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Has anyone ever thought that maybe Sarah knows her books are problematic in some ways but keeps them that way bc it shows that the world isn't how we want it to be and even though the book could be written to make life equal and perfect but it isn't because it's not that kind of story and that's not how the world is and Sarah knows that so she leaves it problematic and frustrating to show that this is what life is like face world or not?

Listen. You seem nice, but I’m getting ready to go off. I’m sorry if this seems aggressive, but it’s going to get serious and no fucks given (ok I do give fucks bc I do love all of you). My short answer is no.

I don’t care why Sarah wrote her books the way she did. It doesn’t make it any less racist or homophobic. That’s also a short answer. Her intention doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s racist and homophobic. And why write it when you can just… not?

And who is she educating? Who is she telling racism and homophobia exists? Let’s for a second just think her fandom is 100% white and 100% straight… which it’s not, but let’s imagine for a second.

Sarah J Maas, a white woman, is writing about racism and homophobia, to teach her white and straight readers? What is she teaching? What does she know about it? She obviously doesn’t even know it’s bad if she sits down and thinks “yo let me write this”. And she obviously doesn’t know it’s racist or homophobic if she decides to keep it.

When I open a book I don’t want another white author to give me their take on racism (or homophobia, but I’m questioning so I don’t want to speak for the lgbt community) Honey. I live with racism every day. I wake up in a racist world and I go to sleep in one and it’s exhausting. Do you think I want to read about one? I know racism exists. You don’t need to prove it.

But imagine being able to write your own world and it doesn’t have to relate to the “””real””” world, but then you say to yourself ‘Mhm, yes, let me make this world racist and homophobic’ ???

Maybe she should show a world WITHOUT racism and homophobia if she wants to “””””teach””””” someone. News flash - I know, it’s hard to grasp and honestly it’s not your fault or mine but - a world without racism and homophobia wouldn’t cause us all to go up in flames. Just… write everyone as equal? 

We were born in a racist and homophobic world and we’ll die in one. One day I hope that changes. Why would we write about a racist and homophobic world when we can give someone as escape route to get away from the struggles they face every day if only just for a few hundred pages? 

I think I know. You don’t care. Here’s where it gets harsh: SJM doesn’t care about her readers of color or the lgbt+ community. If she did she wouldnt write the way she does. Tokenism /=/ rep. Short answer: they get killed off and/or are mostly stereotypes and they’re only there for the “diversity” stamp.

It’s hard to grasp that, but as I said before: SJM is white and straight. What in the world is she going to teach me about racism? What views does she have? It doesn’t affect her at all?? There’s no reason for her to even address the topic and I can assure you I’m not asking her to.

Writing characters of color or lgbt characters does not mean you have to include racism and homophobia. WE ARE NOT OUR PREJUDICES.

I’m asking her not to kill off her women of color. Why? Because I see it enough. Every show, every book, every movie there’s a token woman of color. I get attached because finally, finally I have representation and then… bam. Dead. Boom. Deceased. Totally for the plot, of course. If you need a woman (or man) of color to die to further your plot that honestly says a lot about your plot. But whose fault is that? It’s not the character’s fault they’re dead. That’s all on the writer.

I’m asking her not to use the slutty bisexual trope. It really is NOT THAT HARD to write a bisexual character and not make them sex-crazed. She did it twice. Aedion and Helion. And I’ve seen the argument “if I lived in a world full of beautiful males and females I would sleep with them all too” ?? That doesn’t excuse anything?? Also… why write a world were f/f and m/m relationships aren’t accepted when you can… easily not have homophobia exist?? Why??

These are just the big things. But don’t you think we want to read about characters who haven’t struggled like us? Who are black, latinx, asian, biracial, gay, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, non-binary, but havent struggled? Haven’t suffered from racism and homophobia? I’m not asking to read about their struggle. I’m asking for them to be treated just like every other (white and straight) character but still be a character of color and part of the lgbt community.

Guys. Remember when I said you can help so much by just listening and giving us a voice? Give us the microphone. Sit in the crowd and listen. Yes, you can ask questions, but no you can not make excuses for racism and homophobia. Just as I said before, if you’re white or straight (and I’m not attacking anyone, just stating a point), you don’t experience racism or homophobia and you can’t tell us or teach us anything we don’t know.

