearing soft sweaters and cardigans??? Can you fault O’Brien for being unable to resist looking at Hoech in this light especially now a days that he’s dressing the part? Hell I’ve had an aversion to any sort of daddy kink, but then Hoechlin went and Dadded out on us and well…Hoechpocalypse is eternal.

Let’s not forget it being said at Howler Con 2015 after which he finds out Dylan went to a Mets game without him, Hoechlin said, “He’s in trouble.”(x, x, x) as he texted Dylan about it. Uh oh, Daddy’s angry.

Bottom line: You’re damn right he calls him Daddy, probably listed in his contacts as such. Probably why he was afraid to call him during SDCC 2015, he knew it was 4am and he didn’t want to be the one responsible for waking him. The real question here is: What happens when Dylan steps out of line? ;)

*Ultra super tight hugs, Alpha Nonnie* <33

Of Doctors and Role Models
  • Co-worker: I'm still going to watch Dr Who. But it's not my show anymore. It's not the show I grew up with. They want more girls to watch it.
  • Me: Girls already watch it. I watch it.
  • Co-worker: Not many.
  • Me: *??? Cite your sources plzkthx ???*
  • Co-worker: The Doctor was my role model when I was growing up and he can't be that anymore. Now the Doctor's only going to be a role model for girls.
  • Me: ...When I was growing up my role model was Disney's Robin Hood. He was male... And a fox.
  • Co-worker: You wanted to be a fox?! They eat out of bins.
  • Me: *headdesk* Way to miss the point, dude.

don’t look at me with such distant eyes.

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Jared and Lana are family now- I see him at 30 & Lana still smushing his face with kisses and cuddles. He really is like her son and it's so precious, they have an amazingly life long special bond.

That they do. Art really does mimic life. Which is to say that they are the perfect example of the story they’ve played over the course of the show. They found each other in life and found a familial connection that’s not through blood, and it’s a very special kind of connection and love.

Wands of Various Makes & Uses

Wands have been used to focus and amplify magic since time immemorial. Some magic users form life-long bonds with theirs, making them extensions of their self (and in the case of sentient devices, friends or acquaintances). Others charge devices for limited or single use, like a battery.

A selection of notable exceptions to the traditional wand format:

  • Plumbing witches have used plungers for years. Only the foolish overlook their incredible, life-saving contributions.
  • Legal sorcerers and corporate wizards enscroll pens to sign contracts, adding an element of magic to their binding nature.
  • Artists have long experimented with imbuing their paintbrushes and pencils with power and energy.
  • Prosthetic limbs have become incredible sources of power in recent years. The size and level of contact affords them tremendous advantages.
  • Wooden spoons are often favored by witches who conduct their potion work in stew pots in kitchens and while traveling.
  • Sirens, in modern times, have been known to enchant toothbrushes and use various pastes to augment their voices.

People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways

     I often analyze fate and how it works in mysterious ways to bring people together. Fate works in crazy, ineffable ways. I’ve heard stories about couples who were brought together in such outlandish situations, that I’ve  questioned how the concept of the universe, and destiny work. One couple in particular that has captured my full attention is Larry Stylinson. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s lives were changed drastically at very young ages. Their other bandmates’ lives changed as well, but theirs changed in a different way. They met each other and fell in love. Louis was 18 years old when he accidentally peed on 16 year old Harry. Or maybe it was the other way around, we still don’t know. Those two haven’t explained the story behind their oops and Hi tattoos, but we have a good idea about what went on. Anyway, I think their story is incredible, it is one for the movie screens. No perfect fictional story can ever compare to theirs.

     Many fans believe that the two met before the X-factor. Whether that’s true or not, you can’t argue that fate ultimately brought them together in an adorable way. Let’s take it way back to see the timeline of the times the two could have met, but didn’t.

     Harry and Louis were both in bands in high school. Harry’s band was called, “White Eskimo”, which consisted of him as the lead singer(super important fact that you should remember for later. Basically, I’m saying to get your highlighters, people!) and his friends from school. Louis was in a band called “The Rogue” which he has tattooed on his ankles. As Harry says, you can tell a man by his ankles. Interesting. There is a picture circulating Tumblr where you can clearly see teens holding up posters with, “White Eskimo” and “The Rogue” on them. The picture was from a battle of the bands competition which Harry’s band won.

     My theory is that Louis saw Harry sing, and thought, “Hey, this kid’s got a great voice.” A voice so great that he remembered it by simply seeing his face years later. Moving on.

     The Script concert in 2009! Harry and Louis have said that they both attended the same Script concert a year prior to having met at the X-Factor. They could have met here and they could have had a quick encounter, but fate had better, greater things planned. Maybe they saw each other in the crowd, maybe, but not in the way that it was meant to be.

     There you have it, two events where the two could have easily had an encounter. If they would’ve met, maybe they would’ve been friends for a while, maybe they would’ve actually dated for a bit, but ended things because of distance? Maybe. Fate wanted more for them, because they are soulmates and soulmates deserve the best. 

