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Hi I'm looking for fics where Blaine or Kurt are with other people at the beginning but eventually find their way to each other.

I’m currently rereading a beautiful one by one of my fave authors:

Make You Feel My Love by @mrscriss2012

AU. Blaine is seventeen, and never been kissed. Kurt is 27, and trapped in a loveless relationship. A chance encounter sets both on a path that doesn’t run smoothly, but takes them places they never imagined.

Here’s some more:

Where We Went Right by beautifulwhatsyourhurry

Everyone seems to fuck like rabbits at Dalton Academy. Neither Kurt nor Blaine are an exception to this rule. But something that happens later after a drunken Warblers party could alter their relationship quite a bit. Set quite a few months into Kurt’s stay at Dalton.

The Hiding Place by SnowyTelevision  

Kurt has lost his confidence, his passion for theatre, and his academic drive after being rejected from NYADA. He decides on going his fallback school in Chicago to major in journalism, where he has Blaine Anderson for a professor - a seemingly confident, attractive, and obviously married man who Kurt automatically is drawn to. As he learns more about his professor, he’s confronted with the fact that not everything is what it seems from the outside…

Twisted Fate by @mrscriss2012

A wedding, a friendship and a love that never dies.

Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since that first meeting on the Dalton staircase thirteen years ago. Kurt is about to get married and Blaine- as ever- is a sure and steadfast presence right by his side. But does fate have other ideas?

Life is Short Eat Dessert First by dreaming_kate

Kurt’s bakery is his pride and joy. When another bakery opens down the street he is determined to prove that he is the best no matter how adorable the dorky owner is.

Hazel&Felix&Hugo Wednesday

Felix and Boom share a BIG time love for candy.
I keep the candy jars full, and a stool close by so that Fee, Hazel, Hugo, Mavis and all kids can reach.
Life is short….. eat dessert first?

Sour cherry scones

Merry Christmas! I’m the secret santa for @bazyounumpty. Surprise. So I wrote a little fluff fic because we all need a little fluff in our lives. I could honestly not remember if baz had eat sour cherry scones in the book or not so let’s just pretend he hadn’t. Sorry if it’s terrible!
Warnings: none
Pairing:snow baz

It’s not that baz didn’t like sour cherry scones, in truth he’d never really tried them. I know it sounds bad given who his boyfriend was but when said boyfriend scarfs them down before anyone can even look at them, it’s hard to get your hands on one. But today that was going to change - Penelope and Simon had gone to an art show that was going on outside of the local collage, leaving baz curled up in simons full sized bed in an apartment that was not his, giving him the perfect opportunity to head down to the bakery a few doors away. Simon swears up and down that he didn’t pick the apartment because of how close said bakery was, and baz did not believe him at all. He always insists that they stop in for a scone before they go anywhere or do anything, “Simon we’re going out to dinner”“what do they say baz ‘life is short eat dessert first’” baz considered punching him that day.
Now do to Simons obsession, the baker recognized baz the second he walked through the door, a little old lady with rainbow glasses and an oversized sweater, who smile took up her entire face.
“Oh Basilton, you just missed Simon, he must have left less that 20 minutes ago.” Of course he had. “How are you my dear?”
Baz smiled with his lips pressed together, “I’d like a sour cherry scone, Jesse.” He skipped the pleasantries altogether, knowing she would find this more interesting than anything baz could say about the cats or how Simon has been talking in his sleep recently.
In all the months baz had been coming here with Simon he had never gotten a scone, even going as far as to decline when Jesse had asked if he’d want one. The reason: baz had told Simon he hated sour cherry scones. He didn’t mean to per say, but when Simon had offered him one with a smile that was two big, he knew he’d be teased mercilessly the second he took a bite, so baz had told his adorable boyfriend that he didn’t like sour cherry scones, and the response was priceless “you don’t -you -ehm- HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SOUR CHERRY SCONES THEY ARE THE FOOD OF THE GODS!” everytime baz would bring up not liking the scones it he would get around the same reaction, so really baz couldn’t resist.
But now he was here, at the bakery with a scone and tea in his hands and Jesse in front of him with a shit eating grin on her face. He took the booth in the Corner, curling the seat with his book open, he took a sip of tea first relishing in the taste of mint and sugar. Then the scone came, he didn’t stare at it as he lifted it to his mouth instead just continued to read as he bit into it, then he understood. No it wasn’t mind blowing, his life didn’t change because of one bite of a pastry but it was undeniably delicious. The filling oozed into his mouth and covered his tongue, the bread crunching under his teeth. He hardly put it down after that.
“Hey Jesse I completely forgot my phone -” it was Penelope, which meant…
Baz looked up and saw a flash of dark skin as Penelope moved to a table -presumably where she left her phone - and then “baz?” Simon was at the entrance, all smiles and curly hair, his wings and tale hidden by magic to the regular world but he could see them as clear as ever.
He was becoming more aware that he had a half eaten scone pressed to his lips. Simon came over and sat next to him, taking a sip of his tea without permission, at that was when obvious Simon notice he pastry. Simon knew what it was immediately, baz would have to remember to bring that up later, and the red winged boy purses his lip to fight a smile. “I thought you didn’t like scs-es.”
Baz groaned, “don’t call them that ever again.”
“You didn’t answer the question,” simons smile was growing.
“It’s a pastry love,” his arm instinctually went up around simons shoulders, “I’m aloud to have pastries.”
“I thought you said everything I love is stupid.”
“95% of things,” but he kissed the freckled boys cheek.
Simon scrunched his face to create two more chins and lifted his shoulders to his ears, “you like them don’t you baz.” dear god his tail was WAGGING.
The face baz made caused Simon to laugh, intensely.
“You know what this means right? We can eat scones together at breakfast!”
“You’re a dork.”
Simon sat up straight, taking baz’s hand that was resting on his shoulder, “do you want to know something I love that isn’t stupid?”
“You,” he said, pecking the vampires lips, “ and sour cherry scones.”
In the backgrounds Penelope was pretending to vomit.

Life's Too Short, Eat Dessert First. (Olicity Mini #61)

**AU Established Olicity**

Red sauce simmered on the stove top while garlic bread was being kept warm in the oven. Oliver and Felicity sat at their kitchen counter eating off plates full of spaghetti, catching up on each other’s day.

As he recounted his meeting at QC, Felicity’s fuchsia painted toes, that where resting on the bar stool between his legs, slowly started inching their way up the inside of his rock hard thigh.

After stumbling over his words and having to start his sentence over a few times, Oliver’s hand dropped to block the sensual journey her foot was taking. “Felicity, if you keep that up, dinner will be ending…abruptly.”

“Really?” She said breathlessly as she wiggled her toes enough to dislodge his hand and set about her happy journey once more.