life is quite surreal

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Can I get a scenario where Bokuto is a merman and he's friends with a human girl and he always brings her pretty seashells, shark teeth, and other interesting things from the sea and she brings him something from her world and even if she thinks it's simple he's freaking out because each gift is cooler than the next

Since the day he (quite literally) swam into your life, it’s been a whirlwind of surreal reality. The fairy tales that littered your childhood and myths that constantly made you question vitality all came to surface in the form of an energetic merman. His presence caught you by surprise in the beginning, in a complete state of disbelief that he was actually what he vouched until your eyes caught the brilliant gleam of bronze scales. The pair of you conversed for the duration of the night, each tossing questions about the worlds above and below. You’d have stayed if it weren’t for the chilling weather. Ever since you had been meeting in secret in a hidden lagoon, basking in a world that was revealed for your eyes alone.

The water felt warm against your toes, ripples of the ocean bouncing off the walls of the cove casting a luminescent glow. It was without a doubt the most beautiful place you’d ever set your sights on, but not even the scenery could compare to that of Bokuto’s. It seemed almost as if he grew more radiant with each passing day. Bronze and rustic scales crossed paths with flesh, dotting around his shoulders and arms before fading into a long appendage decorated with delicate fins. But his eyes were another sight to behold. One glance would easily compare to gazing across the sea during the sunset, hints of purples and pinks flecking the irises. Bokuto was truly beautiful.

You’d been too consumed with your inner musings to realise that the merman himself had appeared, making his presence known with a quick flick of his tail, water whipping at your thighs. Jumping, you turned to the male, returning the teasing smirk that tugged at his lips.

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long. It was a bit hard to get away from Akaashi without him following me.” Bokuto sighed, slumping over in a defeated manner as if the act had drained all the energy from his body.

“Not at all. I actually enjoy being here and just soaking it all in,” Which was the truth. Sometimes you dreamed of living in a place such as this. “But I do wish I was a mermaid so I could truly understand what your world is like.”

Bokuto shook his head in response, eyes lighting up in a blaze akin to a fire. “Your world seems much more interesting than mine besides, I think you’d get tired of eating seaweed all the time.” He was teasing you, but both of you knew that it was true. It’d be hard to give up human food now that it was engraved into your palette. 

Your body suddenly jerked in sudden realisation, swiftly turning around to rummage in your bag. “That reminds me. I brought you something!” You felt around mindlessly until you pulled out a miniature snow globe with a city inside of it. “Be careful not to drop it or you’ll hurt yourself.” 

He handled into with care, bringing the foreign object to his face. You couldn’t help but laugh at how much he resembled a child. “Give it a little shake.” Tentatively he shook the globe, watching in pure awe as tiny white flecks began to dance around the sphere in a frenzy.

Golden hues met your own as he wiggled excitedly, tail swishing to match his mood. “This is amazing, I love it! And to thank you, I brought you this.” You could feel your heart throb at the enclosed shell in his hand.

“Thi-this isn’t what I think it is, right?”

“Just open it, ____.” The merman was far too anxious to see if you’d like his gift.

Prying open the mouth to the oyster, a large round pearl sat in the mouth. To say that you were shocked was an understatement. “This is unbelievable! Yo-you can never find oysters where I live, let alone ones containing a pearl. Thank you, Bokuto.” You were tripping over your words in excitement, diving forward to engulf his top half in a tight embrace. Bokuto felt himself stiffen at your actions, warm heat settling into his cheeks as he returned the gesture. 

“It’s no-nothing, really! There’s a lot more of these where I live, I can bring you one anytime!” He grinned in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. In truth, he was just happy to have touched you. He would have flipped out of the water if he could have. 

“You really don’t have to do that. Just being able to talk to you everyday is a gift enough.” The breathe rushed from your lungs before you could think about what your words could have possibly meant. But you didn’t mind, everything you could have wanted was dangling right at your fingertips.

