life jackets are cool

briefzombiechild  asked:

In future AU what kind of jacket does Mike wear? I'm curious and i really like the jacket. Is there a name for it?

This one?

Sorry dude, I just made up a jacket, haha.  It’s loosely based off of his jacket in the show, but made to look more like a uniform, because it’s a uniform????

There are definitely jackets that are….a little bit like it?  but I just made it up as I went, like basically every outfit I’ve ever drawn haha.

anonymous asked:

One sliver of good from the latest Dirk Gently....Dirk is wearing a tank top and no pants, which most likely means that Dirk took his shirt off and had the tank underneath. Where is the footage of magically drugged Dirk happily taking off his shirt and pants and thinking the pink coat was a good thing to wear

My headcanon is that things were getting pretty heated in the police station and Dirk Gently (slightly loopy, slightly lovely, hyper-tactile after the love spell) accidentally brushed up against the pink fur and declared that it was the softest thing he’d ever touched and he never wanted to wear anything else ever again in his entire life. Goodbye tie collection, farewell leather jackets, this is his new cool jacket for solving mysteries.

And then he chased Todd around until Todd promised to pat his jacket (feel it Todd! it’s like I’m wearing a fairy floss cloud!) and then he started nuzzling Todd’s hand like he was an actual cat.