You also don’t see things. You MAY not see the racism. You MAY not see the homophobia. Ask questions but also be ready to receive the answers. And be an ally instead of pushing us down. 

I’m so sorry to the anon if thought this was aggressive. But at the end of the day racism and homophobia is not a “””opinion””” it’s a fact. 


Eric and Dylan got sucked into this appealing fantasy because it was an escape from the troubles of everyday life. When you have a place to go — whether it be home, school, a bar, a drug den, or a video game — where things seem perfect, then you go to that place as much as you can. It’s a type of drug — a fantasy — where happiness exists because things make sense, in real life, things didn’t make sense.

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown

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I'm sorry if I sound stupid or rude, but I don't understand why most girls (I really don't want to sound like I'm generalizing) are desperate for marriage... I mean what's wrong with ending up unmarried? Is it like a fard? What if you never found the one you'll be comfortable with? Marriage isn't just finding a man who's perfect deen wise. + I think it's really upsetting when (some) girls make it seem like you did nothing in life if you didn't get married...

Getting married, or let’s say, finding one’s soulmate/others half is one of the most natural human desires. Just as Allah says in the Quran that He puts affection between husband and wife, it is something that people are naturally inclined to. So it’s no surprise that we see women and men craving this kind of connection.

Marriage is also recommend by the prophet salallahu alayhi wassalaam, and obligatory when a person fears fornication. But there’s also more regulations regarding that. It has also many benefits so noone should delay or avoid it without a reason. I’d give you a detailed link with all the Hadith and scholarly comments on this matter if you come off anon in sha Allah.

However, I get what you mean by being annoyed by everyone talking about marriage. I as an example am a bit concerned about the fairytale expectation especially young and immature girls have… Or the fact that some dream their days away instead of working to be the women they should become in the future.

Life is more than breathing.
It goes beyond just being.
Life is about the adventures,
and the self-discoveries.
Life is about 2am drives with 
no destination with people 
who actually matter.

And sometimes life gets hard
because no one said it was easy.
And sometimes it isn’t fair,
or perfect, or happy all the time.
Life is a series of fragments,
and moments that you have to
put together yourself.

There is no wrong you cannot right.
There is not a thing you cannot do.
Because life is made to be yours,
as crazy as that may seem sometimes.
And maybe one day you'll 
realize that life isn't what it
looks like on the cover of the box.

—  “This is your masterpiece”
MUSE MEMES - Heathers edition
  • "Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw."
  • "Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling."
  • "[Name], you look like hell."
  • "Same difference."
  • "That's the stupidest question I've ever heard."
  • "The extreme always seems to make an impression."
  • "Let's kick his ass!"
  • "What's your damage?"
  • "You think you're a rebel?"
  • "You're not a rebel; you're fucking psychotic!"
  • "Wanna go out tonight? Catch a movie? Miniature golf?"
  • "Why are you pulling my dick?"
  • "I don't really like my friends."
  • "Is your life perfect?"
  • "God! I sound like a fucking psycho."
  • "He used a real gun, they should throw his ass in jail."
  • "I saw we just grow up, be adults and die."
  • "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?"
  • "Oh, the humanity!"
  • "This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle."
  • "Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up."
  • "You stupid fuck."
  • "You goddamn bitch."
  • "They all want me as a friend or a fuck."
  • "Let's go get a slushy."
  • "Jeez, people are so serious."
  • "Holy Mary, who art in Heaven, pray for us sinners... so we don't get caught."
  • "Nice guys finish last, I should know."
  • "Some people need different kinds of convincing than others."
  • "Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?"
  • "If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human: You’d be a game show host."
  • "You’re throwing your life away to become a statistic on U-S-fucking-A Today. That’s about the least private thing I can think of."

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Hilary but how does Hook know Emma isn't sleeping??? *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Oh, but you are alone. Who knows what you have spoken to the darkness, in the bitter watches of the night, when all your life seems to shrink, the walls of your bower closing in about you, a hutch to trammel some wild thing?

He sits up with her, every night.

He listens as Camelot hushes, slows, fades, turns, and halts. They lie on the bed, with that spread of pink flowers picked on the counterpane, like the middlemist blossom that sits, still perfect, on the side table. Their cold fingers link, her smaller hand curling into the frame of his palm, as he holds her as tightly as he can, waits for her to come to him, to nestle her head into his shoulder. He can feel the weight of her exhaustion like a physical thing, wishes sorely, more than anything, that he could bear it for her.