Standing up, you glanced at the time, noticing that time seemed to be nonexistent when you were with Bokuto. “See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” he tossed you a toothy grin. “See you tomorrow.”

the types as Owl City lyrics
  • intp: please take a long hard look through your textbook, cause I’m history.
  • intj: the indications reveal… that few of us realize life is quite surreal.
  • infp: reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there.
  • infj: it’s all too astounding to comprehend… it’s just the beginning; this isn’t the end.
  • istp: and like an introvert, I drew my over-shirt around my arms and began to shiver violently.
  • istj: I’ll forget the world that I knew, but I swear I won’t forget you.
  • isfp: I’d rather waltz than just walk through the forest.
  • isfj: I don’t need a telescope to see that there’s hope, and that makes me feel brave.
  • entp: I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts.
  • entj: out on the verge of the rest of our lives tonight; top of the world and we’re dressed to the nines tonight.
  • enfp: are you having fun yet? I’ll send you the sunset. I love the most when I’m in Tokyo.
  • enfj: it’s so deathly dark in the alleyway, and a bleeding heart makes you easy prey.
  • estp: I wish that we could sail our sad days away forever… in deep blue seas of paper mache.
  • estj: shout out to the dreams you’ll chase. shout out to the hearts you’ll break.
  • esfp: switch on the sky and the stars glow for you; come see the world, cause it’s all so brand new.
  • esfj: your spirit is sweet, so pull off your sheet, and give me a ghost of a smile.

….I have my window cracked open for that cool late spring night air, and I just heard the beautiful, haunting sound of Hatsune Miku’s singing wafting through the distant air.

Sometimes life can be quite surreal.

After spending about 4 days sweating over my keyboard in photoshop I finally have something presentable to contribute to this tag. There are so many lyrics I could choose from that hold a dear meaning in my heart, consdiering the fact an entire wall of my bedroom consists of an autographed poster and post it notes with Adam’s lyrics scribbled on them I settled on the one that for me sums up my love for Owl City the best. 

“Life is quite surreal”  

To me, my whole experience with Owl City can only be summed up by the word surreal. I was going through a season in my life that was dark, and every night I was praying for a miracle, to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. After about 3 months of struggling with depression and stress I received that miracle. My mom took me to see a movie and in that movie was a song that made me bubble with joy, and from there I fell in love. 

I find it so completely surreal that a man who lived states away from me was able to give me the strength I needed to finish my freshman year. Neither of us knew each other, yet his words felt more sincere than even those of people I knew. When he told me things would get better, I felt that I could trust him, so I did. Honestly, if I had never taken Adam Young’s words to heart I don’t know if I would be sitting here typing these words (in fact I’m actually crying as I write them). 

The lyrics to Adam’s songs also replenished my sense of wonder in the world. When I had hit puberty I had begun seeing things for the way other people wanted me to see them, I stopped looking at the world wide eyes and after a while all the bright hues dulled to blacks and whites and I began to disregard what i was leaving behind. After spending months listening to Ocean Eyes and Maybe I’m Dreaming I began to gaze at things in wonder again. I found beauty in everything, airplanes, cell phone towers, weeds, and most of all I renewed my love for the sunsets, which to me is the most surreal experience a person can have (hence why sunset is in my URL). 

Through Adam I’ve learned life lessons, I’ve made friends, and was able to see the good in life once again. Life is so, so surreal and nobody seems to even notice. They’re all too busy on their cell phones and speeding by in their cars to stop and just look at things for what they can be rather than what they are. There is a mysterious wonder in life, and thanks to Adam I can bathe in it all and soak in every moment. 

I love Owl City because Adam is very talented as both a musician and a writer!  It doesn’t matter what he puts his mind to… He always does an excellent job in what he writes.  Back at age 15, he wrote an Owlsome movie:

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As he started composing music as an escape, he began to write lyrics with them.

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As he kept writing, he kept getting better and better, and he continued to evolve not just as a musician, but as a writer.  As Owl City was formed, Of June was released, containing emo electronica tunes.  Maybe I’m Dreaming saw less emo and more electronica.  Ocean Eyes, his first signed release, had a blend of Electronica and synthpop, which spawned a #1 hit called “Fireflies”:

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As he wrote, he grew as a person, too.  Suddenly, this introverted kid in the middle of nowhere was going on a headline world tour.  People connected to his music and lyrics, regardless of language or country.  He kept expanding his writing and music skills with All Things Bright and Beautiful.  His music became less electronica and more synthpop.  From rap to CCM and even EDM, this was his first attempt to branch out into different genres.

