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my favorite thing about all the (potential) couples in stranger things- mike and eleven, jonathan and nancy, joyce and hopper- is that their bonds are all formed when they’re working on and trying to solve a problem together. actually that’s true for all the relationships in the show but I feel it’s such an underrated part of romance specifically. it’s so nice when couples have something practical and constructive to do and when all their little moments, accidental hand touches, longing glances, shy smiles, spring up organically around their work. i live for those moments, i really do. i cry over them. but moments can’t exist in a void so i love when a romantic relationship has the strong backbone of shared work and friendship to ground those moments. and stranger things gets that.


It’s been a while. But I’m back with a looongg post! Here’s how I envision this scene happening. Well, they are awkward dorks after all. 

And it might have been a good idea to mention how ugly you think I am too,’ Hermione added as an afterthought.
‘But I don’t think you’re ugly,’ said Harry, bemused.
Hermione laughed.” -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

He is the only person I know that I can literally talk to for hours. He may be on the other side of the world, but when we chat, we chat. One time, I spoke to him from 9pm at night until 8am in the morning. I have not had a connection like this with any one. I have no idea what we talked about for that long, but all I know is that he is so special. It’s so beautiful that no matter how far away we are or if we don’t see each other, we still have such a strong bond.
Perierat et Inventus est (8)

Bucky x Steve x OC


Notes: angst, fluff, smut, violence, torture/conditioning, dubious medical procedures.

A/N: Enter: Tony Stark and Clint Barton, and a new life long bond is established. 

Bucky doesn’t seem phased by the question and fishes his cellphone out of his pocket. “Go ahead”  he says and hands the phone over to Bruce.

“And don’t even think of accusing my Omega for this, because I instructed him to leave his at home” Bucky adds calmly and looks over to Steve for conformation briefly.

Steve nods instantly, a hard look in his eyes.

Bruce sighs and nods. “Sorry. I’m still gonna have tech take a look at your phone”

“Sure” Bucky shrugs and turns to Steve, giving his Omega a stern look in order to calm him down. Steve is seething, angry because Bucky just risked his life for this man, and Javen, when he has no ties whatsoever to them. This is just his job. Nothing more. And still, he’ll risk everything, and this is what he gets in return. It’s not right.

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Wands of Various Makes & Uses

Wands have been used to focus and amplify magic since time immemorial. Some magic users form life-long bonds with theirs, making them extensions of their self (and in the case of sentient devices, friends or acquaintances). Others charge devices for limited or single use, like a battery.

A selection of notable exceptions to the traditional wand format:

  • Plumbing witches have used plungers for years. Only the foolish overlook their incredible, life-saving contributions.
  • Legal sorcerers and corporate wizards enscroll pens to sign contracts, adding an element of magic to their binding nature.
  • Artists have long experimented with imbuing their paintbrushes and pencils with power and energy.
  • Prosthetic limbs have become incredible sources of power in recent years. The size and level of contact affords them tremendous advantages.
  • Wooden spoons are often favored by witches who conduct their potion work in stew pots in kitchens and while traveling.
  • Sirens, in modern times, have been known to enchant toothbrushes and use various pastes to augment their voices.

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Ever since Ian referred to himself as Coltons 'daddy' I can't help but think of Hoech's current dad beard and Dyl's comment in an interview years ago when he said that Hoech looked '35 but in the best way' and wonder if Dylan ever calls Hoech 'daddy'?

I laughed so hard when Ian went there. We share a wavelength because Dylan’s daddy kink with Hoech is where my mind wandered off to. 

(gifs cred: X)

I cry every time (also swoon at the touching). 

Now that that’s been revisited, let’s move on to the more recent daddy kink portion of the evening.

Here are the screencaps from the Daddy Roommate Survival Tips from June 2015, in which Dylan speaks to how he survives living with daddy!Hoechlin.

