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COLTS WR REGGIE WAYNE ARRIVES AT TRAINING CAMP BY LIFELINE HELICOPTER WITH RECOVERING ACCIDENT VICTIM - The Indianapolis Colts reported for training camp on Saturday, and as usual, the highlight of the day was the entrance to camp by wide receiver Reggie Wayne. Last year he showed up, accompanied by members on the Indiana Army National Guard, in a Humvee wearing military fatigues, another year he showed up as a construction worker, and my all-time favorite was when he and former teammate Edgerrin James took a cab ride from Indianapolis to training camp in Terre Haute Ind., at the cost of $200.

But on Saturday Wayne flew to training camp in an IU Health LifeLine helicopter. And the reason for Wayne to do so was rather simple.

“I sat back and thought we have a pretty good team,” said the Pro Bowl receiver. “I really think this team is better than last year, and if we don’t hurt ourselves, sky is the limit for us. So I really sat back and thought ‘Sky is the limit, sky is the limit’, so why not come in through the sky? IU Health helped me do that, and hey, we are here.”

Wayne had a passenger with him, 20-year old Matt Sercer. A Colts fan who severely injured his leg and foot in a farming accident in December, was invited by Wayne to come along for the ride. When they landed on an intramural field at Anderson University, Wayne stood side-by-side to be photographed with Sercer.

“A lot of things were not expected of Matt to be able to walk again and things of that nature. But as you can see, he’s here standing with me. Got out the chopper, he walked over,” Wayne said. “Guys like Matt and stories like Matt’s, they’re the real heroes. It inspires you to go out there and do great and prove people wrong. A lot of people didn’t think Matt would be able to walk again, and he’s out here moonwalking with me.”

As far as the next few weeks of training camp goes, Wayne is ready to give his full effort each and every day.

“Every year it’s the same intensity to get better. Nothing more, nothing less, just after every day knowing that you gave it everything that you had in the practice field. Letting your brothers know that you are there with them. Everything in that pot, you stir it up and hopefully you come out with a successful season.”

The Colts will hold their first training camp practice on Sunday afternoon. (Photo: Indianapolis Star)

Submitted by Keith Clay