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Newt Being Sick Would Include...

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Prompt: @shellelyn requested:  Hiya! :) To cure your empty inbox I would LOVE some Newt Scamander X Reader headcanons… or it can be a fic. Whichever you prefer. Maybe something to do with Newt being a comforting boyfriend/husband. Or a flirty side of Newt could work. :) Or Newt when he’s sick. Any of these could work or your own ideas. I’m easy going! :) Love your Sherlock writings as well. AMAZING! Keep up the amazing work!

Words: 335

Warnings: Fluff


  • You putting Newt to bed the second you sense that he could possibly be ill in anyway.
    • *Sneeze*
    • “Newt, honey are you sure you’re okay to be working right now? Maybe you should take a break. Get to bed I’ll make you some chicken noodle soup.”
    • “Darling, I’m fine, honestly! It was just some dust.”
    • “Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, for your own sake get. In. Bed. Now.”
    • Newt reluctantly goes, because frankly, you scare him with that tone.

  • Newt, of course, trying to sneak away when you weren’t looking to finish some notes, or check on the nearest beast.
    • He has yet to get past the doorway.

  • Making him swear to put off work until he get’s better.

  • You making sure that Newt is comfortable, by gathering all the pillows and blankets you own and wrapping him up like a burrito.

  • Keeping Newt company via cuddles.

  • Having deep conversations and talking about the ‘What ifs” of the universe while he’s recovering.
    • “If you think about it, in life we procrastinate more than we think, life itself is just a series of distractions we do to take our attention away from the fact that our death is slowly nearing us, each and every day.”
    • “… Damn, Newt.”

  • Making sure the beasts are behaving so they don’t have to make things extra hard for Newt.

  • Newt wanting to kiss you, but he doesn’t want to get you sick either.
    • You grab his shirt and kiss him anyways.
    • He doesn’t complain.

  • Newt loving the extra attention you’re giving him.

  • You not wanting to seem like you’re hovering, so you eventually leave him to rest.
    • Newt disagrees. 
    • And pulls you back in bed with him.

  • Newt not admitting it, but he secretly loves it when you play nurse to him.

  • Newt thanking you for taking care of him after he’s better
    • “Thank you darling, truly.”
    • “Just doing my job, love.”

us humans, we’re always close to  d e s t r u c t i o n. life itself is but a series of close calls. i mean, how would you know you were alive unless you knew you could die?

<<i mean some people just, are supposed to lose?>>

                    << for balance in the universe?>>


S. Kay Lanphear FAQ

(Me, because I sometimes get asked what I look like/whether I’ve posted selfies XD So have some kisses, because I love you all so much!)

What should we call you?

Kay is fine—that’s generally how everyone on the internet and in relation to my books refers to me.

How old are you?

I’m 24 years old.

You’re asexual?

I am, yes. Also, basically aromantic, and very open about it all, so if anyone ever has any questions, I’m more than happy to discuss.

How do you write so well?

Honestly, I don’t know how good of a writer I actually am, but I’m flattered so many people seem to think I’m worth something. I write almost every day and have for over the last ten years—even if it’s just a small something. Writing is my passion and I hope to someday turn it into a job that can sustain me (but I’m not holding my breath). I *almost* have a creative writing bachelors degree with emphasis on literary analysis—which is why my stories tend to be so character driven and influenced. But, basically, I work hard on everything I do. Practice, practice, practice.

Do you have an update schedule?

No. I update things as I finish them. And as I’m inspired. A lot of fic writers allow themselves to be pressured, but I’ve been to more than one rodeo and don’t fall into such things. I write what I write and that’s it.

Do you write NSFW/smut/sin?

Sure. Just because I don’t personally like the sexy times, doesn’t mean I don’t like to write about it ;b

How do you write such complex plots and characters?

This is a hard question, lol, but, by far, what I get asked the most. Um, I grew up reading epic fantasy series—I was reading things like Dragonlance in the third grade and I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time when I was 12. So, I grew up on complicated literature. And I was always encouraged by my parents to work and do things for myself, so that easily graduated into me being, like, “I can do this too!” So I started writing at, like, age 13, and I’ve been working at it ever since. As far as the complexity, something writers are always told to do is write what they know. I’ve learned over the years that this doesn’t really mean write your own experiences only, but, rather, look at your writing with a realistic eye. And if I’ve learned anything about the real world, it’s that all people are extremely complicated. If someone does something, they probably have a reason for doing it. Just as, if something happens, there’s probably a chain that led up to it. Life itself is a series of events, one right after another. And as someone who loves literary and psychological analysis, these things are of very great interest to me. So it shows up in my own work. Plus, I practice. A lot. And plan. Planning is very helpful.

