So i was hanging out with this girl I liked one time. And as we were laying in her bed just about to kiss for the very first time she just gets up and runs to her closet. So I’m just sitting there waiting and she grabs a stethoscope. And she comes back to the bed and places the stethoscope on her heart and gives me the ear peices. And she goes I want you to hear how fast my heart beats when you kiss me. And it was seriously the most beautiful thing. Moral of the story…everybody buy a stethoscope.
—  Andrea Gibson
Logical definitions?

Fan: Is someone who greatly admires, appreciates their “idol.”

Acquaintance: Is someone that you spend time with on occasion, someone you’re getting to know, but you don’t know them that well. An associate/colleague.

Partner/Comrade: Someone who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits. A companion who shares one’s activities or is a fellow member of an organization.

Good Friend: Is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, greatly supports you.

True Friend: Knows who you are better then yourself, always there for you no matter where you go or what you do.  

Best/Close/Buddy/Pal Friend: Is a person whom is very special in your life, always talk to each other every day, hang out buddy, play jokes on each other, etc.  

Like-Brother,Like-sister,”Family”: Even though your not blood-related and come from different mothers, it doesn’t matter in your book. That it IS your long lost sibling in your life and knows you like a book.  

The bad/fake/“label” Friend: Is like a dreamy friend in your eyes but in reality it is a big fat lie. One whom is an irrational backstabber and makes choices in your life, doesn’t care what your opinions are or who you want to be. THEY. ARE. NOT. YOUR. FRIEND. PERIOD.   

Friendship is not a trophy or an award achiever. It takes time, effort, and dedication. There will be fights but it’ll only make your friendship stronger with connection, honesty, and trust. There will be some that come and go in your life. But what’s the most important thing that we tend to forget, is that we can always make more. There are millions upon millions of people out there either good or bad, we are always learning and experiencing new things about ourself and sharing ideas. And always remember, be yourself

Stay true, dudes.~ 

P.S Something to remember by also- If you have a sibling that is like a bully to you, stand up and speak about it, or if you are the bully yourself to your sibling, please stop all together. You do NOT want to end up having your sibling resent you for the rest of your life. Take it from me that resents my big brother from I being a victim. If your having trouble speak to your friends and connect with your family about it if you can.  

Be safe, people.

There are toxic relationships that will burn you like poison. You have to leave. It’ll be hard, but kid, you’ll feel freer than you’ve ever felt before. People like that will leave a mark, but it’s better to take a dip and learn your lesson than to soak and waste your life away with them.
—  c.j. // I learned my lesson