life is pretty cool sometimes

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Hey good morning. I hope your day is better today 💖 Thanks for responding to my post last night and for posting random amusing shit this morning... gave me a distraction from my own stress and I appreciate it! Real life sucks but people on the internet are pretty cool sometimes. 💙

HI! I am so happy I could distract you a bit, you have certainly given me lots and lots of reasons to smile! I loved your comment on BMCY, I was pretty emotional last night and reading it made me all weepy lol 

I’m so sorry you are stressed :( I wish I could take it away from you!! I agree that real life just blows goats sometimes, but then I remember I have all these wonderful internet people who make things seem so much brighter :) :)

If there is ANYTHING I can do to help relieve your stress or make you smile, I will do it in a heartbeat! Just let me know!!

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So recently my family was way, way far out in the country on a kayaking trip, and on the way back home we drove over this creepy one-lane bridge.  It was rickety, rusty, led over a river into an old brick tunnel, and it was probably about a hundred years old.  

The words “ooh, this looks like a ghost bridge” had barely escaped my mouth when I heard the familiar rumbling of an engine and two seconds later a ‘67 Chevy Impala raced over the bridge right past us.
"How to Come Out at Thanksgiving"
Enjoy your meal first. Open the floor for questions.
By Malia Wollan

I was interviewed in NY Times Magazine!

When I told my parents I was gay on Thanksgiving Day in 1998, I could have never imagined that nineteen years later I would be talking to the New York Flippin’ Times about it…

Life is weird and pretty cool sometimes, you guys. It will be in Sunday’s print edition, too! 


HI taylorswift !!!!!

i just want to tell you that you mean a lot to me, you make me a fearless girl that shake it off the bad things, probably i´m not going to the 1989 world tour but i want to tell you that, you are like my best friend, you always listen to me with you songs, i get scare sometimes because you discribe every part of my life, and that pretty cool! because we have a connection and people sometimes don´t understand that kind of things, people in school are mean with me because i love you, they say that i´m not important for you but i know that im part of your life, if you see this, i love you taylor my family loves you too! and i´m going to have a lil brother in 2 months and he likes your music! thanks to be part of my life, i have the best moments of my life with you!