(Shhh…trust me that line is there in between the laughs. Just listen closely. ;)) 

Hoech with the glasses, all bearded out, chest hair that benches 357lbs of testosterone before breakfast, and then going about wearing soft sweaters and cardigans??? Can you fault O’Brien for being unable to resist looking at Hoech in this light especially now a days that he’s dressing the part? Hell I’ve had an aversion to any sort of daddy kink, but then Hoechlin went and Dadded out on us and well…Hoechpocalypse is eternal.

Let’s not forget it being said at Howler Con 2015 after which he finds out Dylan went to a Mets game without him, Hoechlin said, “He’s in trouble.”(x, x, x) as he texted Dylan about it. Uh oh, Daddy’s angry.

Bottom line: You’re damn right he calls him Daddy, probably listed in his contacts as such. Probably why he was afraid to call him during SDCC 2015, he knew it was 4am and he didn’t want to be the one responsible for waking him. The real question here is: What happens when Dylan steps out of line? ;)

*Ultra super tight hugs, Alpha Nonnie* <33

don’t look at me with such distant eyes.

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guys. he's scared. morality has been his best friend since he was little, and he's afraid he could lose that life long bond. cant you have some compassion for the guy?

….thanks anon…. I’m scared

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Hi Mrs. Stiefvater. I actually have a question so unrelated to any of your books. A lot of your readers are in the 18-20 range (I'm 19), and idk if others have the same problem with me. You're so successful now and you have a good head on your shoulders & good friends. Was your life always put together? I mean, for me right now, college debt is depressing and I have zero friends (except my mom, she's my bff). Basically, does life get better? Thanks ~

A disclaimer: I am not you. You are not me. We are not, collectively, anyone else, so your results may vary. I have a very high tolerance for personal discomfort and/ or living in squalor, which means the life choices I opted for in pursuit of happiness may not work for other people.

1. Yes, 18-19 was grotesque. I think it’s grotesque for many because it’s the time you realize that you are now going to be responsible for your personal happiness: CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE AN ADULT-THING

2. So you’re not a kid, but it’s not exactly like you’re out in the real world doing what you want to do yet. You’re a strange possibly gross magical creature who is somehow still growing, who is aware of the right thing to say or do but somehow manages to do something else by mistake, who has possibly grown away from childhood friends, who is dimly conscious that there must be other humans out there to form a life-long bond of coolness with but somehow cannot find these future blood-brothers anywhere. This is frustrating at best and paralyzing at worst.

3. Do not be paralyzed. The ones who freeze are the ones who get eaten by the predators first.

4. Unless your life-goal was to be eaten by predators, in which case: go.

5. I wanted to be an artist, a musician, or a writer; that was the goal. No. That was not the goal. I knew I didn’t want to have an ordinary life. I wanted every day to be different — to feel no regrets — to feel like when I got to the end, I’d really done something.

6. Here’s the moment that changed my life forever: after graduating, I became a technical editor for kindly federal contractors. The job was fine. Not what I’d dreamed of, but a paycheck with benefits and a roof over my head. I realized that there was a version of me that could stay in this job for the rest of my life, benevolently compromising. That was the day I walked into my boss’s office and gave my two weeks notice. “What are you going to do?” he asked, surprised. “I’m going to be a portrait artist,” I replied. He said, “But you were a history major.” I told him I reckoned that if I worked at my art for 40 hours a week as I worked at technical editing, I’d get good enough to make a living. He told me that I could have my job back at any time. I didn’t go back. I gave up my nice salary and my future that was fine, only fine. My life became dry pasta and scrounging desperately under seats for change to put fuel in the car. It was the best thing I ever did: I was happy. Terrified, sometimes, because I had to put myself in unfamiliar situations every week and trust myself. But happy.

7. Which is to say that happiness is hard work, and I’m suspicious when I’m not chasing it. It doesn’t just sit there: content waits for you. Happiness runs, a gleeful moving target that changes as you change. I understand this belief may be because I am insane, but in case you’re also insane, I’m putting it out there.

