life is short

I learned just how precious life is today. From the “I got in a bad accident” text sending my brain on an endless spiral of worry, to seeing you lying in pain in the hospital causing my hands to tremble with anxiety, to you weeping heavily on my chest creating a waterfall that erupted from my soul moving downstream to my cheeks. It made me realize all of this could be gone…you could be gone in an instant. And I don’t know how I would…if I could cope with that. Because you are so precious to me. Throughout everything. All of our fights, laughs, inside jokes…everything you have given me that nobody else ever will. Memories I can never fathom to erase or replace. It’s terrifying really to know my everything almost slipped from my fingers and in the blink of an eye my life could have shattered. But instead our lives are broke . We can fix this. And I promise I will be here every step of the way fighting for peace to be restored into our lives and your spirit. God watched out for us today. Please drive safe everyone.