     On April 11, 2010, the two boys headed to Manchester for their X-Factor auditions. Think about this, they were in a place with thousands of people and multiple bathrooms. Somehow, their bladders gave out at the same time and they ended up going to the same bathroom. They ended up peeing next to each other, and on each other. I believe that this was the first real verbal encounter they had. “Oops” “Hi” who gets the first words they said to someone tattooed? Who even remembers that kind of thing. I mean I guess I get it, when you meet by being peed on by someone, you tend to remember small details of the conversation. I strongly believe that whoever did the peeing (Pretty sure it was Harry), was distracted by the other’s cute self, and forgot how to aim. I guess he was marking his territory.

     Moving on to the people thing. There were thousands THOUSANDS, of people in a line that stretched for ages, and somehow, the two were stood close enough to each other to be able to interact. Their families confirmed that they could see the other being interviewed, so they must have been close.

     Going back to the part that you had to highlight, Louis knew Harry was an amazing singer, because he had heard him sing at the battle of the bands. He told Harry that he was going to be fine and that he knew he would be famous one day. He believed in him so much that he got a hug and a picture with him. If little Louis only knew that he’d have endless Harry hugs and millions of pictures in the future. The future is a crazy thing.

     It is not confirmed, but it is speculated that Louis gave Harry his cardigan to wear for his audition. Not sure if that happened, but if it did, that is adorable. Letting a stranger wear your clothes, totally normal behavior.

     Let’s discuss the auditions. Harry’s audition was very good, there was no doubt he’d get through. Louis’ audition however, wasn’t the best. He says it himself! Don’t hurt me. I adore Louis’ voice. I think it is unique and beautiful, but let’s be honest here, his rendition of “Hey There Delilah” wasn’t his strongest vocal moment. His voice has improved immensely since then. Imagine if the judges wouldn’t have given him that chance. They could’ve easily turned him down, but they didn’t. I guess they heard the uniqueness his voice possessed and decided to give him a chance, or maybe fate beat all odds.

     Bootcamp time! The two were caught staring at each other multiple times throughout the harsh rounds of bootcamp. Maybe their mouths were a bit too shy at the time, so they let their eyes say it all.

     Many people were eliminated during this round, including these two lovesick babies. On July 23, 2010, Harry and Louis, along with Niall, Liam, and Zayn, were eliminated and were about to be sent home, when they were called back on stage. First, the judges told them that they were being put in a band, BUT they did not mention that they would be getting through to the next round, which was the Judges Houses round. All they said was that they’d be in a band together and that was enough for Louis to jump into Harry’s arms like they’d known each other for years. This was such an intimate and beautiful moment in their history. Louis literally LEAPED into Harry’s arms at the thought of simply being with him, and Harry accepted the embrace. They had no idea that they had gotten through. After they were told they had gotten through, they were ecstatic of course, but I think the first announcement made by the judges filled their hearts with a bit more joy. There’s this interview that the boys did after being put through as a band where Harry and Louis would NOT STOP STARING AT EACH OTHER! They stood there smiling at each other like love drunk idiots while the world went on around them. Two became one. Who knows if either of them were aware of their sexuality yet. They simply knew they were fond of each other.

They’re so embarrassing. 

     From that point on, they faced multiple hardships. They embraced the love they had for each other all throughout the X-Factor days, through 2011, and through some of 2012. After that, they were pushed far into the closet by their money hungry management. Sadly, they were not allowed to show the world their love. They were not allowed to speak about it, so their skin became their voices. The two secured the ultimate life long bond by getting multiple matching/correlating tattoos, such as The Anchor and the Rope, the Heart and the Arrow, the Ship and the compass, half a heart, oops and Hi, I can’t change and quotation marks in the same area, It is what it is and the butterfly, the rose and dagger, etc. They’ve had to show their love through secret touches, ink, tweets, and song lyrics. The two have gone through stormy waters (yeah nautical reference because I’m Larry af) but they’ve managed to keep loving each other. They will always be in each other’s hearts even when they can’t hold each other. They still love each other even though the world has done everything to tear their love apart, but the thing is, the world can’t beat fate; the world can’t beat soulmates.

Two million people support this. 

How to prepare for marching band.

1. Get a water jug that’s at least a Half gallon. You may want to put in some ice so it’ll be nice and cold.

2. Get outside before camp. Yeah, it’s hot, gross, but it’s gonna be hot at camp too. If you don’t start getting outside you might be THAT person at camp that sits out on the first day because you might pass out.

3. Go for long, brisk walks. Yeah, you might look kinda dorky for speed walking, but marching is just fancy walking.

4. Hold your instrument up for 9 minutes at a time. The marching show will be 9 minutes and if you have saggy arms you probably won’t make the block.

5. If you get the music beforehand, practice it for about 30 minutes per day. You’ll be playing this music for the next 4 months or so, so don’t burn yourself out on it. If you’re tires of your music you’ll have a tired performance.

6. Pack an emergency band kit. (i call mine a BAND aid) here’s a list of what you might need in it.
Everyone: band aids, sunscreen, aloe, deodorant.
Woodwinds: reeds, cork grease

7. Talk to people that are already in band and ask them for tips.

8. Watch marching band videos to know what you’re getting yourself into. I suggest that you watch mostly your level of marching band, but try to watch high school, college, and dci videos.

9. Get excited! Marching band is fun and you’ll build life long bonds and make memories.