8. I do indeed have a pack of lovely close friends, but I didn’t find most of them until my mid-twenties. And I didn’t find them in real life: I found them online, and then we met in person. So my best friends live in Kansas, in Colorado, in Georgia. I have people I am fine with locally, but I have yet to find a blood-brother in my home town. Embrace that whatever brand of strangeness you are, there is someone else complementary to you, but they might be two thousand miles away. The Internet is a great thing for strange people.

9. On the topic of complementary people: I never dated people who didn’t think I was great, nor did I pine away longing for a date. A lot of my peers made themselves miserable by dating people they could never be friends with. I don’t tend to think great relationships are formed with someone you had to harpoon; I think if you’re doing what you love and putting yourself out there, friends will come along, and some of those will be kissable. I’d rather be alone than with someone I’m just fine with. I’m great company.

10. I have to confess that the burst of joy I felt when I realized I was going to have 10 points to this reply was all out of proportion with the actual accomplishment. In conclusion, yes: my life gets better every year. I’m happier now than I was at 25, and I thought I was happy then. I am more myself every year. 


3x07 // 4x09

Bethan Education.1

Benny and Ethan have a connection.

A connection that NO ONE can break.

Ethan seems like..more of a dominant person.

He’s almost always serious…

and thinks Benny did something bad.

A lot.

Now Benny,

He’s like Ethan’s puppy.

Benny is entergetic,

And though he makes mistakes,

Ethan can’t leave him.

Benny and Ethan complete each other.

Benny is energetic and silly

while Ethan is somewhat serious and calm.

They say two opposites attract.

And in this case, that is true.

I love the pairing of Bethan.

If you don’t, be respectful.

Just don’t pay attention.

Because some of us,

Like me,

See the true beauty of their life-long bond.

How to prepare for marching band.

1. Get a water jug that’s at least a Half gallon. You may want to put in some ice so it’ll be nice and cold.

2. Get outside before camp. Yeah, it’s hot, gross, but it’s gonna be hot at camp too. If you don’t start getting outside you might be THAT person at camp that sits out on the first day because you might pass out.

3. Go for long, brisk walks. Yeah, you might look kinda dorky for speed walking, but marching is just fancy walking.

4. Hold your instrument up for 9 minutes at a time. The marching show will be 9 minutes and if you have saggy arms you probably won’t make the block.

5. If you get the music beforehand, practice it for about 30 minutes per day. You’ll be playing this music for the next 4 months or so, so don’t burn yourself out on it. If you’re tires of your music you’ll have a tired performance.

6. Pack an emergency band kit. (i call mine a BAND aid) here’s a list of what you might need in it.
Everyone: band aids, sunscreen, aloe, deodorant.
Woodwinds: reeds, cork grease

7. Talk to people that are already in band and ask them for tips.

8. Watch marching band videos to know what you’re getting yourself into. I suggest that you watch mostly your level of marching band, but try to watch high school, college, and dci videos.

9. Get excited! Marching band is fun and you’ll build life long bonds and make memories.

Why I Am Returning To Camp

Last year I spent my summer covered in bug bites, surviving on minimal sleep per night and sweating out my body weight, I know, so attractive right? Yet I am choosing to put myself through this all again for another summer., but why? 

As the tan has faded the memories haven’t summer camp is about making friends and doing something you have never done before, and above all having an adventure, and there is no better adventure than going across the world to work at summer camp. 