(He should have taken on the darkness. It should have been him. The villain, the pirate. Not her, his beautiful, beautiful Swan.)

Emma lies in his arms as long as she can, their breathing slow and steady. But she always has to get up, pace restlessly to her work table, and finger through the shells and feathers and laces, to her newest obsession. To start to work, even as he watches the tides of the darkness close over her head. A dragon crouched on its hoard, her hair glowing like rivers of quicksilver in the moonlight.

She has never looked so beautiful. She has never looked so alien.

Killian tells himself he’ll stay awake all night with her, so she won’t have to sit there with just the demon in her head for company. But nonetheless, he’s still mortal, and he is not that strong. Eventually, his gritty eyes will flutter, and falter, and close, even as he’s fighting against it with all his might.

His dreams are unquiet and terrible.

Whenever he wakes in the morning, she has already gone.




Child Of The Leaf. Chapter 9.

“Sakura… you’re pregnant.”

Sakura’s eyes widen, then, unexpectedly, she starts to chuckle.

The chuckle turns to giggling, which then morphs into a gut busting laugh which causes Sakura to hold her sides.

“Hahahaha! I never knew you were a practical joker, Tsunade-sama!!”

Tsunade narrows her eyes seriously, her face a stone. Her apprentice wipes her eyes free of tears as she calms down.

“That’s impossible. We use protection every time…”

“…Sakura-chan… Sakura-chan… ”

Then she remembered the one night that started it all. She was so desperate, so needy and emotional… so forgetful…


There was a small moment of silence between mentor and pupil as Sakura’s hands brushed against the round object in her pocket. Slowly, she withdraws the orange and draws her knees up into a sitting, fetal-like position.

“But, I’m only seventeen.”

She starts to cry, and as cold as Tsunade tried to be, she couldn’t help but feel pity for her dear student.

“Naruto… Sasuke… ”

Streams of tears flowed from her eyes as she felt her world  coming to an end. 

‘Sasuke… I will have no chance with him ever.’

'He will never love me if he knows that I’ve already had a kid.’

Her Inner Sakura resurfaces after lying dormant within her to battle her fragile mental state caused by Sasuke’s departure from Konoha…

'You idiot. You love Naruto, don’t you?’

'He loves you with all his heart, and yet you think about Sasuke first?’

'But, I’ve loved Sasuke before Naruto… wouldn’t that make me a terrible woman if I just give up on him?’

'You’re a terrible woman for forgetting whose baby is in your womb…’

'What am I going to do?’

'Shannaro!!! Naruto is a fool, but, he is perfect for you.’

'And Sasuke isn’t?’


'How do you know that?’

'Smell that orange.’

Sakura brings the fragrant fruit to her nose. 

It seemed as if a million memories speed through her mind.

'How many times has he saved your life?’


'How many times was he willing to sacrifice his life and happiness for your happiness?’


'How many times has he shown you he’s loved you without words?’

'Stop, please.’

'How many times has Sasuke done ANY of that for you!?’

“Stop! STOP!! No, no, no, no NO!!!”

Sakura screams out violently, the orange dropping with a thud onto the bed. Tsunade is startled at the pink haired girl’s uncharacteristic behavior. She seemed… mentally unstable… so much so that the godaime was terrified on the inside.

“Sakura, calm down…”

'Your obsession with Sasuke will ultimately hurt Naruto, who is the innocent in all this. You’re using him and hurting him. You’re only good for using and hurting him.’

Inner Sakura split into a darker, venemous version of itself. It was at that point that Sakura, herself, had an epiphany.

'I love Naruto, not Sasuke.’

'It’s too late. Your addiction to Uchiha Sasuke has caused too much damage. He is a permanent fixture in your heart.’

'Because of your needy, desperate actions, you used Naruto, and now he is bound by that child growing inside of you to a useless woman who will only bring him pain… who has only brought him pain…’

“Please… stop! Stop, stop, stop…”

Sakura whispers to herself, her face still hidden in her hands. Tsunade allows the situation to unfold, unsure of the next step she should take.

