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requested: Hiiiii hello could you maybe write an imagine where the reader is an actress and has an accident on set bc it’s like a superhero movie or something and Shawn just completely freaks out even though it’s nothing major or too serious?

okay i changed this just a bit if that’s okay
ever since you were little, you knew you wanted to be an actress. but not just any actress, you wanted to act in action packed movies and even do your own stunts. you grew up watching movies like batman and superman, they were your life. when you found out you were going to be the new wonder woman, you cried. your life long dream was finally accomplished, you were officially an actress.

you were at your boyfriend shawn’s house for dinner with his family when you got the call. you were hesitant to take the call at first, knowing it was rude to leave in the middle of a family dinner, but as soon as shawn saw the caller ID he made you take it. when you returned to the dinner table (with your eyes still red and puffy from crying) all you had to do was smile and shawn knew. you spent the rest of that night with a huge smile on your face.

now, you’re halfway through filming the movie and the director has finally allowed you to perform your own stunt for this scene. the night you told shawn you would be doing your own stunt, he did not want you to do it. he was scared something was going to go wrong and he didn’t want to see you hurt. you told him he could be there during the filming of the scene but it still took him a few weeks to accept the fact that you were going to do a stunt and possibly get hurt in the process.

today was finally the exciting day and all day from when you woke up to before you went to film a scene, shawn has been clinging to you. it was like he was scared to let you out of his sight or else you would get hurt.

“shawn,” you laughed as the two of you walked into your trailer. “i’m okay. i haven’t even done the stunt yet.”

“i know,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist while you adjusted your costume in the mirror. “i just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” he quickly kissed your cheek, careful not to harm the makeup that you had on. and if it was even possible, he tightened his grip on you, nuzzling is face into your neck.

you sighed as he quickly pulled away from you as your assistant barged into the small trailer. “y/n! you’re filming the stunt scene in 5, you’re needed on the set right now.” and with that, he slammed the door and left.

shawn sighed as you threw the black robe on over your quite revealing wonder woman costume, knowing it was time to venture back to the main set where he could possible watch his girlfriend get injured. now, shawn thought it was absolutely badass that his girlfriend was going to be the new wonder woman. he just never thought she would want to do a stunt, especially not one of the most dangerous ones in the entire movie. during the whole movie you’ve had to do fight scenes which required months of preparation, but never a full blown stunt filled with fire and everything.

the stunt you would be doing in less than 2 minutes is at the end of the movie when wonder woman is fighting with aries in attempt to stop him. you would be thrown to the ground from your position in the “sky”. there was a mat for you to land on when they release you from the harness that’s keeping you in the air, but the only thing is there is real fire all around the two of you in the scene. if something goes wrong you could possibly burn. the director of the movie was giving you another run down of the scene while you were being strapped to a harness that was going to pull you at least 75 feet into the air. shawn was still next
to you, only releasing his grip on your hand for the guy doing the harness to get through and tighten it enough. when you saw the harness you were a little worried, it wasn’t as protective as you thought.

“you ready y/n?” the director asked, patting your back slightly. “it’s what you’ve been waiting for.”

you nodded, throwing the headpiece you were supposed to be wearing on your head before you were flung into the air. “i’m excited.”

“that’s good,” he chuckled. “but it doesn’t look like your boyfriend is too thrilled with this idea.” he motioned his head toward shawn who was eyeing the set intently. “i’ll leave you two alone before you start the scene.”

as soon as the director walked away, shawn turned towards you and pulled you into his chest at tight as he could. “please be careful.” he said, kissing the top of your head. “i don’t want to see you hurt.” you pulled away as you heard your name being called. “don’t worry shawn, i’ll be safe. i love you.”

you quickly pressed your lips to his before you ran off to start the scene, leaving him with the other members of the cast and crew to watch. as soon as the direction said action, you were thrown up in the air and started to perform all the actions you were told to do, the actor playing aries doing the same. everything was going smoothly until it was time for the harness to release you onto the large air mat. you felt like you were being flung around just a bit too much, and before you knew it the harness released you, landing on the pavement 3 inches away from the fire flat on your back. immediately the crew stopped everything and about 20 people rushed towards you.

“y/n!” the director called, rushing to your side. “are you okay?”

you shook your head, knowing something was definitely wrong. you landed flat on your back and it hurt like hell. you were about to drift into unconsciousness when you heard the shouts of your boyfriend.

“y/n, babe, are you okay?” shawn rushed to your side, taking your hand. “i knew this was a bad idea. did you call someone?” he asked the director. you could barely make out what was happening, but you knew shawn was talking to the director and then everything went black.


you woke up to while everything. white ceiling, white walls, white sheets. you quickly narrowed it down to a hospital. you sat up, flinching as your back as in so much pain. shawn was sitting to your left, luckily he noticed you as soon as you noticed him.