There are so many reasons and I could sit here and bore you with a long list but instead I will give you just five reasons I am returning and why I think you should do summer camp at least one:

  1. The Friends: Camp friends are like no others, in a few short weeks you share tears and laughter and truly make life long bonds like no others. Camp fosters unique relationships with people from different walks of life than your own.
  2. The getting unplugged: These days it is rare that you have someone’s undivided attention as they always have one eye on their phone, checking Facebook or posting their latest meal to instagram, don’t get me wrong I am a sucker for social media too, but there is something liberating about everyone around you putting down the phones and just talking to one another and enjoying the company.
  3. The Satisfaction: Camp is difficult sometimes for both staff and campers, sometimes it has been one of those long days when the sun is hot and you are covered in insect bites and you are counting the minuets until lights out, but there is nothing more satisfying than overcoming the difficulties or helping someone else you work with overcome difficulties to achieve their goals or doing something they never thought possible, it makes all the hard work worth it to know you helped someone or achieved something yourelf.
  4. The Alternatives: For the 5 years prior to spending my summer at camp I would usually spend my time flipping burgers and serving fries, the job has done many things for me over the years but after 5 years I wanted a change and what better way to shake it up than going to work in a different country and learn a whole different set of skills and have new experiences?
  5. The Travelling: Plane tickets to America are expensive and as my parents are not on the rich list, I have always paid my way in the things I have done and going to America is no different, camp is a great experience and a working visa allows you to travel for 30 days after camp, I travelled very cheaply and saw many things I would not have been able to with going to camp.

People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways

     I often analyze fate and how it works in mysterious ways to bring people together. Fate works in crazy, ineffable ways. I’ve heard stories about couples who were brought together in such outlandish situations, that I’ve  questioned how the concept of the universe, and destiny work. One couple in particular that has captured my full attention is Larry Stylinson. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s lives were changed drastically at very young ages. Their other bandmates’ lives changed as well, but theirs changed in a different way. They met each other and fell in love. Louis was 18 years old when he accidentally peed on 16 year old Harry. Or maybe it was the other way around, we still don’t know. Those two haven’t explained the story behind their oops and Hi tattoos, but we have a good idea about what went on. Anyway, I think their story is incredible, it is one for the movie screens. No perfect fictional story can ever compare to theirs.

     Many fans believe that the two met before the X-factor. Whether that’s true or not, you can’t argue that fate ultimately brought them together in an adorable way. Let’s take it way back to see the timeline of the times the two could have met, but didn’t.

     Harry and Louis were both in bands in high school. Harry’s band was called, “White Eskimo”, which consisted of him as the lead singer(super important fact that you should remember for later. Basically, I’m saying to get your highlighters, people!) and his friends from school. Louis was in a band called “The Rogue” which he has tattooed on his ankles. As Harry says, you can tell a man by his ankles. Interesting. There is a picture circulating Tumblr where you can clearly see teens holding up posters with, “White Eskimo” and “The Rogue” on them. The picture was from a battle of the bands competition which Harry’s band won.

     My theory is that Louis saw Harry sing, and thought, “Hey, this kid’s got a great voice.” A voice so great that he remembered it by simply seeing his face years later. Moving on.

     The Script concert in 2009! Harry and Louis have said that they both attended the same Script concert a year prior to having met at the X-Factor. They could have met here and they could have had a quick encounter, but fate had better, greater things planned. Maybe they saw each other in the crowd, maybe, but not in the way that it was meant to be.

     There you have it, two events where the two could have easily had an encounter. If they would’ve met, maybe they would’ve been friends for a while, maybe they would’ve actually dated for a bit, but ended things because of distance? Maybe. Fate wanted more for them, because they are soulmates and soulmates deserve the best. 

     On April 11, 2010, the two boys headed to Manchester for their X-Factor auditions. Think about this, they were in a place with thousands of people and multiple bathrooms. Somehow, their bladders gave out at the same time and they ended up going to the same bathroom. They ended up peeing next to each other, and on each other. I believe that this was the first real verbal encounter they had. “Oops” “Hi” who gets the first words they said to someone tattooed? Who even remembers that kind of thing. I mean I guess I get it, when you meet by being peed on by someone, you tend to remember small details of the conversation. I strongly believe that whoever did the peeing (Pretty sure it was Harry), was distracted by the other’s cute self, and forgot how to aim. I guess he was marking his territory.

