life is short

Life’s too short to worry about your mistakes, just focus on your accomplishments. Trust me, you’re doing fine.

let people know you love them. it doesn’t have to be “i love you” said out loud; it can be so many little things, like remembering a special date or their favourite ice-cream flavour. taking them to a place that you know means something to them for no reason. make memories. show people how much they mean to you.

You will not be ready when the love of your life comes along. You also probably won’t be ready when you see the listing for your dream job or to buy a house or maybe have a kid…
If you wait on the feeling of ‘readiness’ you’ll be waiting forever and worse, you’ll miss the best of what’s in front of you.

Brianna Wiest (101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think)

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Go to that party. Buy that dress. Take that nap. Fuck on that first date. Get that tattoo you always wanted. Take that shot of vodka. Sing that song you have in your head. Dye your hair that colour you want.

Don’t give a single fuck what others think. Life is too short to listen to rules or to society standards. What if you would die next week? What would you do different if you knew you did? Always live with that thought in the back of your head. Everything might be over sooner as you think so just follow your heart and do what it tells you so you don’t regret not doing something.

—  Life is too short

I am Not posting this photo to alarm anyone or for attention. My sister recently had a terrible car accident (as you can see by the photo). Fortunately and by the grace of god she survived. I will not get in detail about her injuries, but doctors said with surgery and rehab she will prevail. I’m so happy and grateful that she survived the accident. This is just a reminder that life is too short… miss someone, call them, visit them, text them, etc… thanks to all for their messages and prayers. I’m very thankful for them all.