However, he didn’t stop branching out with All Things Bright and Beautiful.  For the first time ever, he started working with co-writers on his next album, The Midsummer Station.  He aimed for a more accessible pop sound here.  However, even still, he soared to a new height while staying true to himself and his own style.  He even got his second hit, bringing both him and a new artist out of the one-hit wonder status:

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After a long time, he comes back with a flash with an EP called Ultraviolet.  He successfully blended old and new sounds and lyrical styles as a solo endeavor. He kept soaring musically with his latest release, Mobile Orchestra, too, which is the most diverse album to date.  Containing electronica, EDM, country, rock, pop, and every place in between.  While I want Owl City to have another hit, I also feel he doesn’t need one.  He is beyond talented.

Another thing is none of Owl City’s albums have been an attempt to “follow-up” in anyway.  Mobile Orchestra is not a follow up to The Midsummer Station or Ultraviolet.  All Things Bright and Beautiful is not a follow up to Ocean Eyes.  Heck, Ocean Eyes isn’t a follow up to his independent releases.  Owl City’s music is like an art museum, with each album being a different art hall.  Even each song stands as a piece of art on its own.

And his writing isn’t limited to just music and a movie.  Whether it’s a sophisticated blog post, a Twitter joke, or him just being sneaky to another future release, his writing skills pay off.  If you didn’t know, would you believe all these quotes came from the same person?

  • “Hello down there?/Morning made us sailors in the air”
  • “When you were home/We’d sing, but since you left I don’t hear anything/And though I feel so sad/I can’t believe things are really that bad”
  • “Wake up on your own/and look around you/’Cause you’re not alone”
  • “Please take a long hard look at your text book/‘Cause I’m history”
  • “If my voice could reach back through the past, I’d whisper in your ear/Oh, darling, I wish you were here”
  • “Risk it all/And I’ll catch you if you fall/Wherever you go/If my heart was a house you’d be home”
  • “I met a girl in the parking lot/And I’ll I did was say Hello/Her pepper spray made it rather hard/For me to walk her home/But I guess that’s the way it goes”
  • “The indications reveal/That few of us realize life is quite surreal/So if you’re dying to see/I guarantee there are angels around your vicinity”
  • “Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light/’Cause it’s time for you to shine/Brighter than a shooting star/So shine no matter where you are tonight”
  • “I’m a silhouette/Chasing rainbows on my own/But the more I try to move on/The more I feel alone”
  • “I’ve been huddled up alone/By the fire even though/I’m not exactly feeling cold”
  • “We all suffer/But we recover/Just to discover/Life where we all are”
  • “You rescued me and I believe/That God is love and he is all I need/From this day forth/For all Eternity”
  • “I would run and hide/For the afternoon/with the Butterfly/In the Panic Room/Though I won’t be missed/I would say it’s time/For a different twist/In the storyline”
  • “The snowflakes start falling/and I start to float/’Till my mean older brother/Stuff snow down my coat”
  • “Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you/Go see the world ‘Cause it’s all so brand new”
  • “Missing someone is like a bad dream you can’t wake up from”
  • “I bet you have mountains of your own, I’ll bet on it.  Take heart.  Be encouraged.  Remain steadfast.  Hang on for dear life.  You’ve got a better grip than you realize.”
  • “…Merely different brush strokes and colors over the same canvas.”
  • “If I had a dollar for every time someone called me ugly I’d be broke cuz I’m perfect lol later haters”
  • “Got groceries.  Enough social interaction for the week.”
  • “Girl are you a stuffed crust pizza because baby ur all I can think about”

I wouldn’t.  But all these things were written, in whole or part, by Adam Young.  To me, this is beyond amazing.

So, to adamyoungofficial, the fabulous screenwriter, director, and actor in Flames Pond, the talented musician, excellent lyricist, great blogger, and hilarious twitter user: I love all that you do.  You have inspired me in more ways than one.  Keep it up, and stay strong in the Lord!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.