     Moving on to the people thing. There were thousands THOUSANDS, of people in a line that stretched for ages, and somehow, the two were stood close enough to each other to be able to interact. Their families confirmed that they could see the other being interviewed, so they must have been close.

     Going back to the part that you had to highlight, Louis knew Harry was an amazing singer, because he had heard him sing at the battle of the bands. He told Harry that he was going to be fine and that he knew he would be famous one day. He believed in him so much that he got a hug and a picture with him. If little Louis only knew that he’d have endless Harry hugs and millions of pictures in the future. The future is a crazy thing.

     It is not confirmed, but it is speculated that Louis gave Harry his cardigan to wear for his audition. Not sure if that happened, but if it did, that is adorable. Letting a stranger wear your clothes, totally normal behavior.

     Let’s discuss the auditions. Harry’s audition was very good, there was no doubt he’d get through. Louis’ audition however, wasn’t the best. He says it himself! Don’t hurt me. I adore Louis’ voice. I think it is unique and beautiful, but let’s be honest here, his rendition of “Hey There Delilah” wasn’t his strongest vocal moment. His voice has improved immensely since then. Imagine if the judges wouldn’t have given him that chance. They could’ve easily turned him down, but they didn’t. I guess they heard the uniqueness his voice possessed and decided to give him a chance, or maybe fate beat all odds.

     Bootcamp time! The two were caught staring at each other multiple times throughout the harsh rounds of bootcamp. Maybe their mouths were a bit too shy at the time, so they let their eyes say it all.

     Many people were eliminated during this round, including these two lovesick babies. On July 23, 2010, Harry and Louis, along with Niall, Liam, and Zayn, were eliminated and were about to be sent home, when they were called back on stage. First, the judges told them that they were being put in a band, BUT they did not mention that they would be getting through to the next round, which was the Judges Houses round. All they said was that they’d be in a band together and that was enough for Louis to jump into Harry’s arms like they’d known each other for years. This was such an intimate and beautiful moment in their history. Louis literally LEAPED into Harry’s arms at the thought of simply being with him, and Harry accepted the embrace. They had no idea that they had gotten through. After they were told they had gotten through, they were ecstatic of course, but I think the first announcement made by the judges filled their hearts with a bit more joy. There’s this interview that the boys did after being put through as a band where Harry and Louis would NOT STOP STARING AT EACH OTHER! They stood there smiling at each other like love drunk idiots while the world went on around them. Two became one. Who knows if either of them were aware of their sexuality yet. They simply knew they were fond of each other.

They’re so embarrassing. 

     From that point on, they faced multiple hardships. They embraced the love they had for each other all throughout the X-Factor days, through 2011, and through some of 2012. After that, they were pushed far into the closet by their money hungry management. Sadly, they were not allowed to show the world their love. They were not allowed to speak about it, so their skin became their voices. The two secured the ultimate life long bond by getting multiple matching/correlating tattoos, such as The Anchor and the Rope, the Heart and the Arrow, the Ship and the compass, half a heart, oops and Hi, I can’t change and quotation marks in the same area, It is what it is and the butterfly, the rose and dagger, etc. They’ve had to show their love through secret touches, ink, tweets, and song lyrics. The two have gone through stormy waters (yeah nautical reference because I’m Larry af) but they’ve managed to keep loving each other. They will always be in each other’s hearts even when they can’t hold each other. They still love each other even though the world has done everything to tear their love apart, but the thing is, the world can’t beat fate; the world can’t beat soulmates.

Two million people support this. 

Thoughts On Storm the Castle

The latest episode of Star significantly advanced what has become this season’s story arch and its amazingly impressive that now that this episode has aired I can look back and see how Star’s character development has also led to taking the actions she did. This is apparently the final episode of season one so this was an incredibly good way to close this story arch and start the next for season two.

