life isn't perfect but you seem to be


Eric and Dylan got sucked into this appealing fantasy because it was an escape from the troubles of everyday life. When you have a place to go — whether it be home, school, a bar, a drug den, or a video game — where things seem perfect, then you go to that place as much as you can. It’s a type of drug — a fantasy — where happiness exists because things make sense, in real life, things didn’t make sense.

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown

Life is more than breathing.
It goes beyond just being.
Life is about the adventures,
and the self-discoveries.
Life is about 2am drives with 
no destination with people 
who actually matter.

And sometimes life gets hard
because no one said it was easy.
And sometimes it isn’t fair,
or perfect, or happy all the time.
Life is a series of fragments,
and moments that you have to
put together yourself.

There is no wrong you cannot right.
There is not a thing you cannot do.
Because life is made to be yours,
as crazy as that may seem sometimes.
And maybe one day you'll 
realize that life isn't what it
looks like on the cover of the box.

—  “This is your masterpiece”

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Hilary but how does Hook know Emma isn't sleeping??? *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Oh, but you are alone. Who knows what you have spoken to the darkness, in the bitter watches of the night, when all your life seems to shrink, the walls of your bower closing in about you, a hutch to trammel some wild thing?

He sits up with her, every night.

He listens as Camelot hushes, slows, fades, turns, and halts. They lie on the bed, with that spread of pink flowers picked on the counterpane, like the middlemist blossom that sits, still perfect, on the side table. Their cold fingers link, her smaller hand curling into the frame of his palm, as he holds her as tightly as he can, waits for her to come to him, to nestle her head into his shoulder. He can feel the weight of her exhaustion like a physical thing, wishes sorely, more than anything, that he could bear it for her.

(He should have taken on the darkness. It should have been him. The villain, the pirate. Not her, his beautiful, beautiful Swan.)

Emma lies in his arms as long as she can, their breathing slow and steady. But she always has to get up, pace restlessly to her work table, and finger through the shells and feathers and laces, to her newest obsession. To start to work, even as he watches the tides of the darkness close over her head. A dragon crouched on its hoard, her hair glowing like rivers of quicksilver in the moonlight.

She has never looked so beautiful. She has never looked so alien.

Killian tells himself he’ll stay awake all night with her, so she won’t have to sit there with just the demon in her head for company. But nonetheless, he’s still mortal, and he is not that strong. Eventually, his gritty eyes will flutter, and falter, and close, even as he’s fighting against it with all his might.

His dreams are unquiet and terrible.

Whenever he wakes in the morning, she has already gone.




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Katara focusing on her family isn't bad. Bringing peace, supporting Aang in bringing back balance between nations and taking care of her children are perfectly valid focus for her to have in life. Likewise, it's understandable that Aang would make bringing his entire dead culture back an incredibly important goal. And he may not have been perfect at all, but people do what they can. In the end all that's important is that they both seem to have loved each other and been happy with their lives.

What you said is true, the only thing that I disagree with is the way Aang went on about achieving his goal. He lived for his goals and he has a tremendous amount of responsibility towards the world and towards the air nomads. But in his goal he forgot to make his family the number one priorty. And that bothers me. I don’t feel that he is the person that can do that. He might have done it without being ill intended, but he is still very much responsible for his actions. 

He decided to have children, but you can’t have children to just pursue your own goals. That way your children end up getting hurt badly, because they don’t fit into that goal. What he should have done is always take time out for his entire family. And also include both Kya and Bumi in the restoration of the air nomad history. He could have given both of them different ways to help him, and in that way, they would have felt included not excluded. And it would have made the burden on Tenzin much smaller, and the jealousy towards him less than that. 

Ofcourse it is not perfect, and what Aang had to do was tremendously difficult, but before he has to answer to the world, he needs to answer to his wife and his children. They are his backbone, and his happiness in the world. His goals should have included everyone instead of excluded the others. 

If what he did wasn’t hurtfull, we wouldn’t have to see Bumi and Kya still seeking his recognition after all those years.

And what bothers me is that Katara never called out her husband in his behavior. Or we didn’t get to see why she didn’t stood up for her other two kids, who have felt inadequate for such a long time. 

I hope I explained this well, and I don’t put this up so people hate Kataang, not at all, I just hope we can have a discussion about those topics, and I feel we can learn from them aswell. So feel free to hit my anon-ask button anytime you want (but please be nice, I might cry XD)