Will you reblog my art/writing/etc?

If I like it, then of course (and I tend to like things more often than I don’t). It might take me time to read something–because I’m very busy–but I’ll indulge in just about any ship with any rating. I’m cool with everything.

Do you take requests?

No. But I do take prompts. Feel free to send me anything and I’ll add it to my list for a specified fandom (has to be one I write for or blog about—feel free to ask me). There’s no guarantee I’ll ever get to it, but who knows what I’ll be inspired to do once the thought is in my head ;)

You write novels?!

I do. My blog title—Caution Tape—is the title of my original book series. There are four books so far, out of a planned six.

Where can I read your books?

They’re online, as they’re self-published because I’m still working on the whole publishing gig, but I’m not posting a link here yet. Not ‘til after I can update the online versions. The first book I wrote almost five years ago, and all are in dire need of a new upload online (and so I’m very embarrassed by them, because the writing is nowhere up to par as far as what I do now). But, I mean, you can find them if you look me up, I can’t hide that, but I’d appreciate waiting until I make an official post to read them. But if you do want to, just keep in mind that they’re very much behind the writing I do now *shrugs*

Why do you hate drawing?

I used to draw like crazy—I used to draw as much as I write, if not more (which tells you I had a lot more free time as a teenager). In fact, I used to draw so much that I went to art school. But I was self-taught and had never been in art classes before. I was accepted into a very prestigious program, but couldn’t adapt to the expectations. I was used to drawing how I wanted whenever I wanted, and the six-hour labs and classes, as well as expectations, weighed on me. Add in that the society of this particular school was very rich and uppity (which I am not) and I just fell through the cracks. I was depressed and anxious, alone, no friends, and got to the point where even picking up a pencil made me nauseous and brought me to tears. By the end of the school year, I was flunking out and unable to draw a single thing. To this day—though it’s been near five years—I can’t draw without those feelings flooding back. I try to work through it, but that kind of recovery is slow, especially with how broken I was by the end of it all. Most of what I draw now is quick sketches, because that’s all I can do before I lose patience and get bothered. So, that’s why I hate drawing.

But I don’t consider the whole experience bad. It was writing that got me through it. I needed a creative outlet, and thus my first novel came out of this ordeal, which led to the series I’m still working on now. Silver lining—I always try to find it :)

Can I translate your work?


Can I write something inspired by your work?

Of course! Just don’t copy and paste anything from my work directly. And link/tag me when you’re done :D

Can I draw art of your work?

YES! Again, just link/tag me so I can see!

Will you talk about your personal life?

Certainly! I have nothing to hide and am willing to share any and all my experiences with anyone—especially if they might help another. I’m an open book, honest. Ask me anything about anything! Just don’t be a creeper by asking for my address or something.

How do you deal with criticism?

Honestly, it’s just something you have to look at as optional. True criticism is meant to help (which, yes, does mean that most critics are full of shit), and if it’s not doing that, it’s not worth considering. I’ve gotten plenty of people that come to me and say “you’re doing this wrong, you’re ruining this character, blah, blah, blah,” but unless they can provide me with viable help in improving my work somehow, it’s useless. And I will call them out (I like to argue). And as far as hate, that’s not criticism. That’s just childishness and not even worth considering (unless you like to argue, like me. Send your hate! I’ll take great joy in firing right back ;D). As far as actually dealing with it, though, it’s just a matter of not giving a fuck what other people think. So what if your writing isn’t perfect? So what if your ship is unpopular? You do you and let the haters rot. If you love what you’re doing, then that’s all that matters.

Can I message you just to chat?

Sure! I can’t guarantee when I’ll get back to you, because life forces me to go adulting about and be responsible, but I’m always happy to talk.

Can we be friends?

Of course :D

Will you follow my blog?

If you post things that are relevant to my interests, then there’s a good chance I will.

If there’s anything else anyone wants to know, feel free to shoot me a message! Thanks guys XOXO