Before I start breaking down the episode I wanted to take a moment to give credit to the amazing story team on this episode because they really turned out an episode so strong that I literally can’t find anything to criticize! I see Mike Yank’s name here as I’ve seen on most of the best of Star’s first season. The rest of the team were both writers of the episode and story boarders as well: Dominic Bisignano, Christopher Graham, Aaron Hammersley (who also directed) and Ian Wasseluk. 

This episode begins with Star and Marco in a dark cave where Star is trying to reach a sandwich inside a hole.  This is also where the theme is once again set up and it turns out this is part of this seasons arch as well. This is the fact that Star never listens to anyone else when they tell her not to take risks. In this case Marco is telling her not to get the sandwich that he’s got a bad feeling.

Star retrieves the sandwich and it naturally turns out that Marco was right since the rock Star got it out of actually is a monster.

The monster gives chase and Star and Marco have to jump off a cliff.

Star drops the sandwich and insists on keeping trying to reach it while Marco tells her to forget about it. 

Marco gets loose and pulls Star out of the Monster’s clutches while she still tries to grab the sandwich only ending up with a piece. This makes Marco and Star start to fight. Star criticizes him because she only was able to retrieve part of the sandwich. Marco looses his temper with Star telling her that loosing their lives over a “stupid sandwich” wasn’t worth it. He knocks the sandwich from her hand and storms off.

Star goes to her room to brood and falls asleep only to wake up later and find Marco’s room empty. She searches the house and only finds Mr and Mrs Diaz downstairs. They tell her that they haven’t seen Marco and suggest she call his cel phone. In a very funny joke Star echoes the urban legend when she heres it ring in the house and states the obvious in a dramatic and creepy whisper.

The whole search of the house is very atmospheric and creepy but Star’s ascent up the stairs and looking for Marco’s ringing cel was particularly creepy.

She finds Ludo’s fly-like henchman in Marco’s hoody and he tells her that Marco is being held in Ludo’s castle. She is told to come and bring her wand.

Mr and Mrs Diaz have her tell the story to the police, who naturally can’t help. but the policeman gives Star some sage advice that has been repeated in many different ways throughout the season setting us up for the events to play out in this final episode of the season.

Policeman: You like magic little girl…oh, me too. Heck, I used to go to Vegas every weekend, all for magic. The thing about magic is if you don’t use it wisely you can loose everything.

Through out the season various people have taught Star lessons regarding magic and its use. She has been told not to rely on it so much and not be so reckless with it by Marco the most but others have reiterated it. After the events in Marco Grows a Beard she finally learned the value of being more careful with it and that she can get along without it. Now, this dire warning surprises Star and Marco’s parents as well. It gives her important food for thought as she races to rescue her best friend Marco.

Its at this point we are introduced to what Ludo is doing since he was kicked out by Toffee and we find he’s approaching fellow outcast Buff Frog for help. We learn that his real name is Yvgeny Bulgoyaboff which explains the Russian accent. A lot of the comedy in this episode comes from Ludo giving him tadpoles as a bribe to help him and he’s ecstatic to “be a father now” so he decides to help “to give them a future”.

Star arrives and stumbles across them and learns that Ludo is not to blame. Yvgeni and Ludo both offer to help her and at first she rejects both of them.

Yvgeni convinces Star that Ludo can’t be trusted because he just wants Star’s wand but he is doing it because he wants to be a good father. The funny thing is that he carries them in a fountain tied to his back into danger right after saying this. 

We also get to see that Toffee has Marco in a glass box prison and awaits Star with a very smug air. This is a very intriguing since Buff Frog also told Star that Toffee “knows about you” and just how much we come to find out he knows is surprising.

The sequence where Star bursts in and tries to rescue Marco is extremely impressive in that not only is the animation spectacular but each frame is gorgeous.  She comes in and subdues every henchman in the room, blows Toffee’s arm off and tries to break Marco out failing at first. Her next attempt shows us just how powerful Star is in a stunning display. Here is a sampling of screen shots:

Everyone is shocked by her display of power but Toffee isn’t down for the count for long.