'Too late. Damaged. Broken. Useless.’

'I love him.’

'If you really love him, you will let him be loved by someone who wholeheartedly loves him, not halfheartedly like you.’


'Right. Smart girl.’

'My heart hurts. I can’t even think about it.’

'Tough. You have no choice. You brought this upon yourself by being weak.’

'If Naruto finds out you’re pregnant, he will want to marry you. His life will be over. He will be too distracted to become Hokage.’

'He’s already turned down missions to take you on dates. Dates!! Imagine if he found out you were having his child? His dream would fade and be forgotten.’

'He doesn’t deserve that. You don’t deserve him.’

“SHUT UP!!!”

Sakura rebels against the voices in her head and slams her fists down angrily at her sides, sending a tremor through the floor to where her mentor was standing.

She smirks triumphantly as her mind is clear once more. Her grin fades as soon as she feels something cold and wet against her hand. As her eyes focus on the object from which the moisture originated, she starts to convulse slightly.

She had smashed the orange.

It wasn’t just crushed, it was pulverized. 

The beautiful, comforting, little orange was decimated. 

'I love you so much, Naruto…’

She couldn’t help but to pick up a few tiny pieces of peel and cradle it in her palms.

'I love you… so I will let you go.’

Of course, Tsunade was greatly alarmed at her disciple’s behavior. There she was, pregnant, talking to herself, and hugging fruit bits.

Sakura returned to 'normal’, and spoke with a very calm, measured voice.

“I am still in love with Sasuke. This baby was a mistake.”

Tsunade’s brow furrows.

“It was a mistake?”

Sakura nods unconvincingly.

“I don’t love Naruto, at all. I just use him to feel good about myself.”

She continues to nod in agreement with her words, although they are pure lies. The older woman swipes her hand through the air to halt the younger one’s speaking.

“If you think I’m going to stay silent about your pregnancy, I will not. Even though you are my pupil, I will not keep Naruto’s child from him–”

Sakura cuts her teacher off abruptly.

“There’s a special procedure that they have in Sunagakure.”

Tsunade’s eyes enlarge in recognition. She knew the exact medical procedure Sakura was talking about. Suna had used it for centuries to keep bloodlines pure from illegitimate children. 

“Sakura… please, think about this…”

Holding little pieces of orange tightly in her hands, she stands firmly on her feet, giving her mentor a determined look.

“I have. I’m going to Suna.”

In the present, Sakura’s body twitched in Ino’s arms as she replayed the painful events in her past within her unconscious mind.

At that moment, Naruto walks through the open front door, his face beaming with pride. He saw Ino seated on the floor of the living room but could not immediately see Sakura lying in front of her.

“Ino! I’d like you to meet my son!!” He says proudly, his arm around Shinachiku’s shoulders, shaking him slightly.

The boy blushes, a small smile on his face as his father’s arm tightened around him.

A look of annoyance spreads over Ino’s face.

“You idiot! That’s Shinachiku.”

Then she saw the smile that the two males shared with each other, and she realized with much astonishment that Shinachiku was, in fact, Naruto’s offspring. 

“Who’s his mother..?” Ino asks, dumbfounded. In her heart, she knew exactly who the boy’s mother was.

“Sakura-chan.” Naruto’s smile widens, his face growing as red as his son’s. 

“Where is Sakura-chan? She needs to see our boy!!" 

The shichidaime looked supremely happy as he said her name.

Ino leaned to the side to show him her fainted friend.

Suddenly, Shina felt the weight lifted from his shoulders as the man in the white coat rushes over to the pink haired woman and scoops her into his arms.

Shinachiku watched his 'father’ tenderly cradle the woman to his chest.

"Sakura-chan! Are you okay?! Can you hear me!?”

She stirs slightly, her emerald eyes fluttering open.


He sets her gently on a nearby couch and kneels next to her, clearing stray pink hairs that obstructed her face with his fingertips.

'This must be my mother, then.’

He took a moment to admire how beautiful she was now that he could see her up close. His heart swelled with pride, for some odd reason…

'We have the same eyes…’

Shinachiku felt that strange burning return as he witnessed his real father lovingly tend to his real mother. He could tell that he adored her, and it made the young ninja so happy that tears sprung to his eyes involuntarily.

It was then that Sakura’s eyes locked with Shina’s identical ones.