“oh y/n you’re awake! we’ve been worried sick!” he said, wiping his eyes. probably from lack of sleep. “you passed out so we brought you here, do you remember what happened?”

you nodded, remembering everything from being flung around in the air to hitting the ground hard. “unfortunately, yes.” you sighed.

“you fractured your back,” shawn sighed. “the filming has obviously been pushed back until you make a full recovery.” you nodded, not even wanting to think of going back to film the movie in this state. as much as you tried to not think about the pain in your back, it was there and boy did it hurt. “i’m so glad you’re okay.”

he wrapped his arms around you the best he could without hurting you anymore. “i knew you shouldn’t have done that.” he mumbled, thinking you couldn’t hear him. you two stayed like that in comfortable silence until shawn broke it again.


“yeah,” you whispered.

“no more stunts, ever.”

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Could you do a reaction with BTS reacting to you being able to rap to agust d? I think it would be quite funny 😂 Thank you if so

You got it babe 

BTS: Reaction to you perfectly rapping Agust D

♥Jin: He would be completely shocked. You were such a quiet girl with a sweet voice so, where tf did this come from? He would stop eating and turn to you with big eyes, slowly chewing. 

“You’re full of surprises babe.”

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♥Yoongi: He would feel embarrassed for a few reasons. One, it was his song. Two, you were a good rapper and he was concerned you were better than him. Three, you were in front of the whole band. He would start to laugh because he’d think it’s kinda cute but annoying at the same time.

“Babe… Babe stop it”

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♥Namjoon: He’d immediately get jealous. Not only was it his Hyung’s song, but you rapped it just as well as him. He wanted to hear you rap to his mixtape instead. You were his girlfriend after-all. He wouldn’t be able to stop his laughter though.

“Are my songs not good enough for you?”

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♥Hoseok: He would feel offended. He didn’t want you to rap to Yoongi’s song but he didn’t have his own mix-tape (come through Hope) for you to rap to.

“Don’t. You can only rap to my parts in Cypher.” He was a jealous boy.

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♥Jimin: He was surprised to hear you rap so fluently. Like you’ve been doing it for years, or something. But he couldn’t help but smile. He loved Agust D, and he loved you. 

“Wow baby I didn’t know you could rap. Maybe you could be in our next song.”

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♥Taehyung: Taehyung was a wannabe rapper. He’d rap to every Cypher and every mixtape, but the second he heard you rap he’d become stunned. He felt like his life long dream has been accomplished.


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♥Jungkook: Your rapping made the competitive young boy get fired up. He could easily say you were talented but he was determined, no matter what, to beat you. You challenged each other at everything.

“I bet I can rap better than you. And if I do you have to kiss me, ok?”

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When Charlotte Perkins Gilman collapsed with a “nervous disorder,” the physician she sought out for help was Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, the “greatest nerve specialist in the country…” When Gilman met him, in the eighteen eighties, he was at the height of his career, earning over sixty thousand dollars per year (the equivalent of almost in a million today’s dollars). His renown for the treatment of female nervous disorders had by this time led to a marked alteration of character. According to an otherwise fond biographer, his vanity “had become colossal. It was fed by torrents of adulation, incessant and exaggerated, every day, almost every hour.”

Gilman approached the great man with “utmost confidence.” A friend of her mother’s lent her one hundred dollars for the trip to Philadelphia and Mitchell’s treatment. In preparation, Gilman methodically wrote out a complete history of her case. She had observed, for example, that her sickness vanished when she was away from her home, her husband, and her child, and returned as soon as she came back to them. But Dr. Mitchell dismissed her prepared history as evidence of “self-conceit.” He did not want information from his patients; he wanted “complete obedience.”

Gilman quotes his prescription for her: “‘Live as domestic a life as possible. Have your child with you all the time.’ (Be it remarked that if I did but dress the baby it left me shaking and crying—certainly far from a healthy companionship for her, to say nothing of the effect on me.) ‘Lie down an hour after each meal. Have but two hours intellectual life a day. And never touch pen, brush or pencil as long as you live.’”

Gilman dutifully returned home and for some months attempted to follow Dr. Mitchell’s orders to the letter. The result, in her words, was —“I came perilously close to losing my mind. The mental agony grew so unbearable that I would sit blankly moving my head from side to side… I would crawl into remote closets and under beds—to hide from the grinding pressure of that distress.”

Finally, in a “moment of clear vision” Gilman understood the source of her illness: she did not want to be a wife; she wanted to be a writer and an activist. So, discarding S. Weir Mitchell’s prescription and divorcing her husband, she took off for California with her baby, her pen, her brush, and her pencil. But she never forgot Mitchell and his near-lethal “cure.” Three years after her recovery she wrote The Yellow Wallpaper, a fictionalized account of her own illness and descent into madness. If that story had any influence on S. Weir Mitchell’s method of treatment, she wrote after a long life of accomplishments, “I have not lived in vain.”
—  Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts’ Advice to Women