We learn here that he can regenerate missing limbs which calls to mind why he hasn’t regenerated his finger? Was it done on purpose?

The mood instantly becomes dark as Toffee takes control of the situation and has the chicken thing swallow Ludo whole. Toffee reforms the prison and shrinks it using it as leverage against Star.

Toffee then reveals his shocking request. He asks Star to destroy her wand and even knows how she can destroy it when Star doesn’t know herself. He explains that the first spell her mother taught her, called the Whispering Spell, is what will destroy it. This raises so many questions! How did Toffee have insider information on the Butterfly family legacy? How did he even know the specific spell needed to destroy the wand?

This is a turning point for Star. She has to decide what is more important to her, Marco or her magic? This is the culmination point of all of the lessons she’s learned this season. It takes her only a moment to decide and its a truly dramatic scene.

After she recites the whispering spell the wand goes dark and the tiny unicorn that powers the wand emerges and dies whispering a final warning to Star that makes her cry. She rushes and joins Marco in the box just in time for the wand to detonate destroying the castle and everyone in it.

The most curious thing is that just before it explodes Toffee smiles. This means that part of the information he knew is that this would happen. The moment I saw this smile I was certain he had some way to regenerate after the explosion. Perhaps that’s why his finger was missing? Maybe, as long as there is a small part of himself in a safe place he can regenerate again? Maybe, he actually can regenerate from the finger? Whatever, it is I am certain Toffee is going to return in season 2 and I can’t be happier because he is a wonderfully manipulative, intelligent and menacing antagonist.

Following the explosion we get a moment to breathe and it tugs at the heartstrings. This hug says so much. Star and Marco need each other and they both know this fact now judging by how fierce the embrace is. We already have hints that their destinies are entwined and according to Blood Moon Ball this is a life long bond. Whatever awaits these two we can be sure they will get through it by leaning on one another.

Speaking of regeneration, Ludo is reborn from an egg that was laid by the chicken monster so he will be back as well. I have to comment that the robot thing wearing something that looks similar to what Toffee was wearing is a bit confusing to me. Is it a decoy so they don’t look for the real Toffee regenerating eleware? Maybe the finger is inside? I’m not really sure just yet.

Finally, the wand regenerates thanks to a tiny Italian speaking unicorn that enters the wand to power it.

The wand now regenerates with a new look and, as Marco states, an upgrade. What does this mean? Was Toffee’s intention always to make the wand regenerate?

Both the Diaz and Butterfly families are reunited and what happens next raises more questions.

The Butterflies call the wizard that lives in the guide to magic and tell him that the wand has been “cleaved” and he respond that word has two meanings. It can mean to bring together or to split apart so we are left to wonder if this wand “upgrade” is a good or bad thing.

More troubling still is his warning that it would be bad if any piece of the wand wasn’t retrieved and then we are shown the second half of the star was left behind. What does this mean? Is Star’s new wand unstable without this piece or perhaps this was Toffee’s hope all along? Perhaps a second wand can be formed from a small piece of the original? Will Toffee return with his own wand or something else powered by this fragment?

What an amazing episode! This was storytelling at its finest. We are given enough answers to feel satisfied and enough new questions to make us eagerly await season 2! I know I can’t wait.

Saitama’s future lies with Genos

tl;dr version: why genosai (platonic or romantic) is justified, healthy and rocks

Some of the Saitama character analyses floating around tumblr, especially this one by raxilia5running, has really got me thinking about how Saitama’s story will end, and how it relates to Genos. It could be something that doesn’t matter at all, since this is just a parody that’s not meant to be taken seriously. You can say that reading deep into Saitama’s character completely defeats the whole purpose of the parody.

But what if we don’t treat him as a joke character? (Spoilers for anime and manga below the cut)

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I'm so in love with the Dragon Au please tell me you have lil facts and stuff to share about literally anybody. I don't care what they are I just need to know more about this beautiful au.


I actually have a couple of things already here but here are some more~

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