“You’re… you’re so beautiful.” She whispers, immediately knowing who the boy was. Her hand reaches out to the teen weakly, then she loses consciousness once more, her body going limp on the couch.

“I need to get her to the hospital. Let’s go, Shinachiku.”

Naruto collects Sakura into arms once again as he runs and jumps off of the balcony outside the front door.

“Thank you for all your help, Ino-san!”

Shinachiku nods to Ino and leaps after his dad.

Ino stands up, dusting her skirt and turns to find Salada frozen in place with a surprised look on her face.

In her hands, she held a full glass of water.

“Tenten, you won't believe what just happened…

Ino, with Salada in tow, arrives at Tenten’s weapon shop, looking like she had just seen Shikamaru in a pink tutu.

“You’re early! We’re not going out for another couple hours, and I’m not ready to go yet, Ino.” The weapons specialist stands up behind the counter and walks over to her blonde friend.

“We have to cancel tonight. Naruto just took Sakura to the hospital and I’m taking Salada-chan there right now.”

“But, it’s her birthday! What’s wrong with her?”

Ino looks quickly to the young girl who stands silently at her side, holding her cheek warmly with one of her palms. 

“Can you go look at the shiny weapons at the front of the store while your Aunt Tenten and I talk really fast?”

Salada nods, readjusting her glasses before setting off to the display near the entrance.

Once the girl is out of earshot, Ino grabs Tenten’s shoulders excitedly. The dark haired woman looks at her friend strangely.

“I just found out that Sakura and Naruto had a baby together!”

She was always a glutton for gossip and juicy rumors, but, this time her suspicions were confirmed.

“Didn’t I tell you something was going on between them!?”

“Yeah, but that was a long time ago…”

“Or so we think! Listen, we can’t tell Hinata yet. I don’t know how she’d handle this…”

Tenten winced as she heard footsteps exit the back room of her shop. Ino looks over her friend’s shoulder and stutters in greeting to the newcomer to the conversation.

“H-Hinata… what a surprise!”

Naruto’s wife was in the back room, and judging by the look on her face, she had heard everything…

-End of Chapter 9.

–Story by ODG

Darn you, little squished orange. NS-blocker. lol

I said a lot of confrontations, heheh. Sakura had many with herself, so I wasn’t lying. :) 

I adore comments from you guys!! Questions, etc!! Don’t be afraid to give me feedback!! :) :)

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Katara focusing on her family isn't bad. Bringing peace, supporting Aang in bringing back balance between nations and taking care of her children are perfectly valid focus for her to have in life. Likewise, it's understandable that Aang would make bringing his entire dead culture back an incredibly important goal. And he may not have been perfect at all, but people do what they can. In the end all that's important is that they both seem to have loved each other and been happy with their lives.

What you said is true, the only thing that I disagree with is the way Aang went on about achieving his goal. He lived for his goals and he has a tremendous amount of responsibility towards the world and towards the air nomads. But in his goal he forgot to make his family the number one priorty. And that bothers me. I don’t feel that he is the person that can do that. He might have done it without being ill intended, but he is still very much responsible for his actions. 

He decided to have children, but you can’t have children to just pursue your own goals. That way your children end up getting hurt badly, because they don’t fit into that goal. What he should have done is always take time out for his entire family. And also include both Kya and Bumi in the restoration of the air nomad history. He could have given both of them different ways to help him, and in that way, they would have felt included not excluded. And it would have made the burden on Tenzin much smaller, and the jealousy towards him less than that. 

Ofcourse it is not perfect, and what Aang had to do was tremendously difficult, but before he has to answer to the world, he needs to answer to his wife and his children. They are his backbone, and his happiness in the world. His goals should have included everyone instead of excluded the others. 

If what he did wasn’t hurtfull, we wouldn’t have to see Bumi and Kya still seeking his recognition after all those years.

And what bothers me is that Katara never called out her husband in his behavior. Or we didn’t get to see why she didn’t stood up for her other two kids, who have felt inadequate for such a long time. 

I hope I explained this well, and I don’t put this up so people hate Kataang, not at all, I just hope we can have a discussion about those topics, and I feel we can learn from them aswell. So feel free to hit my anon-ask button anytime you want (but please be nice, I might cry XD)